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  • Reply to: Powering up Central and South Asia   4 days 19 hours ago

    Hearing of CASA 1000 since long, indeed a great idea of importing energy from rich central Asian states to Starved nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan but a million dollar question,the stability of the region, who is to stop all the players from making the mess in the region. Masses need peace, stability, harmony and livelihood opportunities, I wish they could understand.For the WB I can only pray that CASA 1000 realizes soon because this instability is beyond them and other donor agencies.

  • Reply to: Pathways to Prosperity: An e-Symposium   6 days 18 hours ago

    Great. Thank You...

  • Reply to: Pathways to Prosperity: An e-Symposium   6 days 18 hours ago

    India is a Fast growing country in the past two decades, but prosperity is very slow. In the case of health it is very poor where it is not reaching the people. Sanitation is very poor. The world Bank has already financed by the Excellency the President of World Banks visit to India. Nutritions are lacking to the children which is given through the Angenvadies. We must give more attention to the poor children those coming to the Anganvadies and a Doctor should make visits to the children. In the case of Pakistan and Bangladesh they are highly populated and their living standard are very poor,Childrens mortality is higher than the percentage calculating India. In Pakistan childrens health and the food are in poor supply and the nutritions are poor. In some areas childrens are starving for food. In Pakistan the govt: is more money spending for the terrorism rather than Economic growth. Agriculture out put is poor,lack of Education and the medical aid is poor. In Bangladesh the result is not so good growing tentions inside the country is much higher,poor food supply and the economic growth is not so good. Medical aid and the education sector is poor all around it will take time to eliminate. Poverty is the main agenda for the countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    Nepal is in need of Foreign aid since the Earth quake destroyed most of the villages. Reconstruction, water and sanitation will take years. They need financial aid and development to restore the city and the roads. Medical care and Education compared to India is Poor and children are mostely not going to school because of their schools were destroyed. Food and Medical aid is necessary to restore the country to the normal. Srilanka is much better because of tourism and the economic growth is better than Pak and Bangla. Exports of commodities are much better than India. They are selling tourism and the economic growth is in right path way. Tamil area is upcoming after the Tiger is eliminated after the civil war against the Tamil Militent groups , Northern Lanka is developing slowly and the economic growth is better. Children are going to school,no scarcity of food for the children and the medical aid is better. Before 2030 South Asia will be eliminated poverty.

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    Role of bureaucracy and political system :
    1) the country is governed by bureaucracy and politicians.Issue is how to awaken them , make efficient and productive.There are 68 years of Independence. Condition of JAPAN , SINGAPORE , CHINA, TAIWAN , SOUTH KOREA in comparison to India around 1950 and present 2016 need to be also checked and causes have to be found out how it can improve.

    Most things in India are still looked after by government and government sector. Billions of dollars are being spent in various 5 year plans by government on above issues , where the is the money going and how can it be utilised properly?

    Is political and administrative system in INDIA PROPER or IT NEEDS REFORMS?

  • Reply to: How Higher Education in Bangladesh Creates Opportunities   1 week 2 days ago

    a very commendable initiative to improve our education system.