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Aaditya Mattoo's picture
Aaditya Mattoo is Research Manager, Trade and Integration, at the World Bank. He specializes in trade policy analysis and the operation... Leer más »
Aakanksha H Pande's picture
Aakanksha Pande is a Young Professionals at the World Bank where she specializes on health nutrition and population issues in the Middle... Leer más »
Aaron Benevot's picture
Aaron joined UNESCO's Global Monitoring Report (GMR) team as Director in June 2014, bringing with him decades of experience in global... Leer más »
Aaron Buchsbaum's picture
Aaron Buchsbaum is a knowledge management and communications consultant, currently supporting the World Bank SecureNutrition Knowledge... Leer más »
Aaron Rosenberg's picture
Aaron Rosenberg is currently the Chief for Public Affairs at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the... Leer más »
Aaron Shakow's picture
Aaron Shakow is Associate Director of the Program in Non-communicable Disease at Partners In Health, where he has played a key role in... Leer más »
Aaron Wolf's picture

Aaron Wolf is professor of geography and chair of the Department of Geosciences at Oregon State University.  His research and... Leer más »

Aart Kraay's picture
AART KRAAY is a Lead Economist in the Development Research Group at the World Bank. He joined the World Bank in 1995 after earning a Ph.D... Leer más »
Aarthi Sivaraman leads online communications outreach for the World Bank's Energy and Environment sectors. Before that,... Leer más »
Aashish Mehta's picture
Aashish Mehta is a development economist and Associate Professor in the Global Studies Department at the University of California-Santa... Leer más »
Abayomi Alawode's picture
Mr. Abayomi Alawode is responsible for designing and delivering the Bank’s work program in the area of Islamic finance,... Leer más »
Abdoulaye Seck's picture

Abdoulaye Seck, a Senegalese National, is the World Bank’s Country Manager for Moldova.

Until mid-2011, Seck was on a tw... Leer más »

Abdoulaye Toure's picture
Abdoulaye Toure is Lead Economist with the World Bank’s Agriculture Global Practice and is based in Abidjan from where he has been... Leer más »
Abdullah Al-Dailami's picture
Abdullah Al-Dailami is Acting Managing Director of the Social Fund for Development in Yemen. Leer más »
Abdulmoez Dbwan's picture
A human rights and civilian activist, a member of the Yemeni parliament and the rapporteur of the Information Committee in Parliament, he... Leer más »
Abha Joshi-Ghani's picture
Abha Joshi-Ghani is the Director for Knowledge and Learning at the World Bank in the Change Knowledge and Learning Vice Presidency. She... Leer más »
Abhas Jha's picture
Abhas Jha is Sector Manager for Transport, Urban and Disaster Risk Management for East Asia and the Pacific for the World Bank. In this... Leer más »
Abhijeet Singh's picture
Abhijeet Singh is a D.Phil. (Ph.D.) student in Economics, and a Research Officer at the Department of International Development (QEH), at... Leer más »
Abhilaksh Likhi's picture

Abhilaksh Likhi has more than twenty years of experience in the Indian Administrative Service. He is a Fulbright scholar, ... Leer más »

Abhishek Gupta's picture
Abhishek Gupta is a consultant at the World Bank. He currently works on projects related to livelihoods enhancement and community driven... Leer más »
Abiodun Folawewo's picture
Abiodun O. Folawewo, Ph.D is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria Leer más »
Abir Qasem's picture
Dr. Abir Qasem is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science, and Director of Academic Computing at Bridgewater College. He has a PhD... Leer más »
Abul Basher's picture

Md. Abul Basher was born and brought up in the countryside of Bangladesh and had his primary education in a school that did not have... Leer más »

Achref Aouadi's picture
Achref Aouadi is a 28-year-old Tunisian activist and International Political Economy student. Achref is the founder and President of I... Leer más »
Adam Diehl's picture
Adam is administrator for the IC4D Blog, as well as online communications producer for the World Bank's ICT team. Leer más »
Adam M. Aten's picture
Adam M. Aten is a researcher at The Brookings Institution focusing on evidence development and biomedical innovation within the Center... Leer más »
Adam Rubinfield's picture

Adam Rubinfield is an Environmental Specialist at the World Bank working with the Corporate Responsibility Program. He works with... Leer más »

Adam Russell Taylor's picture
Rev. Adam Russell Taylor currently serves as the Lead for the Faith-Based Initiative at the World Bank Group.  Taylor formerly... Leer más »
Adam Smith International's picture
Adam Smith International is a global leader in delivering projects that support economic growth and government reform. Leer más »
Adam Wagstaff's picture

Adam Wagstaff is Research Manager of the Human Development and Public Services team in the Development Research Group. He holds a DP... Leer más »

