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Nachiket, I could not agree more with the need to focus on longer-term impact from Day 1. As my colleague Tara Beteille points out, the problem is that India’s fiscal space is very constrained currently, and unless the government takes some urgent measures—such as those I have listed—there will not be enough money to initiate/undertake the longer-term reforms you write about. For instance, a unique identification number for every Indian is a prerequisite for many of the reforms you propose. But where will the money for this come from? If India’s fiscal situation continues to deteriorate, it is much more likely to undertake short-term, cosmetic reforms in the social sector than long-term reform. These will undermine the ability of people to participate effectively in the economy, and will worsen the economic situation—a vicious cycle. In short, to think long-term, the government need to think near-term simultaneously and quite urgently.