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Submitted by Alicia Hetzner on
This was a great opening night. At the preceding panel discussion, the director of the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum told WB Curator Marina Galvani that what she and the WB Art Program are doing is equally important to what he and his museum are doing. The Bank has been holding periodic international art competitions by region and getting the best of youthful -- cut-off is 35 years of age-- artists into the public view of the West, and of WDC in particular. The director said that most art "literati" know at least who is showing in New York City and maybe London, but who knows who is showing and what kind of art is going on in Dhaka or other developing countries. That is what the WB Art Program has made its mission: finding and flying to DC the best of these artists and exhibiting their works. First, Africa 5 or 6 years ago with 150 artists in the "AFRICA NOW!" exhibition; next, in coordination with the OAS Museum and the IADB Culture Center, over 240 Latin American artists in the "CAMBIO!" exhibition. And this year, "IMAGINING OUR FUTURE TOGETHER: SOUTH ASIA artists! Of the 25 selected, 18 were available to be flown to DC for the this Opening I asked 3 of the young artists to take me to their paintings and explain them to me. The deeper and often spiritual meanings of paintings that appeared "surrealistic" were far beyond what I ever could have inferred. It was an exciting evening! Please see the show; the free catalogs are in the MC Atrium.