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Submitted by Ram Bansal on
My dear Garima, It seems that you have never lived in an Indian village, and have information limited to provided by government agencies looking after education of children. I was born and lived in a village up to the age of 12, then moved to a city to get educated up to Engineering Degree from University of Roorkee in 1971 but remained in touch with the village. Then, I worked in public and private sector industries, as a free-lance consultant. And now for the last 12 years, living in my village Khandoi of Bulandshahr district in U.P. with the objective of improving quality of public services to villages and taught some students in the beginning, but am now fully frustrated. About the reasons enumerated by you for low quality education, I beg to differ with you in totality. 1. The attendance shown in government schools is not for education but for cornering huge public money given free to the department in the names of stipends, books, dresses, and mid-day meals. Whole system from school teachers to the ministry level officials are involved in this racket. The real attendance is nearly 30 percent with a majority opting for private institutions. 2. There are teachers in the schools, funds and other infrastructure for education but all are misplaced. To get a real view of the situation, please visit my village. 3. Today, even the poorest people do their best to get their children educated, but the corrupt government officials don't allow this. 4. Regular primary school teachers get the highest salaries for their work of 4 hours while living in their villages. Even temporary teachers known as 'Shiksha Mitra' are also taken good care in terms of compensation and job security. Therefore, it is only the corrupt government system that is accountable for low quality of education to children in villages. Even cities are no better.