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Submitted by Haroon Rashid on
Glad to read blog of Tara and Kalpana its the head lines in the print, electronic media, with politicians, ex=army service men, bureacrats all concerned about dumping the protected market of automobiles, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products as vegetables tomato, chillies which due to floods has bad harvest. With all this hype I understand the MFN with India will be the best option. Pakistanis are paying the highest to acquire a Suzuki 800 c.c. Mehran which is the most emitting car with Euro standard mesuring zereo in terms of Euro standard. The wind screen is not even laminated. Hence Pakistan has strengths in Auto spare parts, in HVAC, electronics, etc. Pharmaceutical industry has to learn for R&D with India in bio-technology, genetic engineering, in drug trails, standardisation, homologation. Transport sector, services sector, water, liquid, petroleum pipeline, access, Mobile Roaming Access between India and Pakistan. Pakistan has access to ATA Carnet treaty ratified and may consider for transportation of goods thru silk route, thru trans asian highways, and trans asian railways.