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Submitted by Kumari Sweta on
It is really encouraging to learn from this story . Jeevika has successfully taken up the challenge and proved it self in this venture of providing financial inclusion facilities to even the remotest areas of Bihar, where a few years back, banks were also un-imagined entities. Yes the agency of the people and community is the most important one in this case. The Banking Correspondence Models in the form of Customer Service Points, piloted in selected areas have helped and motivated more and more people to come under the FI fold. Jeevika has definitely provided the banks with a positive banking proposition, and not just another social obligation,which has worked wonders, in terms of banks coming and actively participating in the various bank linkage programmes. Finally it has also been seen that those members who are associated with Jeevika are performing well when it comes to repayments. Ultimately, it is the element of trust , and the emerging social capital, that has made this goal of Financial Inclusion a seeming possibility in Bihar.