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Submitted by M. khaliquzzaman on
Government in Bangladesh (GOB) has be trying get a grip on the problem with limited success. Some years back 120ft chimneys were made mandatory. This mitigated the local pollution a bit but did not reduce overall pollution or increase energy efficiency. Now, GOB has issued a notification banning all fixed chimney kilns(FCKs) by the end of 2012 which is unlikely to succeed because of seemingly unsurmountable barriers to implementation. The biggest barrier is the unwillingness of a large section of Brick kiln owners to move to newer technologies because of lack of awareness and also to perceived lack of financial gains for additional investments. Most of the current kiln owners do not have financial capatity to move to high capacity newer kilns that need about ten times or so more investment and land above flood level. To give credit to kiln owners, some of the more enlightened owners on their own have tried to move to Zigzag kilns which are some what less polluting and a bit more energy efficient. However, the performance of these kilns are highly variable in the absence proper technical support in implementation.So, sound technical support in terms of design,iplementation and operation are needed to make such changes successful. Bank's CASE project is in the process of providing such technical support. Financial suuport in the form of low cost loans may accelerate the process of tranformation. One piece of good news ia that some large investors are coming to the brick sector for newer and cleaner technology kilns. More than a dozen Hybrid Hoffman Kilns (HHKs) and a few tunnel kilns are in operation now which are much less polluting and more energy efficient. Bank has made ERPAs(Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement)for two bundles of HHKs. So, Carbon Finance has already been introduced in the Bangladesh Brick sector. Such investments also need encouragement through both regulatory and financial support. Thus, retrofit (i.e., Zigzag) for existing kilns and investments in newer and cleaner high capacity kilns (HHK, Tunnel etc)are probably the way forward for Cleaner and Greener Brick Sector in Bangladesh.The process of change can be accelerated through regulatory and financial support.