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While all females were born to females no male is born to a male and the impact of the consequent physiological, psychological l and experiential asymmetries has to be explored and addressed and responded to instead of the currently dominant approaches based on a search for numerical balance, punishment and legal containment. There is room to suspect that the animosities and antagonisms between the sexes may to a large extent be contributed to by this failure to explore and understand these asymmetries in depth and respond to them effectively through the appropriate modification of primary formative processes and social institutions and their internal processes and the very human identity and modes of being. The advocacy of this need for deeper study and exploration over the last twenty five years or more has unfortunately met with only volatile rejections and no creative response and the problem continues not only to persist but to increase in its volatility. Perhaps it is not too much to ask that this task be attended to at even at this belated hour and within this critical context wherein the human species is rapidly bringing on its own extinction through the acceleration of global warming and the climate change and volatile weather patterns that are arising as a consequence.