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Submitted by Barbora Bodnarova on

Re-wording and re-thinking

Thank you for sharing, Oliver. I couldn't agree more on the importance of demystification of VRE by switching to vocabulary that speaks to the conventional energy industry. Especially in case of "intermittent" as all grid operators know how intermittent can be electricity consumption patterns of large industrial consumers, which are an equal, if not more important, challenge for the grid stability. So why is VRE the only industry under scrutiny?

From my experience, the next word from the energy lexicon to be used more cautiously is "efficiency". While calls for an ever-greater energy "efficiency" can lead to reticence, "optimization" definitely rings a bell.

Another way to overcome the notorious general critiques of VRE would be to focus on question under what conditions it can effectively increase resilience of energy systems as a whole, rather than allowing that the discussion slips into framing: VRE vs.centralized systems.