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C. Omar Kebbeh's picture
C. Omar Kebbeh is an economist from the Gambia. He currently works in the Balance of Payments Division, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). Prior to... Leer más »
Cai Fang's picture
Cai Fang is the Director of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Leer más »
Caitlin Brooks Rooney's picture
Soy de Estados Unidos y quiero compartir sobre mi experiencia en Kenya. Leer más »
Calestous Juma's picture

Calestous Juma is Professor of the Practice of International Development and Director of the Science, Technology, and Globalization Project. He also... Leer más »

Calvin Djiofack Zebaze's picture

Calvin Djiofack Zebaze is an economist working in the World Bank Group's Macro Economics & Fiscal Management Global Practice. He has contribute... Leer más »

Cameron McFarlane's picture
Cameron worked as a senior public sector specialist for the World Bank's Poverty Reduction and... Leer más »
Camila Rodriguez's picture
Camilla Rodriguez is a Senior Infrastructure Specialist in the World Bank’s Latin America Region. She is leading projects in the field of urban... Leer más »
Camilo Azcarate's picture
Camilo Azcarate has been the Manager of Mediation Services for the World Bank Group since 2008.  Previously, he was the Ombudsman at Princeton... Leer más »
Can Kevenk's picture

 Can Kevenk is a communications consultant with the World Bank Office of the Publisher.

Leer más »
Can Selçuki's picture
Can Selçuki is an Economist in the World Bank Ankara Office working in the Private and Financial Sector Development Unit. Prior to working at the world... Leer más »
Cara Santos Pianesi's picture

Cara Santos Pianesi is a communications officer at the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), the... Leer más »

Caren Grown's picture
Caren Grown is an internationally recognized expert on gender issues in development. Prior to joining the Bank, she was Economist-In-Residence and co... Leer más »
Cari Clark's picture
Cari Clark received her doctoral degree at Harvard School of Public Health and is currently Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota Medical... Leer más »
 Cari Votava is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist working in Financial Market Integrity. She has spent considerable periods working throughout... Leer más »
Carl Erickson's picture
The Rural Milk Collection project was implemented by Carl Erickson. Carl was a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa. Later he worked for Energy Concepts... Leer más »
Carlo Iacovino's picture

Carlo Iacovino is Communications Coordinator for the Kiribati Adaptation Program – Pilot Implementation Phase (KAP II). He was formerly CEO of... Leer más »

Carlo Maria Rossotto's picture
Carlo Rossotto joined the World Bank in 1998 and is the Regional Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa and Europe and Central Asia teams of... Leer más »
Carlos A. Nobre's picture

Carlos is a senior scientist with the Brazilian National Space Research Institute (INPE) and director of the Center for Earth System Science.... Leer más »

Carlos Alberto Molina Prieto's picture
Carlos Alberto Molina Prieto is an international adviser on population resettlement in World Bank Projects, IFC, IDB, JBIC and CAF. Holds a master... Leer más »
Carlos Griffin has been a foreign trade and investment consultant to the World Bank Group (WBG), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ... Leer más »
Carlos Molina's picture
En su rol de editor web para América Latina y el Caribe, Carlos es responsable por la cobertura de internet de las operaciones del Banco Mundial en más... Leer más »
Carlos Rodríguez Castelán's picture
Carlos Rodríguez Castelán is an economist in the Poverty Global Practice (GPVDR) currently working in the Latin America and the... Leer más »
Carmen Burbano is a Policy Officer and School Feeding Specialist at the United Nations World Food Programme and lead author of the forthcoming WFP... Leer más »
Carmen Carpio's picture
Carmen Carpio is the Public Health Specialist for Latin America and Caribbean at the World Bank. She is a core member of the Caribbean Health Team... Leer más »
Carmen Pagés's picture
Carmen Pagés-Serra is the Chief of the Labor Markets and Social Security Unit of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Previously, she was a... Leer más »
Carmine Soprano's picture
Carmine Soprano works in the Trade & Competitiveness Global Practice focusing on Informal Trade (primarily in Africa). He joined the World Bank... Leer más »
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Consultora Leer más »
Carolina González-Velosa's picture
Carolina is an economist at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Leer más »
Carolina Hoyos's picture

Carolina Hoyos works as communications specialist with the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility team in Latin America and the Caribbean. She has over... Leer más »

Carolina Marcela Crerar's picture
Carolina Crerar es consultora en comunicación para la oficina del Banco Mundial en Argentina desde el 2008. Con anterioridad, trabajó como periodista... Leer más »
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Caroline Anstey's picture

