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Submitted by Ram Bansal on
Under an indirect central rule of an Italian women, local interests in manufacturing sectors have been suffering heavily while foreign investments and manufacturers are having a field day in the country. As a result, economic condition of households, except those of corrupt politicians and government employees, have been in a shambles making people's lives more miserable day by day. This is not visible externally that counts on average growth only. Price rises of essential commodities spurred by those of industrial goods has been hitting the spines of common people since the economist Prime Minister under the Italian queen took over reigns of the country about 9 years back. This too helps politicians and government employees to continue their misrule over the common people of India. This may be understood in the light of the fact that the government had to revise wages of their employees with a gap of 6 months this year, leaving the 85 percent population of the country un-cared for. Over the years after independence, corruption by politicians has percolated down below through administrative machinery to veins of people corrupting their minds and breaking down their spirit of revolt against the misrule. Thus continues the misrule of the same selected politicians and their family members over the country since independence. Now, there remains no hope for a redemption of morality in the country, and more and more right thinking intellectuals would be leaving the country.