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Fabian Mendez Ramos's picture
Fabian Mendez-Ramos is a consultant in the Development Prospects Group (DECPG) at the World Bank. He is responsible to bring support and to contribute... Leer más »
Fabian Seiderer's picture
Fabian Seiderer is a senior public sector management specialist with the World Bank, where he is working at the Poverty Reduction and Economic... Leer más »
Fabio Hirschhorn is a consultant for the Infrastructure team at Investment Climate (CICIF). Prior to joining the World Bank Group, he worked as a... Leer más »
Fabio Pittaluga's picture
Fabio Pittaluga ers Especialista senior en desarrollo social para América Latina y el Caribe. También trabajó en el IFC, donde fromó parte del equipo... Leer más »
Fabrice Houdart's picture
Fabrice Houdart is senior country officer for the Maghreb and is managing a Nordic Trust Fund grant, "Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and... Leer más »
Fabrizio Zarcone's picture
De nacionalidad italiana, Fabrizio Zarcone es representante del Banco Mundial para Costa Rica y El Salvador. Tiene más de 15 años de experiencia... Leer más »
Faheem Noor Ali's picture

Faheem Noor Ali is a consultant in the Innovation Practice of the World Bank Institute.  He has worked in finance, strategy and communications... Leer más »

Fan Zhang's picture
Fan Zhang is an Energy Economist in the World Bank’s Eastern Europe and Central Asian Vice-Presidency whose recent work has focused on energy,... Leer más »
Fanny Missfeldt-Ringius's picture
Fanny Missfeldt-Ringius is a Senior Energy Economist in the Energy and Environment Unit for the Middle East and North Africa Region at the World BankLeer más »
Farhad Ahmed's picture
Farhad Ahmed is a Senior Transport Specialist at the World Bank, currently based in Leer más »
Faria Selim's picture
Faria Selim joined the World Bank in 2011 and is currently working as the Communications Specialist with the Leer más »
Farouk Banna's picture
Farouk Banna is an Environmental Engineer who joined the Urban Development and Resilience unit of the World Bank in April 2012, working primarily on... Leer más »
Farria Naeem's picture

Farria Naeem joined The World Bank in 2006 and is currently working as a Research Analyst in the South Asia Poverty and Finance group.

... Leer más »
Farrukh Iqbal's picture
Farrukh Iqbal has had more than thirty years of research and management experience in the World Bank across a diverse range of countries and sectors.... Leer más »
Federica Ranghieri's picture

Federica Ranghieri is an Environmental Specialist in the East Asian and Pacific Region of the World Bank, where she works mainly on climate change ... Leer más »

Federico Escaler's picture
Development Data Consultant Leer más »
Feike Sijbesma's picture
Felipe Estefan's picture
Felipe Estefan specializes on Open Government and Citizen Engagement. Estefan is currently part of the Public Integrity and Openness Department in the... Leer más »
Felipe Jaramillo's picture
Felipe Jaramillo, colombiano de origen, se unió al Banco Mundial en 1989 por medio del programa para Jóvenes Profesionales, y ha desempeñado diversos... Leer más »
Felix Marco Conteh's picture
Felix Marco Conteh is Program Officer for the Justice for the Poor Program, in the Governance Global Practice of the World Bank, working on Sierra Leone... Leer más »
Fenghua Song's picture
Fenghua Song is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University. His primary research interests are... Leer más »
Ferdinando Regalia's picture

Ferdinando Regalia heads the Social Protection and Health Division at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Prior to this position, he served ... Leer más »

Ferid Belhaj's picture
Ferid Belhaj was appointed World Bank Director for the Middle East on September 17, 2012 covering Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Iran. He served as... Leer más »
Fernanda Marquez-Padilla's picture
Fernanda Marquez-Padilla is a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at Princeton University. Her interests include Development Economics, Health Economic, and... Leer más »
Fernando Fabre's picture
Fernando Fabre is the President of Endeavor Global. Leer más »
Fernando Im's picture

Fernando Im is an Economist in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit (PREM, AFTP1). Previously he worked at the Development Economics,... Leer más »

Fernando Montenegro Torres's picture
Fernando Montenegro Torres is a physician and economist at the World Bank, where he works on health policy and management, public financing and health... Leer más »
Fernando Ramírez's picture
Fernando Ramírez es Ingeniero Civil, máster en Ingeniería Geotécnica de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Cuenta con 25 años de experiencia como... Leer más »
Finn Tarp's picture
Finn Tarp also holds the Chair of Professor of Development Economics at the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen, where he completed... Leer más »
Fionna Douglas's picture

Fionna Douglas is the communications manager for the World Bank's Sustainable Development Network. Prior to that position, she served as&... Leer más »

Flavia Carbonari's picture

Flavia Carbonari is a social development and citizen security specialist. She is a consultant with the Social Development Department in East Asia a... Leer más »

Flaviana Palmisano's picture

Flaviana Palmisano is a post-doc fellow at University of Bari. She holds a PhD in Economics at the same University. She was visiting researcher at ... Leer más »