A UK national, Caroline Anstey, joined the World Bank in 1995 after an earlier career in politics and journalism. She worked as Political Assistant... Leer más »

Caroline D. Anstey's picture
A UK national, Caroline Anstey joined the World Bank in 1995. She was appointed Managing Director in September 2011, with special responsibility for the... Leer más »
Caroline Freund's picture
Caroline Freund, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics since May 2013, was chief economist, Middle East and North Africa,... Leer más »
Caroline Jaine's picture

Caroline’s background is in diplomacy, strategic communications and the arts. She has worked on projects in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan and spen... Leer más »

Caroline Kende-Robb's picture
Caroline Kende-Robb is the Executive Director of the Africa Progress Panel, a foundation Chaired by Kofi Annan. She is currently on External Assignment... Leer más »
Caroline Rusten's picture
Caroline Rusten is a Senior Social Development Specialist in Social Accountability & DFGG Cluster in the Social Development Department at the World... Leer más »
Caroline Vagneron's picture

Caroline Vagneron is Senior Country Officer for the Caribbean and the Vice-President of the World Bank GLOBE, the Bank’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and... Leer más »

Carolyn Blacklock's picture
Carolyn Blacklock has been the IFC Resident Representative to PNG since 2010. Throughout the 1990’s till 2010, she held senior positions in both Westpac... Leer más »
Carolyn Marie Florey's picture

Carolyn Florey is an Operations Officer in the World Bank Group’s Innovation Labs where she works on the Development Marketplace. Carolyn focuses o... Leer más »

Carolyn Miles's picture
Carolyn Miles is President & Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children. Carolyn joined the organization in 1998, was COO from 2004-2011, and... Leer más »
Carolyn Reynolds's picture
Carolyn Reynolds is a Communications Advisor for the Human Development Network at the World Bank, where she advises on strategic communications and... Leer más »
Caryn Bredenkamp's picture
Caryn Bredenkamp is a Senior Economist in the World Bank Group’s HNP Global Practice and is based in Manila. She specializes in health... Leer más »
Casey Marenge's picture
Casey Marenge is the Founding and Executive Director of the Chariots of Destiny Organization (COD). This is an NGO based in Nairobi Kenya to amongst... Leer más »
Casey Weston's picture
Casey Weston is a Migration Specialist in the International Labor Mobility Program at the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) in Marseille,... Leer más »
Catalina Crespo-Sancho's picture
Catalina is a gender, migration and education specialist, with over 15 years of experience in international development. She is a consultant at the... Leer más »
Caterina Ruggeri Laderchi's picture
Caterina Ruggeri Laderchi is a senior economist in the World Bank's Europe and Central Asia unit. She joined the World Bank in 2003, and worked on... Leer más »
Catherine Bond's picture
Catherine Bond is an editor working for the World Bank's Middle East and North Africa department in Washington. She has worked as a journalist—most in... Leer más »
Catherine Russell's picture
Senior Communications Officer Leer más »
Catherine Sear's picture
Catherine Sear is a communications and operations consultant for the World Bank Group Trade and Competiveness Global Practice, with a specific focus on... Leer más »
Catherine Yan Wang's picture
Catherine Yan Wang is senior specialist and coordinator of international programs at the National Institute of Education Sciences of China. Her research... Leer más »
Cecile Fruman's picture
Cecile Fruman is a Director in the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice of the World Bank Group. She was appointed to that position on July 1, 2014... Leer más »
Cecilia Paradi-Guilford's picture
Cecilia works on the Technology for Accountability community of practice for the ICT Knowledge Platform - Open Development Technology Alliance (www... Leer más »
Célestin Monga's picture

Célestin Monga, a Cameroonian national, is Economic Advisor to the World Bank Senior Vice President and Chief Economist. In his 13-year career in the... Leer más »

Céline Ferré's picture

Céline Ferré started writing blog entries when she was 10, back in the eighties, frantically scribbling with a fountain pen in her diary. Her younger... Leer más »

Cem Dener's picture
Cem Dener is a senior public sector specialist within the PREM Governance and Public Sector Management practice. Since 2004, h has been working on the... Leer más »
Cem Karayalcin's picture
Cem Karayalcin is a professor of economics at the Florida International University.  His work combines several themes. One theme, which is couched... Leer más »
Ceren Ozer's picture

Ceren is an Economist with the South Asia Economic Policy Unit where she works as a country economist for Nepal and on migration and remittance... Leer más »

