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Ebrahim Al-Harazi's picture
Ebrahim Al-Harazi is a specialist in communications and development. He is a member of the communications team in the Yemen country office of the World... Leer más »
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Ece Özçelik is a Junior Professional Associate at the World Bank, where she focuses on health issues in the Middle East and North Africa Region.  ... Leer más »
Ed Bell's picture
Ed Bell has been working for the World Bank in Manila since February 2011. He coordinates the Bank's State and Peacebuilding Fund (SPF) in the... Leer más »
Eddy Perez's picture
Eddy Perez is a Lead Sanitation Specialist for the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) of the World Bank. Perez has a BS in Civil Engineering from the... Leer más »
Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez's picture
Ijjász Vásquez tiene la misión de impulsar la agenda de desarrollo sostenible en la región, guiando las actividades de más de 200 funcionarios, y... Leer más »
Edgard Rodriguez's picture
Edgard Rodriguez is a Senior Program Specialist at IDRC and an expert on small-enterprise development and labour markets in Asian and Latin American... Leer más »
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Edit V. Velényi is an economist with the Health, Nutrition, and Population Anchor of the World Bank. Currently she manages the “Health & Economy Program... Leer más »
Edith Bowles's picture

Edith Bowles started as Country Manager in Solomon Islands in 2008, with the opening of the Bank country office. Prior to that, she worked for the WB... Leer más »

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Edie Wilson specializes in how strategic communication and partnerships can be deployed to accelerate the speed and deepen the impact of innovation... Leer más »

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Eduard Bos is Lead Population Specialist in the Health, Nutrition, and Population unit of the World Bank’s Africa Region Human Development Department.... Leer más »
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Eduardo Lora is a Colombian economist, currently affiliated with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is Vice-President elect of the Latin... Leer más »
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Eduardo Mendoza is a member of the Economic Studies group at Mexico’s National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV). He has previously worked a... Leer más »

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Edward B. Barbier's picture
Edward B. Barbier is the John S Bugas Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Finance, University of Wyoming. His... Leer más »
Edward Felix Dwumfour's picture
Edward Dwumfour, Senior Environmental Specialist working in the World Bank Country Office in Addis Ababa, is the Task Team Leader for the Humbo Assisted... Leer más »
Edward Mungai's picture
Edward Mungai is the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (CIC). The CIC supports a holistic, country-driven approach to... Leer más »
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Ehaab leads the MENA Development Marketplace program at WBI which currently focuses on Egypt. Prior to joining WBI, he was advisor to the Middle East... Leer más »
Ehsan Dulloo's picture

Ehsan Dulloo is a Senior Scientist at Bioversity International of the CGIAR. He has extensive expertise in coordinating research on the conservation... Leer más »

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Ehud Gachugu is Project Director of the Kenya Youth Empowerment Project, part of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance Leer más »
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Eileen Murray, a US and Greek national is the World Bank’s Country Manager for Tunisia, based in Tunis. She joined the World Bank in 1989 as a Financial... Leer más »
Ejaz Ghani's picture

Ejaz Ghani taught Economics at Oxford University and Delhi University. He studied Economics in Delhi University, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, and... Leer más »

Ekaterine T. Vashakmadze's picture
Ekaterine is a Senior Country Economist in the Global Macroeconomic Trends Team of the Development Prospects Group at the World Bank. In her present job... Leer más »
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Elaine Panter is a consultant at the World Bank in the Development Economics Vice Presidency (DEC) Special Initiatives Unit. She is currently working on... Leer más »
Ms. Elaine Trepper is the former Mayor of Windhoek, one of the cities piloting IUWM. She will be discussing her city’s experiences and lessons learned... Leer más »
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Eldar Sætre became president and chief executive officer of Statoil in October 2014. Read more in his Leer más »
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I am a third generation Scottish expat. I grew up in Hong Kong and then escaped the UK as is my family’s disposition, taking my first job in Ugand... Leer más »

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Ellie joined infoDev in October 2011 to work primarily in the Climate Technology Program (CTP) and the Entrepreneurship Program for... Leer más »
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Elena Grant is part of the World Bank Art Program, the unit in charge of acquisition, exhibition, cataloging, and research of artworks for the World... Leer más »
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Elena Ianchovichina is Lead Economist in the Chief Economist Office of the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa region. Prior to this Ms.... Leer más »
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Elena Kvochko is specialist in Information and Communication Technology at the World Bank. Elena has worked on a portfolio of projects aimed at... Leer más »
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Eliana holds a Ph.D. in Economics from MIT and is currently the Chief Economist for the Leer más »

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Elina Scheja joined the Migration and Remittances Team in March 2010. Prior to joining the World Bank, she was working for the S... Leer más »

Elisa Gamberoni is an Economist at the World Bank. Leer más »
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I am currently the Practice Manager for Social Development in the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region.  I lead a team of about 35... Leer más »
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These days I work in communications in the World Bank’s East Asia & Pacific region, based in Washington DC. It’s a fascinating place to work w... Leer más »

