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Submitted by Millie on
Jas, interesting post! I work for UNDP in Montenegro, and energy is one of the core issues we're working on with the government. You nicely explained the main issues facing the governments in the region and i tend to agree that the progress is likely to take place through small, incremental steps that may emerge into bigger changes... We're working on a project that may be of interest, where we use energy efficiency measure to create financial space for households to legalize their homes (there are some 100,000 illegal settlements in Montenegro, and if distributed evenly every other household lives in an illegal home- there are a number of reasons for why homes are not formalized yet). This infographic (http://visual.ly/green-future-montenegro) explains the model we propose, and we just ran a prototype with few households in the northern Montenegro and got a proof of concept: 63% energy savings with the basic energy efficiency measures that is sufficient to pay for both the cost of formalization and the cost of energy efficiency measures. We're looking to scale up the prototype to municipal and national level with the Government, if you can think of partners we could engage of this (it's a bankable project, we may need some grant funding to get it off the ground but overall fully bankable), let us know? Many thanks @ElaMi5