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Gabriel Baleos is the Co-Lead Coordinator for the Open Data Philippines Task Force in the Philippines. His work with the Department ... Leer más »

Gabriel Goddard is the Lead Economist for Southern Africa in the World Bank Group (WBG)’s Trade & Competitiveness (T&C) Global... Leer más »
Gabriel Lara Ibarra is an Economist in the Poverty and Equity Global Practice. He is working on poverty issues and measurement currently... Leer más »
Gabriela Aguerrevere is the Communications Specialist for Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE... Leer más »
Gabriela Aguilar es Oficial de Comunicación Senior para México y Colombia. Se unió al equipo de comunicación del Banco Mundial en 2003,... Leer más »

Gabriela Farfan is a Consultant in the Development Research Group of the World Bank and a member of the Living Standards Measur... Leer más »

Gabriela Inchauste is a Lead Economist in the Poverty and Equity Global Practice of the World Bank. She currently... Leer más »

My name is Gabriela Leite Soares. I was born in Timor-Leste in Maliana, the capi... Leer más »

Gabriella Izzi is an Agricultural Specialist with the Middle East and North Africa Region Sustainable Development Department within the... Leer más »
Gaël Giraud is a French economist, specialized in general equilibrium theory, game theory, finance and energy issues. He is Chief... Leer más »

Gaël Raballand is a Senior public sector specialist in the World Bank. He holds a PhD in economics and a degree in political science... Leer más »

Gaia Hatzfeldt is a social inclusion specialist working in the World Bank Water Global Practice. She works on topics related to gender,... Leer más »
Gail Hurley is a UNDP policy specialist, researcher and advisor on development finance. Some of her research... Leer más »
Gajendra Haldea is Advisor (PPP & Infrastructure) to the Government of Rajasthan and CEO, Bureau for Partnerships in Rajasthan. He is... Leer más »
Gallina is a Senior Economist in the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia region, covering the European Union new member states. She is a... Leer más »
Gandham N.V.Ramana is a Lead Health Specialist currrently based in Nairobi Kenya. He started his career as a primary care physician in... Leer más »
Ganesh Seshan is a Senior Economist in the Migration and Remittance Unit (DECMR) under the Development Economics Vice Presidency at the... Leer más »

Gang He is pursuing his doctorate in the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley and a graduate researcher at Renewable and... Leer más »

Note: Gao Xu no longer works at the World Bank.

Gao Xu worked in the World Bank Beijing Office as an economist between M... Leer más »

Garam Dexter joined the "Women, Business and the Law" project in 2012. She conducts legal research of laws and regulations on countr... Leer más »

Gareth Austin is a professor of African and comparative economic history at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. After... Leer más »
I am a student of MA Economics at the Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. I am interested in public policy and development... Leer más »

Garo Batmanian is the World Bank Lead Environment Specialist and Agriculture/Environment/Forestry Sector Coordinator for China and M... Leer más »

Gary Fields is a Professor of Economics at Cornell University. Leer más »
Gary Gereffi is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness at Duke University ... Leer más »
Gary Kleiman is a senior environmental specialist at the World Bank Group focused on air quality and climate planning for state and... Leer más »

GARY MILANTE came to the World Bank in 2003 as a researcher, focusing on the causes and impacts of conflict and fragility as well as... Leer más »

Gary Stuggins is the lead economist for Europe and Central Asia at the World Bank. Leer más »
Gastón Astesiano is the PPP Team Leader at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), where he has worked since 2003, mainly on... Leer más »
Gaston Pierri is a consultant in Governance and Impact Evaluation. He works on projects related to public sector governance and delivery... Leer más »
Gaurav Datt is Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and the Deputy Director of the Centre for Development Economics and... Leer más »
Gauri Gadgil is a consultant focusing on issues of urban development in the East Asia and Pacific region of the World Bank. Her portfolio... Leer más »
Gautam Gustav Bastian is an economist at the World Bank’s Africa Gender Innovation Lab, within the Office of the Chief Economist, Africa... Leer más »
Gavin Dykes is an independent education and technology advisor who works with governments, agencies, major corporations and institutions... Leer más »

Gavin E.R. Wilson joined the IFC Asset Management Company (AMC) in July 2009 as its founding Chief Executive Officer. AMC is a wholl... Leer más »

Gayatri Koolwal is a consultant with the World Bank in the Development Development Economics Research Group (Agricultural and Rural ... Leer más »