Adarsh Desai's picture
Adarsh has been passionate about leveraging technology and data driven innovations for international development. He has managed programs... Leer más »
Ademola Braimoh's picture
Dr. Ademola Braimoh is a Sustainability Scientist with expertise in soil management, human-environment relationships, land-use modeling... Leer más »
Adiba Sanjana's picture
Adiba Sanjana joined The World Bank, Bangladesh in 2012 and is currently working as a Research Analyst in the South Asia Economic Policy... Leer más »
Aditi Maheshwari's picture
Aditi Maheshwari is a Climate Change Policy Specialist at the World Bank, focusing on mitigation, finance and the international... Leer más »
Adriana Damianova is Lead Environmental Specialist in Europe and Central Asia Region, the Environment and Natural Resources Global... Leer más »
Adriana Jaramillo's picture
Adriana Jaramillo is a Senior Education Specialist and Human Development Coordinator for the Skills Employment and Labor Mobility ... Leer más »
Adriana Jordanova Damianova's picture
Adriana Kugler's picture
Adriana Kugler is Vice-Provost for Faculty and Full Professor at Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy. She was founder... Leer más »
Adu-Gyamfi Abunyewa's picture
Adu-Gyamfi Abunyewa is a Senior Procurement Specialist in the Hanoi, Vietnam Office of the Public Integrity and Openness Department,... Leer más »
Afra Rahman Chowdhury's picture
Afra Rahman Chowdhury, a native of Bangladesh, is currently working with South Asia’s Social Protection team and with Social Inclusion... Leer más »
Agnes Soucat's picture
Agnes Soucat is the Director for Human Development at AfDB. Leer más »
Ahamad Tanvirul Alam Chowdhury's picture
Ahamad Tanvirul Alam Chowdhury is an Education Consultant for the Education Global Practice Team in the World Bank and works for Higher... Leer más »
Ahmad Ahsan's picture
Ahmad Ahsan is a Lead Economist in the East Asia & Pacific Regional Office, World Bank Group. Leer más »
Ahmad Iqbal Chaudhary's picture
Ahmad Iqbal Chaudhary currently works with the World Bank's Urban Transport team in Washington DC, where he is preparing case studies on... Leer más »
Ahmadou Aly Mbaye's picture
Professor Ahmadou Aly Mbaye is the Dean of the Centre de Recherches Economiques Appliquées at the University Cheikh Anta Diop of... Leer más »
Ahmed Galal's picture

Ahmed Galal is currently Managing Director of the Economic Research Forum, a regional research institution covering the Arab countries... Leer más »

Ahmed Rostom's picture
Ahmed Rostom is a Financial Sector Specialist at The World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific: Finance and Private Sector Development... Leer más »
Aida Haddad's picture
Aida is a senior executive assistant in the Middle East and North Africa region. She has a B.A. in Arabic literature and a Teaching... Leer más »
Aisha Irene Agily's picture
Consultant, Economic Policy, Poverty & Gender, MENA Leer más »
Akiko Nakagawa's picture
Akiko Nakagawa is a Senior Environmental Specialist in the World Bank South Asia Region Disaster Risk Management & Climate Change... Leer más »
Alaa Hamed's picture
Senior Health Specialist in the Middle East and North Africa at the World Bank. Alaa joined the Bank in 1998, and has been working in the... Leer más »
Alain Ize's picture
Alain Ize is a consultant on financial development and fiscal and monetary policy, with the World Bank’s Chief Economist Office for Latin... Leer más »
Alaka Holla's picture

Alaka Holla is an Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist of the Human Development Network. Her area of research is focused on... Leer más »

Alan David Lee's picture
Alan David Lee is an Energy and Climate Change Specialist at the World Bank. He joined the Bank in 2013 through its Young Professionals... Leer más »
Alan de Brauw's picture
Alan de Brauw is a Senior Research Fellow in the Markets, Trade, and Institutions Division at the International Food Policy Research... Leer más »
Economist Leer más »
Alan Gelb's picture

Alan Gelb is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development... Leer más »

Alan Hall's picture
Alan Hall is a Senior Customs and Border Management Specialist who worked as a consultant with the World Bank Group. He has vast Customs... Leer más »
Alan Miller's picture

Alan S. Miller is a climate change and global environmental expert with more than 30 years experience. Until his retirement in ... Leer más »

Alanna Simpson's picture
Alassane Sow's picture
Alastair McKechnie's picture

Alastair McKechnie has worked for the past twenty seven years in various positions, his previous position being Country Director for... Leer más »

Albert Park's picture
Albert Park is Chair Professor at the Division of Social Science and Professor at the Department of Economics of the Hong Kong University... Leer más »
Albert Zeufack's picture
Albert G. Zeufack is Practice Manager in the Global Practice for Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management of the World Bank. He is also the... Leer más »
Alberto Portugal-Perez's picture
Alberto Portugal-Perez is a senior trade economist with the World Bank Group. He has worked on a variety of development and trade... Leer más »
Alberto Rodriguez's picture
Alberto Rodriguez is a Country Sector Coordinator and Lead Education Specialist working with the Europe and Central Asia Region, and... Leer más »
Alberto Rodríguez's picture
Alberto Rodríguez, un experto en políticas educacionales y su impacto en la productividad y economía, de origen colombiano es el nuevo... Leer más »
Alberto Zezza's picture
Alberto Zezza is a Senior Economist in the Development Research Group of the World Bank. His research interests are in the area of... Leer más »
Albertus Voetberg's picture
Albertus (Bert) Voetberg is a medical doctor from the Netherlands who, prior to joining the World Bank, lived and worked in rural Zambia... Leer más »
Aldo Tudela's picture
Aldo Tudela Rivadeneyra is a Short Term Consultant working for the World Bank Transportation Department in Mexico City. He studied Civil... Leer más »
Aleem Walji's picture

Aleem Walji is the director of the World Bank’s Innovation Labs. He oversees open government, transparency, and accountability initi... Leer más »

Alejandra de Lecea's picture
Alejandra de Lecea es consultora en el departamento de Relaciones Exteriores y Corporativos del Grupo del Banco Mundial. Antes del Banco... Leer más »
Alejandro Drexler's picture

Alejandro Drexler is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the McCombs School of Business in the University of Texas at Austin. His r... Leer más »

Alejandro Guerrero Ruiz's picture
Alejandro Guerrero Ruiz is a public sector management specialist at the Word Bank, currently focusing on tax administration and public... Leer más »
Alejandro Hoyos Guerrero's picture
Alejandro Hoyos Guerrero is a consultant in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region Transport Unit. He has training in law and... Leer más »
Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi's picture

Note: Alessandro is currently on leave from the World Bank.

