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Great article! Thank you! We agree that mobilization of the market is essential for sustainable access to energy, GHG emissions mitigation, and life-saving health impact. We believe what is needed for effective mobilization of this very important high-impact market opportunity is: (1) Scalable, industrialized strategies for Fuel-switching to affordable clean-burning fuels like Methane, Ethanol, LPG, and ultimately Hydrogen, (2) Financial products for institutional impact investors to engage in relatively low-risk high impact investments for triple-bottom line returns with market liquidity, (3) collaborative business models for rapid deployment of partnerships and joint-ventures with local businesses and entrepreneurs to deliver tangible on-the-ground results, (4) innovation of currently available technologies with scalable models for investment, deployment and predictable amortization, (5) rapid engagement of private/public partnerships and market-making organizations to catalyze real action, real business and real impact.