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Ba Liu Nguyen's picture
Ba Liu Nguyen is a Procurement Specialist for the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice, in the Public Integrity and Openness... Leer más »
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Bahar Alsharif, IFC’s Deputy Treasurer, has more than 25 years of experience in treasury operations and portfolio management.... Leer más »
Bahar Salimova's picture

Bahar Salimova is an Information Officer with the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group (IEG). Prior to joining IEG, Bahar worke... Leer más »

Balakrishna Menon's picture
Bala Menon is the Program Leader for Egypt, Yemen and Djibouti. He’s presently based in Cairo, Egypt. Bala’s main professional focus is... Leer más »
Baptiste Cammareri's picture
Baptiste Cammareri is a Communication Manager at the Association la... Leer más »
Barbara Bruns's picture
Barbara Bruns is lead economist responsible for education in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region of the World Bank. She is... Leer más »
Barbara Buchner's picture
Dr. Barbara Buchner is Senior Director of Climate Policy Initiative. She leads CPI’s global climate finance program and directs the... Leer más »
Barbara Coello's picture
Barbara Coello is a rural economist specialized in gender and nutrition. She has been working extensively in Haiti since the earthquake... Leer más »
Barbro Hexeberg's picture
Barbro Hexeberg is a senior economist at the Development Data Group. Leer más »
Barbry Keller's picture
Barbry Keller is a 15-year veteran of the World Bank where she has worked primarily on Operational Policy, Fragile States, and country... Leer más »
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Barry Eichengreen's picture

Barry Eichengreen is the George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics and Professor of Political Science at the Unive... Leer más »

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Prior to the World Bank, Sebti worked as a Senior Arabic Editor/Iraq Assignment Editor at General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)... Leer más »
Beata Płonka is a senior social scientist and a communications consultant working since 2003 for the World Bank, International Finance... Leer más »
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Our project entitled: “Cybercafé, Jóvenes con Visión de Equidad” won a grant from the Development Marketplace in 2003. Thi project helped... Leer más »
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Sr Water Resources Spec. Leer más »
Bekele Shiferaw's picture
Bekele Shiferaw is the Executive Director of the Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP). He is a development and resource... Leer más »
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Beldina Auma is a Senior Communications Officer in the World Bank’s Africa Region. She works on various aspects of communications:... Leer más »
Ben Hyman is currently working for J-PAL as a Research Associate on an industrial regulation project that aims to evaluate the impact of... Leer más »
Ben Safran's picture

Ben Safran is currently a Junior Professional Associate with the South Asia Human Development Unit. His work has focused on education... Leer más »

Ben Shepherd's picture
Ben Shepherd is the Principal of Developing Trade Consultants Ltd. His work with international organizations and development agencies... Leer más »
Bénédicte de la Brière's picture
Bénédicte de la Brière is a Senior Economist, focal point for Governance and Service Delivery in the Office of the Chief Economist for... Leer más »
Benedikt Lukas Signer's picture
Benedikt Signer works in the World Bank-GFDRR Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance Program, primarily on sovereign DRFI and integrating... Leer más »
Benjamin Crow's picture

Benjamin Crow is a Communications Assistant with the South Asia External Affairs Team. His primary responsibility is as Coordinator... Leer más »

Benjamin Herzberg's picture
Benjamin Herzberg is Program Lead, Private Sector Engagement for Good Governance (PSGG) at the World Bank Institute. Before joining, he... Leer más »
Benjamin Stephan's picture
Benjamin Stephan joined DIA in January 2014. Ben manages relations with the Kenyan and Filipino diasporas and is the team’s point person... Leer más »
Benjamin Taylor's picture
Benjamin Taylor is a trade specialist for the World Bank’s Development Economics Research Group. In this capacity, his research focuses... Leer más »
Benoît Bosquet's picture

Benoît Bosquet is a Lead Carbon Finance Specialist and Coordinator of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility at the World Bank's... Leer más »

Berk Ozler's picture

Berk Özler is a senior economist in the Development Research Group, Poverty Cluster. He received his B.Sc. in Mathe... Leer más »

Bernard Harborne's picture

Bernard Harborne is the lead technical specialist for violence prevention in the Social Urban and Resilience Global... Leer más »

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Bernard Hoekman is the former Sector Director of the International Trade Unit at the World Bank. Leer más »
Bernardo Alvim's picture
Bernardo Guatimosim Alvim is a Senior Transport Specialist in the World Bank’s Latin America and the Caribbean Region, based in Brasilia.... Leer más »

Bernardo Morais joined the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System as an Economist in 2011. His research i... Leer más »

Bernhard Metz's picture

Bernhard Metz joined the World Bank in 2012 and has been mainly working in the Social, Urban, Rural, and Resilience... Leer más »

Bertram Boie's picture
Bertram Boie is an investment policy expert in the World Bank Group’s Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice. As a member of the... Leer más »
Bertrand Badré's picture
Bertrand Badré, as Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for the financial and risk management... Leer más »
Bettina Brunner is a consultant with the Health in Africa Initiative of CICHE. She led the WBG team in the development of the Private... Leer más »
Betty Bigombe's picture

