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Many innovative models are now emerging to encourage and support learning among poor students. One such approach is "Performance Linked Conditional Cash Transfer (PLCCT)" - called Learning Rewards Model, which has been implemented in some slums in Delhi by an organiztaion called Shiksha Sankalp Foundation. The model involves monthly stipends proportional to performance in periodic grade-specific tests conducted by the organization. The stipends vary from Rs.200 to Rs.900 per month, and are subject to change every four months depending on pertformance in the next test. The organization does NOT run schools, remedial classes or tuition centers. On their own, the parents enroll shildren into tuition centers and into better schools using the stipend money. Very interesting results are being observed in this experiment, including improved learning, greater parent attention to education, increased enrollment in private tuition classes, emergence of many new private tuition centers from within and outside the community, increased interaction between school and parents etc. To learn more, you could visit their website: