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Sabah Moyeen is a Senior Social Development Specialist at The World Bank. She works on programs related to social development, ... Read more »

Sabrina Haque joined the World Bank in 2013 and is working as a knowledge-support consultant for the Read more »
Sachini Perera is a law graduate from Sri Lanka who deals with her inherent restlessness by juggling several careers, which include... Read more »

Sadiq is a senior manager for the World Bank's South Asia region.  At the Bank, Sadiq has worked on poverty reduction, governa... Read more »

Sailesh Tiwari is a Senior Economist in the Poverty and Equity Global Practice of the World Bank. He currently leads the country work... Read more »
Salma Yusuf has a Master of Laws from Queen Mary, University of London with a specialization in Public International Law and a Bachelor... Read more »

Saman Amir is a consultant with Social Development Unit (SAR), based in Washington DC. Her work focuses on gender equality and femal... Read more »

Sameer Ahmad Ahadi is the Technical Coordinator for the ICT Sector Development Project, which is implemented under the Ministry of... Read more »
Sameera Al Tuwaijri is a Saudi National. She is the Global Lead on Population and Development at the Health Nutrition and Population... Read more »
Sameh Wahba, an Egyptian national, is the Global Director for Urban and Territorial Development, Disaster Risk... Read more »
Samik Sundar Das works in the field of Rural Development. He is an experienced professional who has worked with government line... Read more »
"After 28 years of being in the corporate world working in the Marketing Communications sector, I joined the development world because... Read more »
Sangeeta Pinto is a determined foot soldier of the development world who would like to be remembered for getting the job done to make a... Read more »
Sangeeta is a Senior Social Development Specialist at the India country office. Over the last ten years of her association with the Bank,... Read more »
Sangmoo Kim works in Urban, Rural & Social Development Unit, the World Bank as an urban specialist based in Washington, D.C. His area... Read more »
Sanjay Kathuria is Lead Economist and Coordinator, South Asia Regional Integration, in the Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment Global... Read more »

Santanu Lahiri has joined WSP-Bangladesh in June 2007 to manage the local government water supply and sanitation capacity building ... Read more »

Saori works with ICT unit, focusing on the area of Technologies and Innovation in Education, Workforce Development, and Employment i... Read more »

Mr. Sateh El-Arnaout, a dual Lebanese/British national, joined the World Bank in 2002 as a Senior Urban Specialist. He obtained... Read more »

Saurabh Dani is the Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist with the South Asia Disaster Management and Climate Change team. He has... Read more »
Saurav is a consultant with the World Bank Group' Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management Global Practice. He is a graduate of the School of... Read more »
Savinay Grover is the Sr. Financial Management Specialist in the governance global practice.  Read more »
Şebnem Erol Madan is a Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist in the Financial Solutions team within the Global Themes VPU.  She... Read more »
Seenithamby Manoharan (Mano) is a Senior Rural Development Specialist for the Agriculture Global Practice. He is based in Colombo and... Read more »
Seshika Fernando has a background in finance and computer science. She is currently the head of financial solutions at WSO2 in Sri Lanka.... Read more »
Shahenshah Sherzai is the Reform Implementation Management Coordinator for the PFMR project, which is administered under the Ministry of... Read more »
Shahpar Selim joined the World Bank once in 1999 and then again in 2009. In between working for the environment and climate change teams... Read more »
Shaiza Qayyum is a 23 year old Pakistani who is currently working as a Research Associate at the Lahore University of Management Scienc... Read more »
Mr. Shakeel Qadir Khan belongs to the prestigious Pakistan Administrative Services. He is currently leading Planning and Development and... Read more »
Shalika Subasinghe is currently working with the Education Global practice in South Asia. Her most recent work focuses on projects and... Read more »
Shazia Omar/Ahmed is a consultant for communications and public advocacy with The World Bank. She has 12 years of experience in... Read more »
Ms. Sheena Chhabra is a Senior Health Specialist, Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice, South Asia Region, The World Bank. Ms... Read more »

SHEKHAR SHAH joined the World Bank in 1989 as Deputy Research Administrator after several years with the Ford Foundation and in the... Read more »

Shilpa is based in the Bangladesh office of the External Affairs and Communications for the South Asia Region of the World Bank with a... Read more »
Shiro Nakata is a Senior Education Economist at the World Bank's Education Global Practice, and leads higher education and skills... Read more »
Shivika Singh is currently pursuing PGDM from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. She previously worked at Mu Sigma, Bangalore. She... Read more »
Shobha Shetty is currently Sector Manager, Rural Development in the South Asia region of the World Bank. She oversees a $2 billion... Read more »
Shruti Lakhtakia is a student of Economics who wishes to pursue a career in economic and developmental policy making, with her primary... Read more »

Shweta S. Banerjee works on the Microfinance Gateway which is housed at ... Read more »

Mr. Siddhanta Das is the Director General of Forests and Special Secretary with the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change,... Read more »
Siddharth Sharma is a Senior Economist in the Finance, Innovation and Competitiveness Global Practice of the World Bank. His main areas... Read more »
Siddhartha Nanayakkara, one of Sri Lanka’s youngest economists works with some of the region's leading blue-chip companies in corporate... Read more »
Silva Shrestha works with the Water Global Practice as Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist, where she works primarily on rural water... Read more »
Silvia is Senior Economist in the Poverty and Equity Global Practice, currently based in Islamabad. Silvia joined the Bank as a Young... Read more »
Smrithi Talwar is a social scientist and environmental lawyer (PhD, University of Cambridge, LLM London School of Economics), currently... Read more »
Snigdha Ali is a senior research consultant working on cross-cutting issues of gender and nutrition, economic empowerment, climate change... Read more »
Sonal Kapoor is the founder and director of Protsahan India Foundation where she gives young girls living in slums the gift of art. Read more »
Sonalde Desai is Senior Fellow at NCAER and Professor of Sociology at University of Maryland. She leads the India Human Development... Read more »
Over the past couple of decades, Sri Kumar Tadimalla has been assisting various governments in improving the level and quality of... Read more »
Stephen D O'Connell is currently a consultant in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit of the World Bank. His work focuses... Read more »

Stephen Rasmussen leads the Technology Program at CGAP, a global microfinance resource center housed at the World Bank, and has mor... Read more »

Subhash comes from a remote village called Arupokhari in Gorkha District, Nepal. Subhash is the founder and executive chairman of The... Read more »
G. Sumdany Don is the Chief Inspirational Officer at Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy. He completed “Facilitation and Training... Read more »

Sundararajan Gopalan (Sundar, for short) is a Senior HNP Specialist and has been working on nutrition and health issues throughout his... Read more »

I am an undergraduate student in the Department of Economics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and a young social entrepreneur. I have... Read more »
Supriya Kumar is a consultant at the World Bank. She currently works on projects related to rural development and livelihoods in South... Read more »
Suranga Kahandawa is a Disaster Risk Management Specialist attached to South Asia Disaster Risk and Climate Change Unit based in the... Read more »
Dr. Suresh Mohammed is Senior Health Specialist in the Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice of the World Bank since 2016. Read more »

Susan Hirshberg is the South Asia Regional Disability Coordinator and Sr. Education Specialist.

Read more »
It has been a long and unforeseeable journey, and now I find my professional vista intersecting with the global challenges of our times.... Read more »

Susrutha Goonasekera is the Social Protection Economist at World Bank Sri Lanka country office. He has an MSc in Development Studies... Read more »

Swarna Kazi is a Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist at the World Bank and the Bangladesh Focal Point for the... Read more »
Swati Puri is a Consultant with the Poverty and Equity Global Practice of the World Bank. She began her career in retail banking... Read more »

Syed Irfan Ajmal is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, author, and international keynote speaker. His articles on content mark... Read more »

Syed Usman Javaid is a Research Analyst with the World Bank and has worked with the Read more »
Sylvia Szabo, PhD is a Research Fellow in the division of Social Statistics and Demography at the University of Southampton. Her current... Read more »