Elisabeth Rhyne is the managing director of the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion. She is a co-creator of the Smart Campaign for client... Leer más »
Elizabeth's picture

Elizabeth M. White is Senior Strategy Officer and Program Manager for the Africa Catalytic Growth... Leer más »

Elizabeth Gibbens's picture
Elizabeth Gibbens is an experienced communicator with expertise in knowledge management and social media, working in the IFC Gender Secretariat. She... Leer más »
Elizabeth Howton's picture
Elizabeth Howton is the World Bank's Global Web Editor, responsible for the homepage, the Voices blog, and shaping the Bank's online presence.... Leer más »
Elizabeth King's picture

Elizabeth King is a senior adviser working on Education at the World Bank. In her previous position, she was the director and&n... Leer más »

Elizabeth Ruppert Bulmer's picture
Elizabeth Ruppert Bulmer is a Senior Economist with the World Bank Group. She has extensive operational and research experience in Latin... Leer más »
Elizabeth Sabet's picture
Elizabeth’s work at SecondMuse seeks to empower communities and spur social consciousness and civic activism through engagement with data and technology... Leer más »
Ella Humphry's picture
Ella is an international development professional from Australia and currently a consultant working for the World Bank’s Fragility, Conflict and... Leer más »
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Water & Sanitation Specialist Leer más »
Ellen Goldstein's picture
Ellen Goldstein is the World Bank’s Country Director for the Western Balkans, which includes Leer más »
Ellen Lust's picture
Ellen Lust is Founding Director of the Program on Governance and Local Development and Professor in the Yale University Department of Political Science.... Leer más »
Ellen leads the Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Knowledge Economy program (CSBKE) funded by Finland. The program promotes the growth of early... Leer más »
Ellysar Baroudy's picture
Ellysar Baroudy has a background in environmental science and has been working at the World Bank in Washington for five years. She is currently managing... Leer más »
Elsia Paz's picture

Elsia Paz served as a team leader for the private sector in Honduras in the recently approved renewable energy bid 100-1293/2009.  This is... Leer más »

Elwyn Grainger-Jones's picture
Elwyn Grainger-Jones started his career as an Overseas Development Institute fellow in Guyana in 1993, having studied economics at... Leer más »
Emanuela Galasso's picture
Emanuela Galasso is a senior economist in the Poverty and Inequality Unit of the Development Research Group. Her main research is on social... Leer más »
Emcet O. Tas's picture
Emcet O. Tas is a Social Development Specialist at the World Bank’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice. Trained as a development... Leer más »
Emi Suzuki's picture
Emi Suzuki, Ph.D., is a Demographer at the World Bank. Her areas of interest are demography and health statistics. She has over 11 years experience in... Leer más »

Ms. Emiko Todoroki is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist in the Financial Market Integrity Unit of the Financial and Private Sector Vice-Presiden... Leer más »

Emile van der Does de Willebois's picture
Emile van der Does de Willebois started his career working for the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former... Leer más »
Emilie Mushobekwa's picture
Emilie A. Mushobekwa is Economist, working for the World Bank in DR Congo since 2003. She also performs the role of Respectful Workplace Advisor (RWA)... Leer más »
Emily Sinnott's picture
Emily Sinnott es economista senior en la Unidad de Desarrollo Humano para la región de Europa y Asia Central del Banco Mundial y co-autora del reciente... Leer más »
Emily Tavoulareas's picture
Emily has spent more than seven years using digital technologies to effectively identify, engage and activate communities around the world. Through her... Leer más »
Emmanuel Jimenez's picture

Emmanuel Jimenez, from the Philippines, has held a variety of positions as an economist and manager at the World Bank.  Since early 2002, he has... Leer más »

Emmanuel Maina Djoulde's picture
Emmanuel Maina Djoulde is the Director of International Cooperation for the Ministry of Public Health in Cameroon. Leer más »
Emmanuel Noubissie Ngankam's picture
Emmanuel Noubissie Ngankam is the Resident Representative of the World Bank in Algeria since June 2013. He joined the Bank in 2001 as Implementation... Leer más »
Emmanuel Py's picture
Emmanuel Py currently serves as an Infrastructure Specialist in the World Bank Group’s East Asia and Pacific Region's Energy Sector. He is the Task Team... Leer más »
Emmanuelle Auriol's picture
Emmanuelle Auriol, is Professor of economics at Toulouse School of Economics, France. Auriol studied Economics at the University of... Leer más »
Emre Özaltın's picture
Emre Özaltın is Senior Economist in the World Bank Group’s HNP Global Practice, with over 14 years of experience in research, policy analysis, and... Leer más »
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Enis Barış is a medical doctor with graduate degrees in Public Health (M.Sc.) and Epidemiology (Ph.D.) and a wide range of experience as director,... Leer más »
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Enzo de Laurentiis's picture
Enzo de Laurentiis is currently a Practice Manager in the Governance Global Practice, Public Integrity and Openness Unit of the World Bank and focuses... Leer más »
Erdene-Ochir Badarch's picture

