World Bank Provides Four Loans Worth Over $4.3 Billion to India


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The World Bank approved four loans worth $4.345 billion dollars yesterday, which is the second largest volume of lending to a single country in a year.

The goal of the four projects is to contribute to improving India's infrastructure and help bolster the country's response to the global economic and financial crisis and lay the foundations for stronger growth in the future.

The financial package consists of:

-Banking Sector Support: $2 billion
-Support for India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited: $1.195 billion
-The Fifth Power Sector Support Project: $1 billion
-The Andhra Pradesh Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project: $150 million

For more information and to watch an interview with India's Country Director Roberto Zagha, please check out the feature story.


Joe Qian

Communications Officer

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February 13, 2010


Tenzin Jangchup Khampa
October 21, 2010

The Four Loans taken by World Bank in 2009 Worth Over $4.3 Billion Provided to India For 28 years And Financed by IBRD which are -
-Banking Sector Support: $2 billion.
-Support for India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited: $1.195 billion.
-The Fifth Power Sector Support Project: $1 billion.
-The Andhra Pradesh Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project: $150 million.
This loan has put an important stake in mind of ordinary people of India and other Developing Nations, that will the loan be utilized as set forward by the managing team or as the World bank director for India N.Roberto Zagha has resumed for its Utilization. As India seeks forward for the developmental growth in infrastructure with more rigorous and more stabilized performance manner then on its literally paper,so for betterment of India's infrastructure and its people, it looks forward for well equipped and managed plan which can come out with profitable and befitting loan taken from the World bank to India, where employment generating income growth, education betterment with poverty reduction, proper food for all and nutrition in consciousness, with better health rate with well developed sanitary and road facilities, with electricity and water in proper utility concern, taking in record the urban as well as rural enterprises whether small scale or macro level, leading to a Healthy India and Better India.

June 16, 2014

actualy it is right one step towords infrastructure and banking sector growthbut world bank should ensure that the given fund to be utilised for correct purpose and not to be go in wrong hand

December 13, 2010

i think it's a good investment for world bank

December 25, 2010

india has taken four loans worth $4.345 billion dollars from world bank but is india is devoloping . all are saying india is devoloping but i can't see anything like india devoloping becoz all the politicions are corrupted total politics are corrupted the half of the loan goes to politicions pockets only sooo plzz.... make india devolop arrest the corruption
my india is great
i am proud to be say an indian
[email protected]

Great Govinda
January 20, 2011

The world bank is ready to provide loan, but if we are having sufficient resources, why we need to borrow from others. Please sieze the deposits in Swiss Banks by bloody politicians and other rich people in India. This is more than enough to succeed economically.

My only prayer towards this comment is please rescue India from this kind of bloody politicians and sieze the huge amounts from Swiss Banks and Banks from other nations like Mexico, Brazil, West African countries etc., towards the deposits by our Indian politicians and rich people.

Great Govinda
January 20, 2011

Yes, I really proud of you that you are posting a comment like this being an Indian. But, you need to know something about our country. Our country is not a poor country in resources. We have enough resources. But, we are unable to use that so.

I don't want to motivate you but this consciousness something needs to be created in your mind. We need to fight with other countries not by any weapons. It doesn't works out. We need to fight economically.

I have a good project in my hand. But, being a middle class I am unable to execute this at present. But, one or another day I will definitely do it. This project is of agricultural project. You are aware that agriculture is the main occupation of our country. Don't think that I am asking you something monetary help from you. Because, so many people may think that if we are pitching something new to a stranger, definitely they are asking some money help. I am not such kind of person. My only intention is to make awareness to the people to like good life.

If my project is executed all over our nation then our nation becomes the commonwealth nation. I am sure. It purely focuses on the middle class people of our country.

If you are really interested to know about my project kindly contact me via email [email protected] com. Once I got your email I will explain my project in detail.

Govinda Krishnan.R.
Bangalore, Karnataka,

April 09, 2011

If not India , m sure Greedy politicians wil ae benifited from dis loan,

July 05, 2011

Its quite fine that India gets help from world bank.but t cause i.e to make india a developed country s surely not gonna be achieved untill t ministers of mother land become kindly its better for ministers to b honest n especially contented in their salaries drawn.let t feel of pratriotism be filled in their blood to make india develope. JAI HIND!!

Amar Sharma
August 05, 2011

I think Our judiciery has to announce umar kaid to all corrupt politician

August 24, 2011

I think the world and everybody else is providing their best to develop India except the politicians.Because how much ever they get, they ask for more and rightly as one of the person above said, "if not India, it will surely benefit the corrupt politicians in increasing their bank balance in Swiss Bank"
We keep on borrowing and proudly claim that India is the single largest borrower from World bank.
Common man are dieing with high interest rates andthe amout of tax they are paying to government.
After CWG and 2G scam the mass should understand how corrupt people are we appointing and making our leaders.
I am proud of my country because of itsx past legend,its present beauty,the simplicity of common man but ashamed of the leaders who are suppose to guide us and lead us.

August 24, 2011

Thanks a lot to World Bank for supporting us. Hope this will be utilized in the best of interest for the public.

February 24, 2012

india is developing country but some other person only its destory the activities , especially the politican only , they think about only the money money money , we sooo much black money in other country , if its came out only , then only the india will improve ,
know a politican is waste for india , so we want a youngester , but no one is not come for that , because its drynage for that only and as its the senior politicans do the 420 activities for the youngester ..... so we want the youngester ...........

jai hind

March 07, 2012

loveble india
india will surely be a developeed contry in 2020 ,my india ,my nation, my mother.against corruption, jai hind

May 11, 2012

india will devpt when correption is not

Syed Imran
June 05, 2016

first take english classes and improve english then devpt india and eliminate correption hahaha

June 18, 2013

we will make india as a no:1 country in the world

August 24, 2013

India will become a developed country when corruption is not or the politicians get awared

January 20, 2014

they are borrowed loans for india but not usable for india only using politicians "WHO WILL PAY THE 4.3 BILLIONS?" think it!!!!!!!!!!

amit sah
June 11, 2014

"we are Indian just saying we Indian" what we had did for our country nothing just saying stop corruption, how it will solve can any one find no, what i want to say that all Indian have to take step keep corruption far from our country. If USA can become powerful country than we not, all we have work hard and pray to GOD

January 01, 2012

india is nice country i love my nation if its nt devolp
i will try to devolpe

February 28, 2011

India develop sure,

if govement nt do anythng 4 India then,
we made a new india..!

October 29, 2014

Black money from swiss bank should not come to india because again somebody will swallow the money in the name of funds given to people by politicians or by business man, it must be credited to the world bank for reducing our loan interest given to us.

September 02, 2014

as we are Indians we need to clear our loans we should have a fear and fire about friends we need to work hard and we should save our money from criminal politicians thank you............

Girish saini
March 16, 2016

India is the most powerful & development country through WORLD BANK

Rithesh kumar k
March 21, 2016

I thank very much for world Bank,joining hands with india, for the devlopment of indian.but there is a very big problem, That is called corruption.So if we control the corruption then we çan improve india and Indians. All indians must join their hands with WORLD BANK. Thank Q Your's Rithesh kumar k

Anesh Kumar Agarwal
May 23, 2016

As a true patriot amongst millions more, I am committed & dedicated to see my beloved country India at every path of success and thus to contribute in World's prosperity.

July 09, 2016

All indian citizen has paid our loan amount in the world bank
We make a strong india ,one of the day india has developed ,in the all asian countries look at back our nation.

Poonam Chauhan
July 03, 2017

hope.... India will become a developed country and no1 country in the world. but we have make it corruption free country.