... Leer más »
Aleta Moriarty's picture

Aleta Moriarty has worked in the fields of gender and communications for the World Bank. She has published books on Australia and As... Leer más »

Alethea H. Dopart is a Consultant with the Education Sector of the World Bank's Human Development Network. She currently works with ... Leer más »

Alex Bowen's picture
Dr. Alex Bowen is principal research fellow at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at London School of... Leer más »
Alex Kremer's picture
Alex Kremer has served as Country Manager for Moldova since August 2014. He is based in Chisinau.
... Leer más »
Alex Sienaert's picture
Alex joined the World Bank in 2011 and was posted first to the Government Debt and Risk Management group in the Treasury and then to the... Leer más »
Alexander Danilenko's picture
For more than a decade, Mr. Danilenko has been involved in water sector performance assessment and benchmarking reported at Leer más »
Alexander Dixon's picture
Alexander Dixon became the Director of DIA (formerly Rockefeller Foundation-Aspen Institute Diaspora Program) in November 2013. In... Leer más »
Alexander Ferguson's picture
Alexander Ferguson is the Senior Manager for External Communication in the South... Leer más »
Alexander Johannes Huurdeman's picture
Lex Huurdeman is a Senior Oil and Gas Expert at the World Bank. Lex brings senior leadership with over 30 years of... Leer más »
Alexander Lotsch's picture
I am a geographer at the World Bank, where I have worked in the Development Research Group and the Agriculture and Rural Development... Leer más »
Alexander McPhail's picture
Alexander McPhail is lead water and sanitation specialist in the World Bank's Water Practice. He has worked in the South Asia, Middle... Leer más »
Alexander Ryabushko's picture
Alexander Ryabushko leads the ICT department in the Office of the Ulyanovsk region affairs. His team promotes the Ulyanovsk region in... Leer más »
Alexander Shakaryan founded his first company in 2005 when he was 22, providing entertainment SMS services, which soon become very... Leer más »
Alexander Skinner's picture
Alexander Skinner is a Consultant at the Poverty Global Practice at the World Bank and holds a Masters Degree in International Relations... Leer más »
Alexandra Endara's picture
Alexandra is the Project Coordinator of the Development Marketplace online course “Innovative Business Models for Better Impact.”... Leer más »
Alexandra Habershon is a consultant with the Stolen Asset Recovery (StAR) Initiative and the World Bank's Public Sector & Governance... Leer más »
Alexandra Klöpfer's picture
Alexandra Linden's picture
Alexandra Linden has been working as Urban/Regional Planner and Consultant for the private and public sector, NGOs,... Leer más »
Alexandra M. Cech's picture
Alexandra M. Cech is a Consultant with the World Bank’s Competitive Industries Practice, Finance and Private Sector Development. She... Leer más »
Alexandre Laure's picture
Alexandre Laure is a private sector development specialist in the Trade & Competitiveness global practice of the World Bank Group. He... Leer más »
Alexandria Valerio's picture
Alexandria Valerio is a senior economist in the Education Global Practice at the World Bank Group. She leads global research agendas... Leer más »
Alf Jerve's picture

Alf Jerve is a Member of the World Bank Inspection Panel since 2008. He has three decades of research and operational experience in ... Leer más »

Alfiya Kaulanova's picture
Alfiya Kaulanova is an analyst at "National Information Technologies" JSC - NIT JSC, based in Astana, Kazakhstan. The company provides IT... Leer más »
Alfredo Baño Leal's picture

Alfredo Baño Leal is a power engineer specialized in power utilities, energy policies, and clean energy technologies. In 2008, he j... Leer más »

Alfredo Mier y Teran's picture

Alfredo Mier y Teran is an Economist in the Ministry of Finance in Mexico (SHCP). His research interests are in the fields of Monetary... Leer más »

Ali Zafar's picture
Ali Zafar is currently Senior Economist in the Africa Region of the World Bank and has operational experience in several regions of the... Leer más »
Alice Githu's picture
Alice Githu is Senior Youth Development Officer at the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in Kenya. Leer más »
Alice Newton graduated from Cambridge University with a double first, before becoming the Henry Fellow at Harvard University. Her... Leer más »
Alicia Bárcena's picture
Antes de entrar a la CEPAL, Bárcena fue la coordinadora del programa de desarrollo sustentable del PNUD. Alicia Bárcena fue la... Leer más »
Alina Rocha Menocal's picture
Originally from Mexico, Alina is a Research Fellow in the Politics and Governance Programme at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI),... Leer más »
Alison Buckholtz's picture
Alison Buckholtz is a writer and editor for Leer más »
Alison J. Kwong's picture
Alison Kwong works with the Client Services and Communications (CSC) team of the Development Data Group. She joined the World Bank in... Leer más »
Alison Ofotalau's picture

Alison Ofotalau is a Communications Officer  for the World Bank Country Office in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Before she joined t... Leer más »

Alison Schafer's picture

 Alison Schafer is a multimedia producer with World Bank External Affairs.