Fletcher Tembo's picture

Fletcher Tembo is a Research Fellow within Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) Programme at the Overseas Development Institute in London. He... Leer más »

Flore de Préneuf's picture

Flore de Préneuf is a Senior Communications Officer at the World Bank who loves to document, analyze and communicate development challenges and res... Leer más »

Florence Kondylis's picture
Florence Kondylis is an Economist within DIME. She joined the World Bank as a Young professional and received a MA in econometrics... Leer más »
Florencia Lopez Boo's picture

Florencia Lopez Boo is a senior social protection economist with the Social Protection and Health Division of the Inter-American Development Bank (... Leer más »

Florian Kitt's picture

Florian joined the World Bank East Asia and Pacific region's Sustainable Development Department only very recently (September 2008). Before that, ... Leer más »

Forhad Shilpi's picture

Forhad Shilpi holds a joint appointment as a Senior Economist in the Development Economics Research Group and South Asia Sustainable Development un... Leer más »

Fotini Christia's picture
Fotini Christia is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her book entitled Alliance Formation in... Leer más »
Francesca Recanatini's picture

Francesca has worked on governance, integrity and corruption since the beginning of her career working at the Center of Institutional Reform... Leer más »

Francis Gagnon's picture
Francis Gagnon is a consultant in data and information design working with the Integrity Vice Presidency of the World Bank Group. Leer más »
Francis Ghesquiere's picture
Francis Ghesquiere is Manager of the Disaster Risk Management Practice of the World Bank and Head of the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction &... Leer más »

Francisco Buera is a Senior Economist and Research Advisor in the macroeconomics section of the Economic Research Department at th... Leer más »

Francisco Ceballos is a Consultant for the World Bank's Research group. Previously based in Buenos Aires and Johannesburg, he has contributed in... Leer más »
Francisco Ferreira's picture
Francisco H. G. Ferreira is the World Bank’s Chief Economist for the Africa Region and a Research Fellow at the Institute for the... Leer más »
Francisco G. Carneiro's picture
Francisco Carneiro is the Lead Economist and Program Leader for the Caribbean at the World Bank. Since joining the World Bank in 2003, he has been Lead... Leer más »
Francisco Javier Díaz's picture
Francisco Javier Díaz es Investigador Senior de Cieplan y su foco está en los temas de Fortalecimiento de la Democracia y la Cohesión Social en América... Leer más »
Francisco Marmolejo's picture
Francisco Marmolejo is the World Bank’s Lead Tertiary Education Specialist and Coordinator of its Network of Higher Education Specialists. He serves as... Leer más »
Francisco Obreque's picture
Francisco Obreque, based in La Paz, Bolivia, joined the Bank as an Agricultural Specialist in June 2012. He has been working in the... Leer más »
Francisco Perez-Arce's picture
Francisco Perez-Arce is an economist at the RAND Corporation where he conducts research in labor markets, education, and development economics. He is... Leer más »
Franck Bousquet's picture
Franck Bousquet, is the World Bank’s Manager of the Urban and Social Development Sectors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region. Prior to... Leer más »
François Bergere's picture
François Bergere is the Program Manager of the Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF). PPIAF is a multi-donor... Leer más »
Francois Bourguignon's picture
François Bourguignon is a Professor at the Paris School of Economics and the former Chief Economist of the World Bank. Leer más »
Frank Pegan's picture
Frank Pegan has been CEO of Catholic Super in Australia since 2001. He previously was the Chair of Finance with the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne... Leer más »
Franka Braun's picture
Franka Braun, de nacionalidad alemana, es especialista en finanzas de carbono y trabaja en proyectos de uso de la tierra y silvicultura en América... Leer más »
Franklin Allen's picture

Franklin Allen is the Nippon Life Professor of Finance and Economics at the Wharton School of Business. He is co-director of the Financial... Leer más »

Fred Krupp's picture
Fred Krupp has led the Environmental Defense Fund for 29 years, overseeing its growth from a small nonprofit to a recognized leader in the environmental... Leer más »
Fred Owegi's picture
Frederick Owegi works as an Economist in the World Bank's Nairobi office. Leer más »
Frederic A. Vogel's picture
A US national, is a consultant on international statistics for the World Bank.  In that capacity is the co-chair of the Technical Advisory Group... Leer más »
Frederico Gil Sander's picture

Frederico Gil Sander has been based in Bangkok since November 2008 and is the senior country economist for Malaysia since September 2011. He was pr... Leer más »

Frederico Pedroso's picture
Disaster Risk Management Specialist, 
... Leer más »
Fredrik Sjoberg's picture
Dr. Fredrik M Sjoberg is a data analyst and political scientist with extensive experience public and the private sector. He has been working for the... Leer más »
Friedrich Huebler's picture
Friedrich Huebler is a Programme Specialist in the Education Indicators and Data Analysis section of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. His main areas... Leer más »