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  • Reply to: Calling out to nature enthusiasts and shutterbugs!   1 day 9 hours ago

    Hi Lahiru,enhancements would be fine as long as it remains a photograph. Do submit your photo through: Thanks!

  • Reply to: Calling out to nature enthusiasts and shutterbugs!   2 days 1 hour ago

    Dear sir,

    Is it allowed to enhance the photo in any way? or the original photo as it was taken should be submitted ?

    Thank you

  • Reply to: From subsistence laborer to Amazon seller: A story from Bihar, India   3 days 38 sec ago

    Thanks for your comment. One of the strengths of JEEViKA we observed was their competent, professional and dedicated staff.

  • Reply to: What can Bangladesh do to deliver more and better jobs for everyone?   3 days 2 hours ago

    Dear Qimiao Fan,

    1) I hope you must have taken the note of my response posting date 06/13/2017 and would like to write few more issues with respect to your concern on Bangladesh .

    2) I fully agree with Mr. Zahid Hussain when he says that "Bangladesh infrastructure is world’s costliest" and it is due to corruption in bidding process.

    3) In my opinion based on very specific research to great extent "World Bank" it self is responsible for such "corruption" and being "Costliest".

    4) Keeping aside all the norms of road construction " World Permitted" rural road construction out of a livelihood development project of poor and extreme poor women.I wonder
    what kind of policy and monitoring system World Bank fallows and/or followed in SIPPI ,SIPPII and NJLIP ?

    5) More pathetic part is that many of rural roads are only on papers or have no provision of sustainability and even it is apprehended that it possible only when World Bank also shares in siphoning of funds in name of such infrastructure construction.

    6) There are more or less same situation in tube well and there are documentary proves of selling the tube wells to private owner out of community funds but World Bank staff has no control and system to monitor it or becomes a share holder.

    7)The issues goes even farther since same infrastructure is replicated more than once in various project of World Bank it self and/or other funding agencies.

    8)In view of the above World Bank can be more strict and more transparent and even make GRS
    system online and very prompt for citizens .

    9) I made attempt to answer your concern and await your reaction

    Mahina Arefin

  • Reply to: Pakistan bridges the gender divide by embracing a digital economy   3 days 3 hours ago

    Good write-up pri.