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Submitted by Nachiket Mor on
Dear Ms. Ramadurai, I work in the two areas of financial inclusion and rural healthcare and my constant effort has been to try and find sustainable longer-term answers to address the challenges in these two areas. I personally feel that the efforts like the one you describe while very worthy of appreciation and entirely appropriate at an individual or a small NGO level, are not consistent with finding longer term answers. In fact I worry that they actually end up delaying the search for durable solutions which involve either the government stepping up to the plate and doing much more or market forces being creatively engaged. In healthcare, for example, the depth of penetration and breadth of services needed are both entirely within the grasp of a prosperous state like Tamil Nadu but that need systematic investments in what happens at the sub-centre level at a scale that is multiples of what is currently happening and a great deal of innovation. My own expectation of a large and deeply reflective institution like the World Bank would be help move that process forward. Efforts of the kind that you describe, in my view, do just the opposite. At best they offer short-term palliatives and draw attention away from what is truly needed on the ground but at worst, as has happened in the financial inclusion journey in Andhra Pradesh, they help create an environment that is deeply hostile to change and to the development of longer term systematic solutions. Sincerely, Nachiket Mor