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  • Reply to: The Remittance Multiplier in Action   4 days 2 hours ago

    The key piece you note is the ST in the STIM. It would be excellent if we had data on the term of these migrants and an earnings function by time (as well as destination, skill level, etc). Wouldn't that help advocate for global poverty alleviation by seeing when/how peak earnings are occurring and design migration policies that might match those needs rather than depending solely on the brute demand for labor?
    We also know that permanent migrants (diaspora) also make contributions but not of the same kind. A study of the comparison between the kind and size of contributions of both types of migrants would have been interesting, although understandably difficult to carry out. One thing for sure, STIM give a much higher share of their income back to the country of origin.

    Would be interesting to see these studies.

  • Reply to: Voices of Youth: Towards a Green South Asia from Pakistan   5 days 13 hours ago

    We hope that very soon we overcome on these energy issues. peoples are going to aware and getting the mind set to resolve the problems and save their resources.

  • Reply to: The Remittance Multiplier in Action   1 week 6 days ago

    Dear Zahid Bhai,

    Once again this is a fantastic write up and it also helps to reinforce our strong belief that migrant workers play a significant role in Bangladesh achieving the economic performance it has done. What is more astounding in my opinion is that these are people who are probably earning the minimum wage in the respective countries that they are working and yet has shown the desire to send money back for their loved and dear ones. I can only presume that by lower the cost of and harassment of going abroad Bangladesh will be able to reap better benefits of this group of people. Another interesting group of people and I am not sure whether a similar research has been carried out is to analyze the trend of inter-country migrant workers particularly within the garments industry.
    I do hope that this finding provides the necessary data and evidence to ensure that Bangaldesh treats its most prized assets in a more humane manner.

  • Reply to: How Can We Bridge Nutrition and Rural Development in Sri Lanka?   2 weeks 5 days ago

    I think we need to identify the gap between these 2 ends, nutrition & rural development. I would be happy to contribute from a nutritionist's point of view.

  • Reply to: Collaborating Across Boundaries: Pushing University Research to the Next Level in Bangladesh   2 weeks 5 days ago

    Great Achievement in the health sector especially facilities of detecting molecular basis of congenital and acquired disease diagnosis was established in the Medical University . I support for national development HEQEP project did and would enhance further development.