Leer más »
Aliza Marcus's picture
Aliza Marcus is in charge of communications for the Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund at the World Bank. She is a former foreign... Leer más »
Alla Morrison's picture
Alla Morrison is a Program Officer in the World Bank Group Finances program.  The program provides financial and operational data... Leer más »
Allen Dennis's picture
Allen Dennis is a Senior Economist with the Development Economics Prospects Group (DECPG) at the World Bank, where he contributes to... Leer más »
Allison Demeritt's picture

Allison Demeritt is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology and a Core Team member of the World Development Report 2015 at the World Bank. He... Leer más »

Almud Weitz's picture
Ms. Almud Weitz joined the World Bank in 2007 and is currently Principal Regional Team Leader for East Asia and the... Leer más »
Alok Bhargava's picture
Alok Bhargava (born 13 July 1954, Alwar, India) is an Indian-American econometrician. He studied mathematics at Delhi University and... Leer más »
Altan Aldan's picture
Altan Aldan works as an economist in the human development team in the World Bank Ankara Office. He holds Mphil degree in Economics from... Leer más »
Alvaro Enrique Pedraza Morales's picture

Alvaro Pedraza is an Economist in the Finance and Private Sector Development Team of the Development Research Group... Leer más »

Alvaro Gonzalez's picture
Alvaro González is Lead Economist in the Financial and Private Sector Development Unit of the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia Region... Leer más »
Alys Willman's picture
Alys Willman is a social development specialist for the Leer más »
Amadeus Kamagenge's picture

Amadeus Kamagenge is the Head of Systems, Training, Research and Participation at the Tanzania Social Action Fund.

Leer más »
Amal Talbi's picture
Sr Water & Sanitation Spec. Leer más »
Amanda Feuerstein's picture
Amanda Feuerstein works in communications at the World Bank spreading the word about the positive impacts human interventions... Leer más »
WPP Program Officer Leer más »
Amat Al Alim Alsoswa's picture
Amat Al Alim Alsoswa is a Yemeni leader and activist who worked for the UN as a regional director before heading the... Leer más »
Ambar Narayan's picture
Ambar Narayan, a Lead Economist in the Poverty Global Practice of the World Bank, focuses on policy analysis and research on micro... Leer más »
Amelie Constant's picture

Amelie Constant is Program Director of Migration at the Instit... Leer más »

Amer Lashin's picture
Amer Lashin is the Secretary General of Takamol Foundation for Sustainable Development.  Since his graduation from the... Leer más »
Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou's picture
Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou, is a Consultant in FPDCE and the core team for the 2014 GFDR. Previously, he worked in the World Bank's treasury... Leer más »
Amina Semlali's picture
Amina Semlali specializes in skills development and works on Labor Market Integration (with a focus on youth) and Active Labor Market... Leer más »
Amine Ghali's picture
Amine Ghali is the Program Director of Al Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center (KADEM) working on issues of democracy, reform and... Leer más »
Aminur Rahman's picture
Aminur Rahman is currently working as a Senior Investment Policy Officer in the Investment Climate Department of the World Bank Group.... Leer más »
Amir Fouad's picture
Amir Fouad is a Research Analyst for the World Bank Group’s Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice, where he helps administer the... Leer más »
Amira Kazem's picture
Amira Kazem is an Operations Officer in Education Sector - Middle East and North Africa region. She supports the education portfolio with... Leer más »
Amit Bhattacharya's picture
Amit Bhattacharya is a senior assistant editor at The Times of India, New Delhi. In a career spanning almost two decades, he has worked... Leer más »
Amit Dar's picture
In July 2014, Amit Dar was appointed Director of the World Bank Group’s Education Global Practice.  In this role he will be... Leer más »
Amolo is the Managing Director of Digital Divide Data Kenya, DDD's inaugural African venture. Amolo came to DDD from the Bill and Melinda... Leer más »
Amparo Ballivián's picture
Amparo Ballivián leads the Open Government Data working group at the World Bank. This is a multidisciplinary group which supports... Leer más »
Economist, Development Economics and Chief Economist Leer más »
Amrita Chowdhury's picture
I am Amrita Chowdhury, hailing from Kolkata, honors Graduate in Economics from Calcutta University, pursuing PGCHRM with XLRI. My... Leer más »
Amy Adkins Harris's picture
Amy leads digital communications for the World Bank's Gender Group. Leer más »
Amy Ericson's picture
Amy Ericson is US Country President of Alstom, a global leader in electric power and rail transportation technology. She has a background... Leer más »
Amy Muscato's picture
Amy Muscato graduated with a Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of St. Andrews in 2011, and worked as a reference... Leer más » Leer más »
An Thi My Tran's picture
An Thi My Tran (Mỹ An) is an education specialist from World Bank Hanoi office, where she has worked on education issues since... Leer más »
Ana Bellver Vazquez-Dodero's picture
Ana Bellver is a Senior Public Management and Governance specialist with the World Bank.  After joining in 2004 as a Young... Leer más »
Ana Bucher's picture
Dr. Ana Bucher is climate change specialist with the Environment Department of the World Bank. Currently, she is working on adaptation to... Leer más »
Ana C. Mercado y Yunuen Galindo's picture
Ana C. Mercado y Yunuen Galindo tenemos 21 y vivimos en México. Nos conocimos y nos dimos cuenta que aunque veníamos de diferentes... Leer más »
Ana Cecilia Suárez Pérez's picture
Ana Cecilia Suárez Pérez, colombiana, es estudiante de séptimo semestre de Administración de Negocios en la Universidad EAFIT. Como... Leer más »
Ana Fernandes's picture
Ana Fernandes is Senior Economist in the Development Research Group (Trade and Integration Unit) at the World Bank. Leer más »
Ana Gerschenson's picture
Ana Gerschenson es periodista, escribe sobre política para El Cronista y es columnista política del programa "No somos nadie" en Radio La... Leer más »
Located in World Bank Office in Albania. Full BIO coming soon. Leer más »
Ana María Muñoz Boudet's picture
Es especialista en temas de género y una de las autoras del Informe de Desarrollo Mundial 2012 (World Development Report). Ana María ha... Leer más »
Ana María Oviedo's picture
Economista en la Unidad de Protección Social del Departamento de Desarrollo Humano de la región de América Latina y el Caribe del Banco... Leer más »
Ana Revenga's picture
Ana Revenga es la directora del grupo de Equidad y Reducción de Pobreza del Banco Mundial. Actualmente co-dirige el Reporte de Desarrollo... Leer más »
Ana Silvia Aguilera's picture
Ana Silvia Aguilera is an Infrastructure Specialist in the Global Partnership of Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) in the World Bank. She works on... Leer más »
Anabel Gonzalez's picture
Anabel Gonzalez, a Costa Rican and US national, has been Senior Director of the World Bank Group Global Practice on Trade and... Leer más »
Anand Rajaram's picture

