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The World Computer Exchange has a local partner based model to bring ICT resources to youth in developing countries. While the primary focus is on youth and education often in partnership with community base organizations and NGOs, the computers can be used part of the time for others in the community. While in all countries many, if not the majority have access to ICTs, youth, the poor and disenfranchised often do not. This restricts not only potential future ICT businesses, but also the market for the same. If you're interested in bringing ICTs to your country as a partner, please visit our website: While our minimum shipment is 200 computers, we are able to combine computers for multiple partners in a container to get to the 200 minimum. Also be sure to check out the myriad value added services and solutions WCE offers through strategic partners and volunteers. This ranges from technical support/assistance, to curriculum development and content in multiple languages. Steve Sena Volunteer MENA Region Manager