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Carlos Felipe Balcázar is a Research Analyst at the Poverty & Equity Global Practice, World Bank. His research focuses on poverty and... Read more »
Catalina Marulanda is originally from Colombia, but she is currently based in Washington DC where she is the Practice... Read more »

Céline Ferré started writing blog entries when she was 10, back in the eighties, frantically scribbling with a fountain pen in her... Read more »

Ceren is an Economist with the South Asia Economic Policy Unit where she works as a country economist for Nepal and on migration and... Read more »

Charis Lypiridis is a World Bank specialist on infrastructure finance, low-carbon and climate resilient development. He is currently... Read more »

Charukesi Ramadurai is a freelance writer and journalist from India with bylines in The New York Times, Time, Forbes, The Economist, The... Read more »

Chathurika Hettiarachichi is an Assistant Lecturer in Economics in the Department of Economics in the University of Colombo. She's... Read more »

Christina Wieser is an Economist of the Poverty and Inequality Global Practice. She covers issues related to poverty, inequality, an... Read more »

Chris Sall is an environmental economist and consultant with the World Bank project on forest fire prevention and management in... Read more »

Chulie de Silva is the former Senior Communications Officer of the World Bank Colombo Office. She was at her parent’s home in Hikkad... Read more »

Chyi-Yun Huang is a Senior Urban Development Specialist with the World Bank, currently focusing on East Europe and Central Asia. Prior to... Read more »

Clelia Rontoyanni, Lead Public Sector Specialist, has been based in World Bank Islamabad, Pakistan for last four years. Formerly, sh... Read more »

Craig Kullman has been with Water and Sanitation Program for 3.5 years working on the project's two global projects - Scaling Up Rural... Read more »