Anand Rajaram is Sector Manager for public sector and governance work in the Africa region of the World Bank.  He was previously... Leer más »

Anand Venkatesan recently completed the joint-degree program at Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School. He has worked on... Leer más »
Ananda Galappatti's picture
Ananda Galappatti is a medical anthropologist and Director of Strategy at The Good... Leer más »
Anasuya Raj's picture

Anasuya Raj joined the World Bank Group as a consultant in January 2013, as part of what was then the International Trade ... Leer más »

Anat Lewin's picture

Anat Lewin is an Operations Officer with GICT. Her current work focuses on Middle East and North African countries in... Leer más »

Anca Bogdana Rusu's picture
Anca Bogdana Rusu is an Analyst in the Competitive Industries Global Practice of the World Bank Leer más »
Anca Maria Podpiera's picture

Anca Maria Podpiera is a consultant with the Financial and Private Sector Development, Europe and Central Asia working on institutio... Leer más »

Anders Berntell's picture
Anders Berntell is a biologist by training, working within the field of water, environment and development for more than 30 years.... Leer más »
Anders Hjorth Agerskov's picture

Anders Hjorth Agerskov heads the World Bank's Preventive Services Unit in the Integrity Vice Presidency. The unit is responsible fo... Leer más »

Andre Corterier's picture
Andre Corterier is a senior Financial Sector Specialist in Financial Market Integrity (FMI) Leer más »
André Rodrigues de Aquino's picture
André Aquino is a Senior Natural Resources Management Specialist at the World Bank's Environment and Natural Resources Global... Leer más »
Andrea Alarcon's picture
A Andrea, originaria de Colombia, le encanta hacer reportajes en diferentes idiomas. Entre sus pasiones están la escritura, el diseño de... Leer más »
Andréa Brochier Machado's picture
Andréa, natural de Porto Alegre (RS), formou-se em direito e fez pós-graduação em gestão da segurança na sociedade democrática. Trabalha... Leer más »
Andrea Coppola's picture
Andrea works as a Country Economist at the World Bank. An Italian national, Andrea holds a PhD from the University of Rome Tor Vergata.... Leer más »
Andrea Gallina's picture
Andrea Gallina is a World Bank Senior Social Development Specialist in Latin America and the Caribbean Region and Coordinator of the ... Leer más »
Andrea Liverani's picture

Andrea Liverani is a social development specialist with the World Development Report 2010 team, working on institutional and... Leer más »

Andrea Zanon's picture
Andrea is a Senior Risk Management Specialist. He joined the World Bank in 2007 and worked on natural gas pipeline and investment... Leer más »
Andreas Blom's picture

Andreas Blom works as a Lead Economist in the World Bank’s education units in Africa. He supports management in implementing strateg... Leer más »

Andreas Kopp's picture
I am Andreas Kopp, working for the World Bank in Washington. I work for the Sustainable Development Network, in the Department for Energy... Leer más »
Andreas Kotsadam's picture
Andreas Kotsadam is Assistant Professor at the University of... Leer más »
Andreas Schleicher's picture

Andreas Schleicher is Director for Education and Skills, and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General at the Org... Leer más »

Andreas Seiter's picture

Andreas Seiter is a Senior Health Specialist and expert for pharmaceutical policy and management in the World Bank’s Health, Nutriti... Leer más »

Andrei A. Levchenko's picture
Andrei Levchenko is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan, a Research Associate at the National Bureau of... Leer más »
Andrej Popovic's picture
Andrej Popovic is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist in the Financial Inclusion and Infrastructure Practice, within the World Bank... Leer más »
Andrés Gartner's picture
Andrés trabaja como joven profesional en el sector de Transporte para América Latina y el Caribe del Banco Mundial desde hace más de un... Leer más »
Andrés Liberman's picture

Andrés Liberman is an Assistant Professor of Finance at New York University Stern School of Business. His rese... Leer más »

Andrew Beath's picture
Andrew Beath is a Young Professional in the World Bank's Office of the Chief Economist for East Asia and the Pacific. Prior to joining... Leer más »
Andrew Burns's picture

Andrew is Manager of the Global Macroeconomic Trends Team of the Development Prospects Group at the World Bank. He is also the lead... Leer más »

Andrew Dabalen's picture
Andrew Dabalen is a Lead Economist, Poverty Global Practice. He focuses on policy analysis and research in  development issues, such... Leer más »
Andrew Jones's picture
Andy Jones is an Operations Analyst with the World Bank’s Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility. Andy has more than five years... Leer más »
Andrew Ragatz's picture
Andrew Ragatz is a Senior Education Specialist currently working in the World Bank’s Indonesia office. His passion for education and... Leer más »
Andrew Steer's picture
Andrew Stott's picture
Andrew Stott was Director for Transparency and Digital Engagement for the United Kingdom (UK) Government. He led the work to open up... Leer más »
Andrew W. Wyckoff's picture
Andrew W. Wyckoff is the Director of the Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (STI) at the Organisation for Economic... Leer más »
Andy Chi Tembon's picture
Andy Chi Tembon is a Senior Health Specialist at the World Bank, and the Task Team Leader for a school health project supported by the... Leer más »
Andy Kotikula's picture

Andy is an Economist in the Economic Policy Unit of the South Asia Region of the World Bank.

