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Padma Bridge: Connecting People to Prosperity in Bangladesh

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The Padma Bridge is expected to unlock the potential and transform the lives of nearly 30 million Bangladeshis living in the country's Southwest region. By reducing distances to major urban centers like Dhaka by almost 100km, the bridge will facilitate regional trade, reduce poverty while accelerating growth and development in the country as a whole.

The construction of the bridge would fulfill the long-standing dream of the people of the Southwest region to have a permanent crossing over the Padma River,” said World Bank South Asia Vice President Isabel Guerrero.

For more information, read the Feature Story and Press Release.


Submitted by Tony Diaz on
I am happy to see the World Bank, in cooperation with other development banks, make such a huge contribution to see this important project executed. I would only hope that as the majority lender the World Bank play a very active role in the procurement and construction of the project to make sure that there is no corruption, scandal, delays, and shoddy workmanship. As a civil engineer with 35 years experience, who has spent a large portion of that time in Asia, I know how complex and challenging this project s. Please do it right! Tony Diaz, PE

Submitted by VS Roddur on
Is it possible to include electricity generation with solar panel fixed on the top of the bridge. It may incur cost and some redesigining in terms of load. But the benefits in terms of several MWh electricity will make world class example. Bangladesh needs for not only branding but also to reduce electricity poverty.

Submitted by S. M. Imranul Islam on
Padma Bridge is the biggest bridge project of Bangladesh. We were very happy when we knew that, World Bank and Other Development Organization financed in Padma Bridge. But after a while, they found the abnormality of this project. They claimed against Saco International Bangladesh and The SNC-Lavalin Canada. But we the general people of Bangladesh do not know about the depth of the project infrastructure, we want to know the simple briefing about the scandal.

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