Cesar Calderon is a Senior Economist with the Financial and Private Sector Development Vice Presidency. Leer más »
CGAP Team Leer más »
CGCS's picture
The Center for Global Communication Studies (CGCS) is a leader in international education and training in comparative media law and policy. It affords... Leer más »
Chad P Bown's picture
Chad P. Bown is a Senior Economist in the World Bank’s Development Research Group, Trade and International Integration (DECTI), in Washington, DC. Bown... Leer más »
Chandan Deuskar's picture
Chandan Deuskar has worked on Urban Development in the East Asia and Pacific region of the World Bank since 2011. He is an author of the... Leer más »
Chandan Sapkota's picture
Chandan Sapkota is an Economics Officer at Asian Development Bank, Nepal Resident Mission. He previously worked as a researcher at... Leer más »
Chandra Shekhar Sinha's picture

Chandra Shekhar Sinha is a lead financial specialist and the carbon finance coordinator for the World Bank's Sustainable Development Department, La... Leer más »

Changyong Rhee's picture

Changyong Rhee assumed his current position as Director of the Asia and Pacific Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in February 201... Leer más »

Chanin Manopiniwes's picture

Dr. Chanin Manopiniwes (Big) is an Infrastructure Economist at the World Bank based in Bangkok. He has led and supported Bank's projects, as well a... Leer más »

Chantal Rigaud's picture
Chantal Rigaud is a Communications Associate in the Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program (TDRP) managed by the Post Conflict and Social... Leer más »
Charlene Coyukiat is the Research Analyst for infoDev's Climate Technology Program (CTP). which is establishing a network of Climate Innovation Centers ... Leer más »
Charles Calomiris's picture

Charles W. Calomiris is Henry Kaufman Professor of Financial Institutions at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a Professor at... Leer más »

Charles Cormier's picture
Charles Cormier is a program manager in the South Asia Sustainable Development Department's Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change unit. He has... Leer más »
Charles E. Schlumberger's picture
Charles E. Schlumberger, a Swiss national, is the Lead Air Transport Specialist based in Washington DC. In this function he is responsible for the World... Leer más »
Charles Feinstein's picture

Charles Feinstein is Director of the World Bank’s Energy and Extractives Global Practice. In this role he is responsible for the operations and day... Leer más »

Charles J. Vorosmarty's picture
Charles Vörösmarty is a professor of civil engineering at the City University of New York and Director of the CUNY Environmental CrossRoads Initiative.... Leer más »
Charles Kunaka's picture
Charles Kunaka is a Senior Trade Specialist in the World Bank Group Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice. He works on trade facilitation and... Leer más »
Charles Sabel's picture
Charles Sabel is ​a Professor of Law and Social Science at Columbia Law School. Leer más »
Charukesi Ramadurai's picture
Charukesi Ramadurai is a freelance writer and journalist from India with bylines in The New York Times, Time, Forbes, The Economist, The Christian... Leer más »
Chathurika Hettiarachichi's picture

Chathurika Hettiarachichi is an Assistant Lecturer in Economics in the Department of Economics in the University of Colombo. She's currently in the... Leer más »

Chisako Fukuda's picture
Chisako Fukuda is the senior communications officer for urban development and disaster risk management at the World Bank. As a former reporter having... Leer más »
Choon Wang's picture
Liang Choon Wang is a lecturer at the Department of Economics of Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). His research interests include development... Leer más »
Chris Bennett's picture

Chris Bennett is a Senior Transport Specialist working in the East Asia and Pacific region, based in the Sydney Australia office.... Leer más »

Chris Berry's picture
Dr. Chris Berry is the Head of Profession for the UK's Department for International Development. Before taking up his current post at DFID, he worked as... Leer más »
Chris Eldridge's picture
Chris Eldridge has been working and researching with several NGOs in the fields of development, climate change, environmental issues and emergencies in... Leer más »
Chris Heymans's picture
Chris Heymans is a Senior Water & Sanitation Specialist at the World Bank Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) in Africa.  With... Leer más »
Chris Kennedy's picture
Chris Kennedy is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto, where he teaches courses in Infrastructure Economics,... Leer más »
Chris Lagman's picture
Chris is an Executive and Life Coach from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara (California, USA). He relocated back to Manila last year to pursue his... Leer más »
Chris Meyer's picture
Mr. Meyer leads EDF’s work with indigenous peoples in Central and South America, serving as a liaison between indigenous communities and policy... Leer más »
Chris Pablo's picture
Chris Pablo is Operations Officer in the World Bank Office Manila's Infrastructure Team. He is the team lead for the project Leer más »
Chris Perry's picture

