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Submitted by aprameya parida on
India-Pakistan should behave as one nation,as they were till 13 th August 1947.Their lies the betterment of Indians & Pakistanis ( better called Hindus & Muslims ).Unlike cricket matches,trade brings economic prosperity to people ,more so if that is between immediate neighbours. In the today's geopolitical world map ,Kashmir is being shown as a war zone (will bring a third world war ,where three Asian nations will be involved ,India,Pakistan & China) much to the detriment of the people .Still large section of these three countries are in poverty,especially Pakistan & India .Instead of devoting billions for war preparedness,they must allocate this amount for their mutual development. Kashmir is a great cricket match for certain groups in New Delhi & Islambad .They want this match to continue forever ,inorder to pocket crores for their children to be safely kept in Swiss bank.Break this barrier by trade and alleviate the status of the poor of both countries.