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  • Reply to: The story behind RISE numbers   2 months 6 days ago

    Congrats on a landmark achievement! This data will have enormous value for countries, analysts and others.

  • Reply to: What energy stories did you like in 2016?   3 months 2 weeks ago

    The biggest energy story for 2017 is the rise of energy efficiency in growth and climate change agenda. Policymakers are moving ahead on three fronts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. First, they are increasing energy efficiency. Second, improving access to technology. Third, promoting renewable fuel.

  • Reply to: Sun goes beyond turning on light bulbs in Tanzania   3 months 2 weeks ago

    A challenge that still lies in the development of solar markets is embracing of the technology by reluctant governments who still believe on expansion of the national grids only. How do we get local government to buy fully into solar mini-grids especially where there in no hope of grid connectivity in future?

  • Reply to: Let's come clean about dirty cooking   3 months 3 weeks ago

    Instead of focusing on incremental solutions and taking baby steps on the energy ladder, we ALL should focus on developing and providing electric stoves/induction hobs to the masses. They are the CLEANEST cooking solution. And where there is lack of access to electricity, renewable energy can play a key role.
    I hope World Bank would consider it. It's the need of the hour.

  • Reply to: Gandhigiri can make solar work for India   4 months 2 weeks ago

    good piece Amit! I love the "three wise monkey" metaphor at the end.