Leer más »
Andy Shuai Liu's picture
Andy Shuai Liu es un productor de comunicaciones en línea que trabaja en temas relacionados con la agricultura así como también con el... Leer más »
Angel Gurría's picture
Angel Gurría is the Secretary-General of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Born on May 8th, 1950, in Tampico... Leer más »
Angel Melguizo's picture
Angel Melguizo is a former Pension Coordinator and Lead Specialist with the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, D.C. His is... Leer más »
Angela Bekkers's picture
Angela Bekkers is a senior communications officer with infoDev at the World Bank Group and focuses on the program's communications and... Leer más »
Angela Crandall's picture
Angela Crandall supports infoDev (GICT) 's Climate Technology Program. Angela has also been involved in corporate outreach to engage... Leer más »
Angela Elzir's picture
Angela joined the Human Development Network and Social Protection Unit in August 2010 as a Research Analyst based in the World Bank... Leer más »
Angela Merkel's picture
Angela Merkel has been Federal Chancellor of Germany since 2005. Read more in her Leer más »
Angela Walker's picture
Angela Walker is an adviser in staff engagement and internal communications in the World Bank Group’s External and Corporate Relations unit. Leer más »
Angelica Thumala's picture
Maria Angelica Thumala is a Lecturer in Sociology at the Catholic University of Chile and Research Associate at the Centre for... Leer más »
Angie Gentile's picture

Angie Gentile is Head of Communications for the Concessional Finance & Global Partnerships Vice Presidency, the unit that overse... Leer más »

Angus Friday's picture
Anil Sinha's picture
Anil Sinha is Regional Head Inclusive Business South Asia based in New Delhi. He was till recently, the Regional Head of Advisory... Leer más »
Anil Swarup's picture
Anil Swarup is Director of General at the Ministry of Labour & Employment in India. Leer más »
Aniqah Jasmine Khan's picture

Aniqah Jasmine Khan joined the World Bank in 2003 based in the Leer más »

Aniruddha Dasgupta's picture

Aniruddha (Ani) Dasgupta is the Global Director of the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. Ani guides the Center in developing e... Leer más »

Anita Ayers Henderlight's picture

Meeting some of the “Lost Boys of Sudan” in 2005 along with co-founders of New Sudan Education Initiative (NESEI) in 2006... Leer más »

Anita Gordon's picture
Anita Marangoly George's picture
Anita Marangoly George is Senior Director of the World Bank Group’s Global Practice on Energy and Extractive Industries. In this position... Leer más »
Anja Tolonen's picture
Anja Tolonen is a graduating PhD student at University of Gothenburg. She has... Leer más »
Anjali Fleury's picture
Anjali Fleury is a consultant for KNOMAD and supports the Gender Cross-Cutting Theme. As a social worker and micro-finance practitioner,... Leer más »
Anjan Thakor's picture
Anjan Thakor is the John E. Simon Professor of Finance and Director of the PhD Program at Olin Business School, Washington University in... Leer más »
Ankur Huria's picture
Ankur Huria is a Senior Trade Logistics Specialist with Trade and Competitiveness Practice of the IFC/World Bank Group. Since 2008, he... Leer más »
Anna Delgado Martin's picture
Anna works in the Water Unit on the initiative "Quantifying the Tradeoffs of the Water and Energy Nexus" and she recently co-authored the... Leer más »
IFC Corporate Relations Leer más »
Anna Lerner's picture
Anna is an energy and ICT specialist with the World Bank, with extensive energy, clean tech, urban development and environment... Leer más »
Anna Okola's picture

Anna Okola is a Transport Engineer for the Latin America & Caribbean Region at the World Bank and has worked on rural, inter-urb... Leer más »

Anna Reva's picture
Anna Reva is an operations officer at the World Bank’s Poverty Reduction and Equity Department. She has done research on innovation,... Leer más »
Anne Brockmeyer's picture

Anne Brockmeyer is a public finance economist in the World Bank’s Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management Practice, and... Leer más »

Anne Dronnier's picture
Anne Dronnier is a Communications Officer in the World Bank's Africa Region dedicated to art and development and where the two intersect. Leer más »
Anne Elicaño's picture
Anne is the World Bank Group’s Online Lead for education, social protection, and labor. Previously, she was the web editor handling the... Leer más »
Anne Senges's picture
Anne is the online web and social media editor for Francophone Africa. A former journalist, she covered Hollywood, Silicon Valley,... Leer más »
Anne-Katrin Arnold's picture

Anne-Katrin Arnold is Communications Officer in the World Bank's External Affairs Operational Communication department (EXTOC), wher... Leer más »

Anne-Lise Klausen's picture
Anne-Lise is leading the partnership work at the World Bank’s Fragility, Conflict and Violence Group (FCV) based in Nairobi.  The... Leer más »
Annette De Kleine Feige's picture
Annette De Kleine Feige, is a Senior Economist for the Development Prospects Group (DECPG). She is lead author of the Weekly Brief and... Leer más »
Annette Dixon's picture
Annette Kinitz's picture
Annette has been working in the Development Data Group’s Statistical Development and Partnerships team since 2007.  She develops and... Leer más »
Annika Ostman's picture
Annika Ostman is a communications officer in the World Bank's Climate Change Group (GCC). She has several years of experience in... Leer más »
Anshul Pachouri's picture

