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Submitted by Jaya on
Thank you for your article, Priya. I am, however, severely concerned with the focus of crime here in the Indian media. I am the mother of a sweet little boy. Boys and men are constantly being portrayed as being violent, abusive and evil, as if they are waiting for a chance to rape women. This is extreme; such portrayal is not only an insult to fathers, brothers and our own boys but also to the vast majority of mothers who love their boys and their husbands. Rape is horrifying, but it only makes up for a small percentage of crime in India. I have often seen extreme sensationalism, bloating and fraud of gender crime statistics, which seem engineered to promote the hatred of the men in our society while completely ignoring the vast majority of health issues that men like my husband are put through everyday. Our crime records are similarly extremely one-sided, most domestic violence statistics do not even consider women as perpetrators. The stupidity of this is astounding, considering everything in your home can be used as a weapon. Such extremist views of gender-crime is promoting gender disharmony and destroying our families. I am scared for my boy's welfare and for his health. Our laws are so biased that any random woman can make completely baseless accusations against my husband or my boy and he'll immediately be put him in jail. Such extremism has forever shattered the once cherished beauty of mother and child; women are being conditioned to hate even their own boys! I hope women such as yourself, who represent our issues will exercise restraint instead of propagating one-sided hate culture that stems from the the extremists of the west.