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What are the losses for a person who openly defecates? And how can they be reduced (i.e. made less scary or bothersome)?

I suggest these losses - and ideas to address them:
- view of the stream or field - provide windows or similar view
- cool breeze as one defecates - provide ventilation in toilets
- socialization with friends - bring peer pressure, by those in same part of village by similar age and peer group, that they will not visit in this manner
- acceptance by community members, that this is "normal" - increase stigma associated with OD, so that it becomes more abnormal and closer to shame
- malnutrition or lack of food continues - while others are harvesting larger vegetables & fruit (a new "loss").

But those are my ideas as a Westerner. Perhaps we should ask the people in the village (who are persuaded to be ODF) how can _they_ address perceived losses by those who are not ODF? It's their community.