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Submitted by Victor A N on

Welcome to life. Get used to life. It is impossible for the entire world to fit into the same mold. Some are born the way and where they are born. It is called reality. It is of noones choosing. It was observed by Darwin. Yes there are fits, and fittests. Articles such as this only amplilies guilt-trip we must wear (says who?)and only fan sentimentalism and emotional amber. But woefully fails to appreciate that even if all the wealth in the world are confiscated and channeled to address the supposed disparity, all such effort could never achive expected uniformity of outcome in ourlife time. Let us explore rather to extend opportunity to as many. There is never a situation where a boy born in mmaku will have equal access to better living like a boy born in sugarland TX. Utopia exist only in elitist imaginations. Come over to reality please.