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Gabriel is Senior Economist in the Hanoi office of the World Bank, where he has worked on poverty issues since March 2013. Previously he ... Leer más »

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Gabriella Izzi is an Agricultural Specialist with the Middle East and North Africa Region Sustainable Development Department within the World Bank,... Leer más »
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Gaël Raballand is a Senior public sector specialist in the World Bank. He holds a PhD in economics and a degree in political science and internatio... Leer más »

Gail Davenport

Leer más »
Gaiv Tata is currently the Director for Finance and Private Sector Development in the Africa Region and for the Global Practice on Financial Inclusion... Leer más »
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Gallina is a Senior Economist in the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia region, covering the European Union new member states. She is a macroeconomist... Leer más »
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Gandham N.V.Ramana is a Lead Health Specialist currrently based in Nairobi Kenya. He started his career as a primary care physician in Nigeria and then... Leer más »
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Garam Dexter joined the "Women, Business and the Law" project in 2012. She conducts legal research of laws and regulations on countries worldwide, ... Leer más »

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Garo Batmanian is the World Bank Lead Environment Specialist and Agriculture/Environment/Forestry Sector Coordinator for China and Mongolia based i... Leer más »

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Gary Kleiman is a senior environmental specialist at the World Bank Group focused on air quality and climate planning for state and national governments... Leer más »
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GARY MILANTE came to the World Bank in 2003 as a researcher, focusing on the causes and impacts of conflict and fragility as well as on effective... Leer más »

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Gary Stuggins is the lead economist for Europe and Central Asia at the World Bank. Leer más »
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Gavin Dykes is an independent education and technology advisor who works with governments, agencies, major corporations and institutions across the... Leer más »
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Gayatri Koolwal is a consultant with the World Bank in the Development Development Economics Research Group (Agricultural and Rural Development).&n... Leer más »

Gayatri Singh is a Consultant with the East Asia and Pacific Infrastructure Unit (EASIN) and the Development Economics Prospects Group’s (DECPG) Mi... Leer más »

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Gayle Martin is a senior economist and currently leads the Africa-wide Service Delivery Indicators (SDI) program. Since joining the Bank in 1997, she... Leer más »
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Gazbiah Rahaman joined the World Bank in 2011 and is currently a consultant in the South Asia Region’s Economic Policy and Poverty (SASEP) team part of... Leer más »
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Georges Darido, a Brazilian and US national, is a Transport Specialist working with the Latin America and the Caribbean Region in Washington, DC.&n... Leer más »

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Gerard Kambou is a Senior Economist with the Development Economics Prospects Group (DECPG) at the World Bank where he covers Sub-Saharan Africa. Gerard... Leer más »
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Gerard McLinden is currently a Senior Trade Facilitation Specialist in the International Trade Unit of the World Bank’s Poverty Reduction and Economic... Leer más »
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Gerardo Corrochano is the Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Practice, and Director for Financial and Private Sector Development ... Leer más »
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Gerhard is currently the Forests Advisor, leading the World Bank Forestry Team in the Sustainable Development Department at the... Leer más »
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Ghassan Alkhoja is a Senior Operations Officer within the Human Development Department of the Middle East and North Africa Region of the World Bank. Leer más »
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Ghazala Mansuri is a lead economist in the Poverty Reduction and Equity Group of the World Bank. Her research spans four broad areas: rural land, labor... Leer más »
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Ghulam es experto superior en salud y trabaja en la oficina del Banco Mundial en NUeva Delhi, India. Leer más »
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Giorgia DeMarchi is a Junior Professional Associate (JPA) at the World Bank, working in the Poverty Reduction Economic Management (PREM) unit. Leer más »
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Giorgio Valentini es representante del Banco Mundial en Honduras. De nacionalidad italiana, se incorporó al BM en 2004 en el Grupo de Soluciones de... Leer más »

Giuseppe Iarossi has over a decade of experience in Investment Climate analytical and operational work, as well as extensive experience in developing... Leer más »
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Giuseppe Zampaglione, de nacionalidad italiana, ingresó al Banco Mundial en 1995 como Oficial de Operaciones Adjunto para las regi... Leer más »

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Gladys Lopez-Acevedo is a Senior Economist in the World Bank Poverty Reduction and Equity Unit. Her research interests include poverty, labor markets,... Leer más »
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Glenn Pearce-Oroz is the Principal Regional Team Leader for Africa for the World Bank’s Water and Sanitation Program (WSP).  Based... Leer más »
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The Economic Monitoring Team is responsible for the Prospects Daily and the Prospects Weekly. The Prospects Da... Leer más »

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Gloria La Cava is currently the Co-coordinator for the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa Region Youth Program. She also served as Youth Regional... Leer más »
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Gloria M. Grandolini is Country Director of the World Bank for Colombia and Mexico. Since joining the World Bank in 1990 as a Young Professional she has... Leer más »
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Gonzalo Varela is a consultant in the International Trade Unti of The World Bank. He is an International Economist with more than 7 years of experience... Leer más »
Goran Amidzic joined the Subnational Doing Business team in 2010. He holds master degrees in economics, public administration and international... Leer más »
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GOVINDA TIMILSINA is a Senior Research Economist in the Research Department at the World Bank, Washington, DC. He has more than 17 years experience... Leer más »
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Graham Smith is a transport economist. He retired recently from the World Bank but continues to work part time. During his three decades in the Bank he... Leer más »
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Grahame Dixie has over 35 year of experience as a practitioner of agricultural development and is currently the World Bank's agribusiness advisor... Leer más »
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Grant Cameron is a Manager at the World Bank in Washington DC. He leads a team supporting developing countries improve their capacity to produce data... Leer más »
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Greg Toulmin, a UK national, has been working in development since 1978. His early experience, gained with DFID and its predecessors, included working... Leer más »
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Gregory Kisunko works for the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Department of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Vice-unit of the World Bank... Leer más »
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Guenter Heidenhof is the Sector Manager for Public Sector and Governance in the Middle East and North Africa Region of the World Bank. He is a German... Leer más »
This account is used by guest bloggers. Leer más »
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Guillermo Perry is a professor at Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia, a Non Resident Fellow at the Center for Global Development, Washington D.C, an... Leer más »
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Hello, I am a graduate from the University of Monterrey in Mexico where I got a major in international studies. During my college years I had the... Leer más »

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Gunhild Berg is a Financial Sector Specialist working in the Africa Region's Financial and Private Sector Development Department, where she is... Leer más »
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Program Manager Leer más »
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Guy Hutton is a development economist. He has previously held positions at University of London (UK) and University of Basel (Switzerland) and is... Leer más »