Chris Perry is an economist specializing in water resources. He worked for the Bank for more than 20 years, and was subsequently head of research at... Leer más »

Chris Vein's picture
Chris Vein is the Senior Manager of the World Bank's ICT unit. Leer más »
Christa Anderson's picture
Christa Anderson is a Junior Associate at the World Bank's Urban Development and Local Government Unit where she works on cities and climate change.... Leer más »
Christel Vermeersch's picture
CHRISTEL VERMEERSCH is a Senior Economist in the Health, Nutrition and Population Unit in the Human Development Network. She coordinates a network of 28... Leer más »
Christelle Chapoy's picture
Christelle Chapoy is Senior Communication officer for the Caribbean. Previously, she was lead policy officer at the international Initiative for impact... Leer más »
Christian Bodewig's picture
Christian Bodewig is the World Bank Human Development Sector Leader for Central Europe and the Baltics, based in Brussels. As Sector Leader, he... Leer más »
Christian Eigen-Zucchi's picture
Christian Eigen-Zucchi is a Senior Economist in the Development Economics - Prospects Group, where his responsibilities include monitoring remittance... Leer más »
Christian Grossmann's picture
Christian Grossmann is World Bank Group Director for Climate Change, focused on supporting the International Finance Corporation’s climate-smart... Leer más »
Christina A. Wood's picture
Christina A. Wood is a Senior Economist within the Middle East and North Africa Region within the World Bank. Leer más »
Christina Biebesheimer's picture
Christing Biebesheimer is Chief Counsel of the Justice Reform Practice Group in the Legal Vice-Presidency of the World Bank. Prior to joining the Bank... Leer más »
Christina D. Wright's picture
Christina Wright is an Education Operations Officer in the MENA region of the World Bank. Ms. Wright, a US national, joined the World Bank in 1991 and... Leer más »
Christine Cassar's picture
Christine Davies's picture
Christine Davies joined the Investor Relations team in the Capital Markets Department of the World Bank’s Treasury in July 2013. The World Bank borrows... Leer más »
Christine Fallert Kessides's picture

Christine Fallert Kessides is the Urban Practice Manager in the World Bank I... Leer más »

Christine Montgomery's picture
Christine manages the World Bank Group's Web Program in External and Corporate Relations. Leer más »
Christine Petré's picture
Christine Petré is a partner and editor at the hugely popular young news siteLeer más »
Christine Richmond is an Economist at the International Monetary Fund in the Fiscal Affairs Department which she joined in 2010. Her current research... Leer más »
Christine Zhang is a research assistant at the Development Assistance and Governance Initiative at Brookings Institution. Leer más »
Christoph Lakner's picture
Christoph Lakner is an Extended Term Consultant in the Development Research Group (Poverty & Inequality team) at the World Bank... Leer más »
Christopher Colford's picture
Christopher Colford is a Communications Officer at The World Bank. Previously a consultant at Hill & Knowlton Public Affairs Worldwide and a senior... Leer más »
Christopher Finch's picture
Christopher Neal's picture
Christopher Neal is the Senior Communications Officer of the World Bank’s Sustainable Energy Department. Leer más »
Christopher Pollitt's picture
Christopher Pollitt is BOF/ZAP Research Professor of Public Management at the Public Management Institute, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Previously... Leer más »
Christopher Sheldon's picture
Christopher Sheldon is the Sector Manager of the Oil, Gas and Mining Unit, Sustainable Energy Department of the World Bank with responsibility for the... Leer más »
Christopher Thomas's picture

World Bank Sector Manager, Human Development

Leer más »
Christopher Walsh's picture
Christopher Walsh joined the World Bank Group's water practice to communicate knowledge from staff water experts to the global public, and to shepherd... Leer más »
Christy Clark's picture
Christy Clark was sworn in for her second term as Premier of British Columbia in 2013. She previously served as Deputy Premier, Minister of Education,... Leer más »
Chulie De Silva's picture

Chulie de Silva is the former Senior Communications Officer of the World Bank Colombo Office. She was at her parent’s home in Hikkaduwa on the Sout... Leer más »

