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Submitted by Dora on

Dear Johannes, you have told the story in a way that is both moving and convincing that our efforts as a devt institution bring out the best in the people we serve. I really appreciate that your story clearly showed that the community took the initiative to mobilize interest in self-building their own toilets. The Bank furnished the most critical part which was to provide water supply along with supporting communities to take the lead in helping themselves. This way, the Bank can rest assured that once the sanitation services are fully commissioned, the beneficiaries would be keen on taking care of the source of their water, the water supply infrastructure as well as their toilets.

One dimension that I would like to bring to light is about potentially piloting in Kathmandu, a new technology that converts human waste into fuel briquettes. A small private company called the Waste Recyclers have developed this technology and is piloting it in Ghana and Kenya. It could be a worthwhile consideration for addressing the human waste dilemma in big cities in the region such as Dhaka.

Thank you again for the interesting read!