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    what beautiful photos ! Great initiative :)

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    Thank you to all the winners and the aspirants. We hope to continue. Thank you Anuki and team. Idah

  • Reply to: Seize the Opportunity to make Dhaka a Great, Vibrant City   13 hours 44 min ago

    Decentralization of governance, administrative services, health facilities, financial services and opportunities creation at moffusil level is only the choice to combat such man made problems. The urban migration can be controlled by imposing stringent measures as well as giving incentive to those who choses not to migrate or serve at center. United Nations should introduce convention on decentralization.

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  • Reply to: What can Bangladesh do to deliver more and better jobs for everyone?   1 day 11 hours ago

    Dear Qimiao Fun,
    Thank you very much for the intention & activities for the people of Bangladesh.
    Each & every people of Bangladesh expect better life. A lot of projects are on going here. But question is the outcome of the same. The report always show positive change but practically maximum are in question marked. Doubtful. Practical scenario is different.
    I think transparency is much more important at all the project leaders. They must deliver the right operation what they commit at their proposal.
    Yes poor people uphold better honesty in Bangladesh. If they can get small financial support they will give better feedback. When NGO'S are keeping mind to do business then they forget to take real action to implement the activities.
    I think world bank should engage morally dignified personalities in the society. My core insight is engage myself with such a activities.
    Personally me & my family are doing very small scale of contribution. We have to plan for direct involvement of poor people.
    Agro based project should give priorities where rural people can contribute properly. We need to give them real support by giving them training.
    Thank you very much for the article.