Chyi-Yun Huang's picture
Chyi-Yun is currently an Urban Specialist focusing on the Africa region, and has previously worked in East Asia and South Asia. She has more than 10... Leer más »
Ciro Avitabile's picture
Ciro Avitabile is an Economist in Education in the LAC Region, and the Task Team Leader of the Mexico Compensatory Education Project. He holds a PhD in... Leer más » is a web site where journalists report on innovations in cities worldwide. In this fast urbanizing world, Citiscope's mission is to spur... Leer más »
Claire H. Hollweg's picture
Claire H. Hollweg is a consultant with the Trade Practice of the World Bank. She holds a PhD and an MA in economics from the University of Adelaide.... Leer más »
Claire Kfouri's picture
Ms. Claire A. Kfouri is a Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist at the Middle East and North Africa region of the World Bank in Washington DC. An... Leer más »
Claire McGuire's picture
Claire McGuire joined the World Bank in November 2009. Before joining the Bank she worked for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) for 20... Leer más »
Claire Melamed's picture
Claire Melamed is the Head of the Growth and Equity Programme at ODI. She was previously the Head of Policy at ActionAid UK. She has also worked for... Leer más »
Clarence Tsimpo Nkengne's picture
Clarence Tsimpo has fourteen years of experience in policy research and dialogue on applied development economics with a focus on poverty and social... Leer más »
Claudia Baddini's picture

Claudia Baddini is Director of the Unified Registry of Social Programs in Brazil. View her bl... Leer más »

Claudia Costin's picture
Claudia Costin, a Brazilian national, is the Senior Director for Education at the World Bank.
... Leer más »
Claudia Gabarain's picture
Claudia Ruiz's picture
Claudia Ruiz is a Young Professional in the Finance and Private Sector Development Team of the Development Economics Research Group. She joined the Bank... Leer más »
Claudia Sepúlveda's picture

Claudia Sepúlveda is Senior Economist in the Development Economics Vice Presidency at the World Bank. She has held positions in different units of ... Leer más »

Claudio E. Montenegro's picture

Claudio E. Montenegro is a consultant with the World Bank's Development Research Group. He has held several positions at the University of Chi... Leer más »

Climate Change Group's picture
Blog Administrator Leer más »
Clive Harris's picture
Clive Harris is the Practice Manager in the Public Private Partnerships Group of the World Bank Group.  The PPP Group advises on the strategic... Leer más »
Colin Talbot's picture
Colin Talbot is Professor of Public Policy and Management at the Manchester Business School. He also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the International... Leer más »
Collin Namayuba Nabiswa's picture
Collin Namayuba Nabiswa is a blogger for The Motley Fool, and a project supervisor for the SAJEKI Agency, a marketing company based in... Leer más »
Côme Dechery's picture

Côme Dechery is an Analyst at the Global Center for Conflict, Security and Development - the World Bank's hub for knowledge and operational support... Leer más »

Connor Spreng's picture
Connor is a Senior Economist in the World Bank's Jakarta Office. Connor joined the World Bank in 2006 and currently leads the Private Sector Development... Leer más »
Conor Riffle's picture
Guest Blogger
... Leer más »
Constantino González's picture
Constantino Gonzalez is the National Executive Liaison Coordinator of the Nueva Alianza Party. Leer más »
Corinne Riquet est représentante régionale du CGAP en Afrique de l'Ouest. Leer más »
Cornelia Staritz's picture
Cornelia Staritz is Senior Researcher at the Austrian Research Foundation for International Development (ÖFSE) and a consultant with the Finance and... Leer más »
Craig Kullmann's picture
Craig Kullman has been with Water and Sanitation Program for 3.5 years working on the project's two global projects - Scaling Up Rural Sanitation and... Leer más »
Cristian Aedo's picture
Cristian Aedo is a Senior Education Economist in the Europe and Central Asia Human Development Sector, the World Bank. He has published numerous... Leer más »
Cristian Baeza's picture
Cristian Baeza is a former World Bank Director for Health Nutrition and Population. Leer más »
Cristina Medina's picture
Cristina Medina es Comunicadora Asociada del Banco Mundial en Ecuador. Es Licenciada en Comunicación Social y Máster en Políticas Públicas con mención... Leer más »
Cristina Navarrete Moreno's picture

Cristina Navarrete Moreno is a Strategic Innovation Strategist working for the Development Marketplace and Innvation Labs. She works on developing ... Leer más »

Cristina Santos's picture
Cristina Panasco Santos is a Senior Education Specialist in the Human Development Department of the World Bank's Africa Region. From 2006 until now,... Leer más »
Cut Dian's picture

Cut Dian is an economist in the World Bank Office Jakarta. She joined the Bank in May 2005. She is part of the Public Finance and Regional Developm... Leer más »

Cyprian Fisiy's picture

Cyprian Fisiy is Director of the Social Development Department in the World Bank’s Sustainable Development Network. He joined the... Leer más »