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  • Reply to: A Deep Well of Experience: Supporting Indonesia’s Geothermal Development   10 months 1 week ago
    I can't totally agree with you here. Obviously I wish that the government will continue supporting the promotion of geothermal energy. And that they start to teach the other countries more about this source of energy. But with costs being still relative high, I'm not sure if the right time is now. I think we first need more innovative technologies which makes the geothermal potentials cheaper. But the right mindset is there, so the first brick of the wall is built in my opinion.
  • Reply to: Billion Dollar Map to Help Africa Turn Mining into Prosperity   10 months 1 week ago

    Indeed -- some information on the ACT, PRACTICE, and MANAGEMENT/verification of the MAP is very important. Will the data be intergarted from current commercial and NGO-type efforts .. see -- or our we reinventing the wheel ...? What practice options are there for validating the data .. interface to SEC and Canadian "SEC" information and /risk reporting datasites for mining information?

    What and who is funding this?

  • Reply to: IRENA puts renewable energy on the map   10 months 1 week ago

    IRENA did not allow branding of low-carbon nuclear technology as a renewable power and I applaud it.

  • Reply to: Rethinking Investments in High Carbon Infrastructure   1 year 1 day ago

    Thank you Oliver for sharing some insights,lot of advocacy needed to achieve such a mission and feel those you understand and appreciate must continue to propagate these insights.

    Thanks Gary, nice to read your views as well!

  • Reply to: Thirsty Energy: Making the Energy-Water Nexus Work For Us   1 year 1 month ago

    Diego, I was wondering if as a group, you have analysed the possibility of taking advantage of future extreme discharges in many rivers worldwide. It is widely known that global warming will intensify extreme periods, both droughts and floods, therefore a possibility would be to optimise water usage during droughts, but also figure out how to store water or energy during extreme wet periods, in order to use them afterwards. This would also help reducing the negative effects of floods in many communities.

    Kind Regards