Betty Bigombe, a Ugandan national, has played a key role in conflict resolution in Africa. She led the peace and humanitarian effort... Leer más »

Biagio Bossone's picture

Biagio Bossone is founder and chairman of "The Group of Lecce" on global financial governance, and member of the Su... Leer más »

Bianca Bianchi Alves's picture
Bianca Bianchi Alves is a PhD is Transport Engineering and an Urban Transport Specialist. She has been working with urban transport... Leer más »
Bilal Zia's picture

Bilal Zia is a Senior Economist in the Finance and Private Sector Development Team of the Development Economics Research Group. He j... Leer más »

Bill Gain's picture
Bill Gain is the Global Program Manager for the Trade Logistics Advisory Service within the World Bank Group’s Trade and Competitiveness... Leer más »
Bindu Ananth is the Chair of IFMR Finance Foundation. She worked with ICICI Bank in their microfinance practice between 2001 and 2005... Leer más »
Bingjie Hu's picture
Bingjie Hu is an Economist at the World Bank Beijing Office. Previously she worked at the World Bank South Asia Chief Economist Office.... Leer más »
Birgit Hansl's picture
Birgit Hansl, a German national, is the World Bank’s Leer más »
Blair Glencorse's picture
Blair Glencorse is Executive Director of the Accountabiltiy Lab - an organization that co-creates innovative solutons to accountability... Leer más »
Blanca Moreno-Dodson's picture
Blanca Moreno-Dodson is the Lead Economist with the Public Sector Governance Group in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM... Leer más »
To be updated Leer más »
Blythe Nicole Kladney's picture
Blythe Kladney is the Media and Communications Associate for the Development Marketplace, housed in the Leadership,... Leer más »
Bob Cull's picture

Robert Cull is a lead economist in the Leer más »

Bob Rijkers's picture
Bob Rijkers is an economist in the Trade and International Integration Unit of the Development Economics Research Group. He is interested... Leer más »
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BooKang Seol's picture
BooKang Seol is working as a research analyst on the World Development Report.  He is exploring how the internet affects labor... Leer más »
Borja Castro Lancharro's picture
Borja works in the Transport & ICT Global Practice, where he supports the transport and sustainability agenda in Latin America and... Leer más »
Borko Handjiski's picture
Borko Handjiski is working as Senior Economist in the Africa department. His previous work involved macroeconomic analysis, technical... Leer más »
Branka Minic's picture
Branka Minic is the Founder of Future Work Consulting and former Director of Global Corporate & Government Affairs at ManpowerGroup.... Leer más »
Brendan Halloran's picture

Brendan Halloran is a Program Officer at the Transparency and Accountability Initiative, leading on issues of Impact and Learning. T... Leer más »

Brian Arbogast's picture

Brian Arbogast leads the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s effort to bring groundbreaking innovations in sanitation technology and... Leer más »

Brian Levy's picture

Brian Levy teaches at the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, USA, and the Universi... Leer más »

Brian Pinto's picture
Brian Pinto is currently Senior Adviser in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network of the World Bank Group. Prior to... Leer más »
Brian Samuel's picture
As the recently appointed Public-Private Partnerships Coordinator at the CDB, Mr. Samuel is responsible for: building PPP capacity within... Leer más »
Brice Jean Marie Quesnel's picture
Brice Jean Marie Quesnel is a senior carbon finance specialist in the World Bank's carbon finance unit. He is the co-author of the... Leer más »
Brice Richard led the Doing Business in Juba 2011 project, and has been with the Subnational Doing Business team since 2008. Brice holds... Leer más »
Web Producer Leer más »
Brij Kothari's picture
Brij Kothari is Professor of Communication at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and the Founder of PlanetRead. Leer más »
Brittney Davidson's picture

Brittney Davidson is a student at the University of Florida, currently studying Business Marketing and Mass Communications. She also... Leer más »

Bruce Jones's picture

BRUCE JONES is Director and Senior Fellow of the NYU Center on International Cooperation, and Senior Fellow and Director of the... Leer más »

Bruce Thomson's picture

Bruce Thomson is a consultant in the World Bank’s Development Economics Research Group where he focuses on trade facilitation and in... Leer más »

Bruce Tolentino's picture
The author joined IRRI in 2012 as the Deputy Director General for Communication and Partnerships. He is the lead liaison between the... Leer más »
Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño's picture
Bruno is a data scientist at LLI's Innovation Labs. His primary responsibilities are to lead the work on Big Data initiatives. He has a... Leer más »
Bryan C. Land's picture
Bryan C. Land is a lead mining specialist at the World Bank and has been developing the Bank’s research into the opportunities and... Leer más »
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Burak Uras's picture

Burak Uras is an Assistant Professor at Tilburg University specializing in Financial Economics and Macroeconomics. ... Leer más »

Buyant Erdene Khaltarkhuu's picture
Buyant Erdene Khaltarkhuu, a Mongolian national, is a Statistical Analyst at the World Bank in Washington DC.... Leer más »
Byoung Hwa Hwang's picture
Byoung Hwa Hwang is a Communications and Knowledge Management Specialist in the Business Climate Department of the Trade and... Leer más »