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Great article!!

Entrepreneurship has never been more important than it is today. Humankind is younger than it has ever been, with more than half’s the world population under the age of 25. There is a youth bulge of 1.8 bn, with 87% living in developing countries and around 2/3rds of those underutalised. There is a crisis that the world’s leaders in government, business, civil society and especially youth all agree on, and that crisis is youth unemployment. This crisis has serious social, economic, political and systemic implications that must be addressed immediately!

Now, more than ever, entrepreneurs are essential to create jobs, sustainable economic growth and wealth, as well as to address the growing set of global challenges society is facing.

Studies from organisations such as the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance, OECD, Ernst & Young, Accenture and The world Economic forum have consistently illustrated that entrepreneurs and young business are the leading source of job creation and sustainable growth. Countries around the world have increasingly focused on entrepreneurship and innovation as the way forward for building new knowledge and creative approaches, increasing global competitiveness, addressing the growing challenge of increasing unemployment, and creating new jobs, however far more focus and emphasis must now be placed on developing entrepreneurial thinking, and ecosystems that foster entrepreneurship.