Anshul Pachouri is currently working with a global consulting firm in its strategy practice. He has also worked with Economic Adviso... Leer más »

Anthony Earley's picture

Anthony Earley is the chairman and CEO of PG&E Corporation. Earley joined PG&E in September 2011 after 17 years at Detroit-b... Leer más »

Anthony Lambkin's picture
Anthony is the Technical Lead for infoDev's Climate Technology Program, which is establishing a network of Climate Innovation Centers ... Leer más »
Antoine Coste's picture
Antoine Coste is a trade analyst in the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice of the World Bank Group, which he joined as a... Leer más »
Antoine Jaoude's picture
Antoine Jaoude is a Communications Associate at the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA),... Leer más »
Antoinette Schoar's picture

Antoinette Schoar is the Michael M. Koerner (49’) Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management. She ho... Leer más »

Anton Dobronogov's picture
Anton Dobronogov is a Senior Economist at the Global Practice for Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management of the World Bank. Prior... Leer más »
Antonio Cordella's picture
Antonio Cordella is a Lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where he is responsible for the graduate... Leer más »
Antonio Moneo is Knowledge Management consultant at the Knowledge & Learning Department at the Inter-American Development Bank ... Leer más »
Antonio Nucifora's picture
Antonio Nucifora is the World Bank’s Lead Country Economist for Brazil.  Since joining the Bank, he has worked on Central and... Leer más »
Antonio Manuel Rodriguez Serrano's picture
Especialista en Agua y Saneamiento con más de doce años de experiencia en el campo del desarrollo, se centra en los últimos diez años en... Leer más »
Anuja Utz's picture
 Anuja Utz is Senior Operations Officer at the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) based in Marseille, France. As Program... Leer más »
Anupam Joshi's picture
Anupam is a trained ecologist having wide experience in the fields of ecosystem analysis, biodiversity conservation, protected area... Leer más »
Anupama Dokeniya's picture

Anupama Dokeniya is a consultant on governance and accountability issues. She previously worked as a Governance Specialist... Leer más »

Anush Bezhanyan's picture
Anushay Hossain's picture

Anushay Hossain began her career in women's rights as an intern at the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) where she worked... Leer más »

Anushka Thewarapperuma's picture
Anushka works at infoDev, a global partnership program at the World Bank focusing on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. She... Leer más »
Anushka Wijesinha's picture
Anushka Wijesinha is a Research Economist at the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka, working on private sector development, SMEs,... Leer más »
Anwar Shah's picture
Dr. Anwar Shah is Director of the Centre for Public Economics, Chengdu/Wenjiang, China and also serves as an advisor/consultant to the... Leer más »
Aparajita Goyal's picture
Aparajita Goyal is an Economist in the Agriculture Global Practice of the World Bank in Washington DC. Her work focuses on microeconomic... Leer más »
Aparnaa Somanathan's picture
Aparnaa Somanathan is a senior economist in the World Bank's East Asia and Pacific Human Development Unit. She has worked on health... Leer más »
Apurva Sanghi's picture
Based in Nairobi, Apurva is the World Bank’s Lead Economist for Kenya, Rwanda and Eritrea. Prior to that, he led the economic growth... Leer más »
Aquiles Almansi is a Lead Financial Sector Specialist in the Financial Architecture and Banking Systems Unit (FFSAB), Financial Systems... Leer más »
Arastoo Khan's picture

Arastoo Khan is Additional Secretary, Economic Relations Division of the Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh. He is also t... Leer más »

Arathi Sundaravadanan's picture
Arathi Sundaravadanan is an online communications officer at the World Bank Institute. Leer más »
Aref Adamali's picture

Aref Adamali works as a regional economist for the World Bank Group, working on trade and competitiveness issues in Sub-Saharan Afri... Leer más »

Ari Huhtala's picture
Ari is an economist from Finland and he has spent most of his life in development work, first in the field of industrial development and... Leer más »
Arianna Legovini's picture
Arianna Legovini is the manager of Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) in the research department of the World Bank Group. Arianna has... Leer más »
Ariel Fiszbein's picture
Ariel Yepez's picture
Ariel Yepez joined the Bank in 2008. As a senior energy specialist he is responsible for identifying, proposing and implementing energy... Leer más »
Arish Dastur's picture

Arish is an Urban Specialist at the World Bank working with countries in the East Asia and Pacific Region. His work spans issues of... Leer más »

Aristomene Varoudakis's picture
Aristomene Varoudakis is currently Economic Adviser at the Office of the World Bank Chief Economist. He has previously served as a Lead... Leer más »
Arjan de Haan's picture

Arjan de Haan is a development expert who focuses on public policy and poverty in Asia. He leads the IDRC program Supporting Inclusi... Leer más »

Arleen Seed's picture
Arleen Cannata Seed was recruited to the World Bank after having spent nearly 10 years working in Africa, as the Regional ICT Officer for... Leer más »
Arnab Bandyopadhyay's picture
Arnab Bandyopadhyay works as a Senior Transport Engineer for the World Bank's South Asia Transport Unit. Mr. Bandyopadhyay... Leer más »
Arsala Deane's picture
Arsala Deane is a Trade and Competitiveness Specialist with the World Bank Group’s Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice, based in... Leer más »
Arshad Sayed's picture