Erdene works as a Rural and Environment operations officer at the World Bank’s Mongolia office in Ulaanbaatar. He joined Bank in July 2008. Before... Leer más »

Ergys Islamaj is currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at Vassar College, New York.  His research interests lie in the fields of... Leer más »
Eric Lancelot's picture
Eric is an experienced transport engineer with a degree on Transport Economy from École Nationale des Travaux Publics de L’État (France) and... Leer más »
Eric Le Borgne's picture

Eric Le Borgne is a World Bank Lead Economist.

Leer más »
Eric Swanson's picture
Eric Swanson is senior adviser in the World Bank's Development Data Group. For many years he was the managing editor of the World Development Indicators... Leer más »
Erick Fernandes's picture
Erick Fernandes holds a BS in Forestry from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD in Soil Science from North Carolina State University. He was appointed... Leer más »
Erik Churchill's picture
Erik is a Manila-based communications consultant, where he specializes in governance, fragility and conflict, and economic transitions. He has... Leer más »
Erik Feyen's picture

Erik Feyen is a Lead Financial Economist in the Finance & Markets Global Practice of the World Bank Group. He heads the Practice’s global finan... Leer más »

Erik Josephson's picture
Erik Josephson is a health systems management expert with significant experience in both the private and public sectors. He has worked deeply in health... Leer más »
Erik von Uexkull's picture
Erik von Uexkull is the Country Economist for Equatorial Guinea with the World Bank’s Macro Fiscal Global Practice. His research interests include... Leer más »
Erika Vargas's picture
Erika Vargas is a Knowledge Management (KM) Officer at the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice at the World Bank, in Washington D.C. She... Leer más »
Erika Vohman is the founder and executive director of the Maya Nut Institute (formerly The Equilibrium Fund). She has a M.Sc. in Agronomy from the... Leer más »
Eriko Ishikawa's picture
Eriko has over 20 years of development finance experience in the World Bank Group. At IFC, she leads the organization’s initiative to support private... Leer más »
Erin Scronce's picture
Erin Scronce joined the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) in November of 2011 as marketing manager and website editor. She manages the CGAP... Leer más »
Erion Veliaj's picture
Mr. Erion Veliaj is the Minister for Youth and Social Welfare for Albania. His involvement in politics followed a long engagement in civil society,... Leer más »
Errol Graham's picture
Errol Graham is a Senior Economist in the Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management Global Practice of the World Bank. He is currently engaged on Liberia in... Leer más »
Consultant, Migration and Development Team, World Bank Leer más »

 Esabel Khoury

Leer más »
Espen Beer Prydz's picture
Espen Beer Prydz is an Economist working on issues of poverty, inequality and survey methods in the World Bank’s Development Research Group. He has... Leer más »
Estelle Lahaye's picture
Financial Sector Specialist  Leer más »
Etienne B. Yehoue's picture
Etienne B. Yehoue (PhD, Harvard University) is a senior economist in the European Department at the International Monetary Fund. He concomitantly... Leer más »
Etienne Kechichian's picture
Etienne Kechichian leads the Climate Efficient Industries work within the World Bank Group, which seeks to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing... Leer más »
Etta Cala Klosi's picture
Etta Klosi is a consultant with the Multimedia Team in ECR. She has a twin focus on international development (privatization, microfinance, int’l... Leer más »
Eugenia Suarez Moran's picture
Eugenia Suarez Moran joined the Bank in October 2011 and is a core team member of the Leer más »
Eustache Ouayoro's picture
A native of Cote d’Ivoire, Mr. Ouayoro has extensive operational experience and a firm grasp of the challenges related to working in fragile... Leer más »
Eva Clemente's picture
Eva Clemente Miranda, a Spanish national, joined the World Bank in early 2012. Currently, she is involved in innovation projects in Latin America and... Leer más »
Eva Jarawan's picture

Sector Manager, World Bank Health, Nutrition & Population Sector, Africa Region

Leer más »
Eva M. Gutiérrez's picture
Eva Gutiérrez es Doctora en Economía por la Universidad de Boston y Master de Economía Financiera por el Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros ... Leer más »
Eva Melis's picture
Eva Melis is a legal professional within the Justice Reform Practice Group of the World Bank's Legal Vice Presidency. She has worked as an advisor on... Leer más »
Evelyn Ng's picture

Note: Evelyn no longer works at the World Bank.

Evelyn Ng works in the World Bank office in Sydney and is the Research Analyst... Leer más »

Evis Rucaj's picture
Evis Rucaj, an Albanian national, is a Statistical Officer at the World Bank in Washington DC. She has over 15 years experience in Balance of Payment... Leer más »