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Submitted by Dr. Sugam Jung K.C. on
The government of Nepal issues many numbers to a single citizen such as in birth certificate, school certificate, university registration, driving license, passport, taxpayer identification, election identification, vehicle registration, house and land registration, business registration, share ownership, bank account, cell number and so on. The Unique Identity Card number should replace each and every number assigned at least by different government departments or offices. The impact should be positive if one person has one number from the birth to death in each and every transaction with the government. Otherwise, many number to a single citizen is worthless. I propose 12 digits numbering system which cover date of birth (YYY-MM-DD), person (00-female, 12-male, and 24-organisation has to added in MM), birth place (four digits number assigned to each VDCs), checklist (one digits from varnamala aa to gna).