At the time he was writing on this blog, Arshad Sayed was the World Bank Country Manager for Mongolia. Previously, in the Bank he h... Leer más »

Artavazd Hakobyan's picture
Artavazd Hakobyan is a Food Safety Specialist in the Agriculture Global Practice and Global Food Safety Partnership, where he promotes... Leer más »
Artem Kolesnikov's picture
Artessa Saldivar-Sali's picture
Artessa Saldivar-Sali is a Civil Engineer with expertise in urban environment as well as disaster risk management and was assessing... Leer más »
Arturo Ardila's picture
Arturo Muente-Kunigami's picture

Arturo joined the World Bank in 2006. He is currently involved in investment projects and analytical work across a wide ra... Leer más »

Arun Agrawal's picture
Arun Agrawal teaches environmental politics at the University of Michigan in the School of Natural Resources and Environment. He is... Leer más »
Arup Banerji's picture
Dr. Arup Banerji is the World Bank’s Senior Director for Social Protection and Labor, overseeing the World Bank’s strategy and... Leer más »
Arvind Jain's picture
Arvind Jain joined the Enterprise Analysis Unit in 2008. Prior to joining the Bank/IFC, Arvind worked as a Statistician at the RAND... Leer más »
Asa Torkelsson's picture
Based in Nairobi, Asa Torkelsson currently leads the integration of gender for the World Bank Kenya program. Throughout her career she... Leer más »
Ashi Kathuria's picture

Ashi Kathuria is a consultant in South Asia Human Development based in the India Office.

Leer más »
Ashis Kumar Das's picture
Ashis Das is a Health Specialist at the World Bank, who works on impact evaluation and innovative health systems strengthening... Leer más »
Ashish Khanna's picture
Ashish Khanna is the India energy team leader in the World Bank's South Asia Sustainable Development Department. Leer más »
Ashish Narain is a Senior Economist in the World Bank Africa region. Leer más »
Ashma Basnyat's picture
Ashma Basnyat is a consultant for the South Asia Sustainable Development department of the World Bank.  She has contributed to a... Leer más »
Ashok Kumar's picture
Ashok Kumar is a senior highway engineer in the transport sector Leer más »
Ashok Sarkar's picture
Ashok Sarkar works as a Senior Energy Specialist in the World Bank’s Energy Anchor Unit, where he coordinates the strategic efforts... Leer más »
Former Sector Manager, Africa Water Resources, World Bank Leer más »
Asif Islam's picture
Asif Islam is a Consultant with the Enterprise Analysis Unit at the World Bank Group. His research experience encompasses private sector... Leer más »
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt's picture

Asli Demirgüç-Kunt is the Director of Research in the World Bank. After joining the Bank in 1989 as a Young Economist, she has held ... Leer más »

Asli Gurkan's picture
Asli Gurkan is a Social Development Specialist at the Social Development Department, the World Bank. Her specialization and interest... Leer más »
Asma Lateef's picture
Asma Lateef is Director of the Bread for the World Institute, the research and policy analysis education wing that underpins the advocacy... Leer más »
Asumani Guloba's picture
Asumani Guloba is an Economist in the World Bank office in Zambia. Previously, he served as an economist in the World Bank Uganda office.... Leer más »
Athena Ballesteros's picture

Maria Athena R. Ballesteros is the Manager of WRI’s International Financial Flows and the Environment Project. She is a long... Leer más »

Atiur Rahman's picture
Atiur Rahman is Governor of the Central Bank of Bangladesh. Leer más »
Aude-Sophie Rodella's picture
Aude-Sophie es economista de la unidad de Reducción de Pobreza, Género e Igualdad para América Latina y el Caribe. Es especialista en... Leer más »
Audrey Liounis is a Communications Officer in the Bank's operational communications group. Leer más »
Audrey Sacks's picture
Audrey Sacks is an extended term consultant in the World Bank Institute's Governance Practice currently focusing on political economy,... Leer más »
Augusto de la Torre's picture
Antes de asumir su cargo como economista en jefe de la región, Augusto de la Torre se desempeñó como asesor senior en temas financieros... Leer más »
Augusto Lopez-Claros's picture
Augusto Lopez-Claros is the director of Global Indicators Group at the World Bank Group. He was chief economist and director of the... Leer más »
Aurelien Kruse's picture
Aurélien is an economist in the Nairobi office of the World Bank, where he works on Somalia, Burundi and Kenya (leading the Bank's work... Leer más »
Aurelio Menéndez's picture
Aurelio Menéndez is the World Bank's manager for the Latin American and Caribbean transport sector. As part of his duties he supervises... Leer más »
Aurora Ferrari's picture
Aurora Ferrari is a Practice Manager in the Finance & Markets Global Practice for Europe and Central Asia and Middle east and North... Leer más »
Austin Kilroy's picture
Austin Kilroy is a Private Sector Development Specialist in the Trade & Competitiveness practice of the World Bank. He currently... Leer más »
Avinash Dixit's picture
Avinash Dixit is John J. F. Sherrerd ’52 University Professor of Economics Emeritus at Princeton University. He is also a... Leer más »
Axel van Trotsenburg's picture
Axel van Trotsenburg assumed the role of World Bank East Asia and Pacific Regional Vice President on February 1, 2013. He oversees a... Leer más »
Ayhan Kose's picture
Ayhan Kose is Director of the World Bank Group’s Development Prospects Group. In this capacity, he leads the World Bank Group’s work on... Leer más »
Ayodeji Oluwole Odutolu's picture
Dr. Ayodeji  Oluwole Odutolu is a Senior Health Specialist in the Africa Region at the World Bank. He is a medical graduate of... Leer más »