Gayle Martin is a senior economist and currently leads the Africa-wide Service Delivery Indicators (SDI) program. Since joining the Bank... Leer más »
Gazbiah Rahaman joined the World Bank in 2011 and is currently a consultant in the South Asia Region’s Economic Policy and Poverty (SASEP... Leer más »
Gbemisola Oseni is a Senior Economist with the Living Standard Measurement Study (LSMS) team in the Development Data Group. Her main... Leer más »
Gelila Woodeneh is the Senior Communications Officer for the World Bank Ethiopia, based in Addis Ababa.  Leer más »
Gemechu Ayana is a Private Sector Development Analyst at the Enterprise Analysis Unit (DECEA). Previously, he worked as a consultant in... Leer más »

Genevieve Boyreau, a French national, is the World Bank’s Program Leader in the South Caucasus, Europe and Central Asia region. She ... Leer más »

Geoffrey Keele has worked in the media and communication field for over 15 years with NGOs, the World Bank Group and the UN, including in... Leer más »
Geoffroy Groleau is an economist with 16 years of experience. This includes 10 years designing, delivering and... Leer más »
La Dra. Geordan Shannon es médico e investigadora australiana en el Instituto para la Salud Global del University College London.... Leer más »

Georg Neumann is the Senior Communications Manager at the Open Contracting Partnership. Prior to joining the Open Contracting ... Leer más »

J.M. “George” Castellanos has worked in the infrastructure development sector for over two decades. He is President and Founder of... Leer más »
George Conway has been the Country Director for UNDP Somalia since December 2013, based in Mogadishu. Before joining UNDP Somalia, George... Leer más »
George Joseph is a Senior Economist in the Water Global Practice of the World Bank. His work at the World Bank involves analytical... Leer más »

George Naufal is an Assistant Professor of Economics at The American University of Sharjah (UAE) and a research fellow at the Instit... Leer más »

George Soraya is the World Bank's Lead Municipal Engineer and team leader of several projects in Indonesia. He has extensive experience... Leer más »

George Stirrett is an Environmental Specialist with the World Bank primarily focusing on the environmental portfolios of Lao P... Leer más »

Dr. George “Mac” McCarthy is President and CEO of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Lincoln... Leer más »
Georges Comair joined the Environment and Natural Resources Management Global Practice team on September 19, 2016 as a Young... Leer más »

Georges B. Darido is a Lead Urban Transport Specialist for the World Bank, based in Washington DC.  He has been a team leader o... Leer más »

Georgia Harley is a Senior Justice Reform Specialist in the Governance Global Practice of the World Bank, working predominantly in Europe... Leer más »
Georgia-Christina (Gina) Kosmidou is a consultant with the World Bank’s Poverty Global Practice and her work focuses in Francophone West... Leer más »
Gerald Ollivier is a Senior Infrastructure Specialist for the World Bank's East Asia and the Pacific region. He is currently based in... Leer más »
Gerard Kambou is a Senior Economist with the Development Economics Prospects Group (DECPG) at the World Bank where he covers Sub-Saharan... Leer más »
Gerard McLinden is currently a Senior Trade Facilitation Specialist in the Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment Global Practice. He is... Leer más »
Gérard Mestrallet is chairman and CEO of ENGIE, formerly GDF Suez. Read his Leer más »
Gerard started his career in water resource management at the Waterboard Rivierenland. Within the Waterboard he was responsible for the... Leer más »

Gerardo Corrochano es Director del Banco Mundial para Colombia y México desde el 1 de julio de 2014.  

Es responsab... Leer más »

Gerardo Esquivel Hernández is a Professor of Economics at Colegio de Mexico.

Leer más »

Gerhard is currently the Forests Advisor, leading the World Bank Forestry Team in the Sustainable Development... Leer más »
Germán Reyes is a research analyst in the World Bank’s Poverty and Equity Global Practice. Before joining the World Bank, he worked... Leer más »
German has over twenty years of experience in the emerging markets. He started his career in Agribusiness where he covered Asia, Latin... Leer más »

Germano Mwabu is Professor of Economics at the University of Nairobi.

He was co-director of the AERC project on Poverty ... Leer más »

Calogero (Gero) Carletto is a Senior Economist in the Development Research Group of the World Bank and Manager of the Living Standards... Leer más »
Gessye is a Fulbright alumni holding a Masters of Arts in International Development, with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship from... Leer más »

Geumala is a communications assistant in the Banda Aceh office and focuses on outreach to communities. She worked with tsunami-affe... Leer más »

Gevorg Sargsyan is currently the Global Lead for Clean Energy at the World Bank. He is responsible for renewable energy, energy... Leer más »
Gezime Christian is a Consultant at The World Bank providing research assistance to a series of impact evaluations conducted by DIME in... Leer más »
Ghanimah Al-Otaibi is a junior professional officer at the Middle East and North Africa External Communications unit. Before joining the... Leer más »
Ghassan Alkhoja is a Senior Operations Officer within the Human Development Department of the Middle East and North Africa Region of the... Leer más »
Ghazala Mansuri is a lead economist in the Poverty Reduction and Equity Group of the World Bank. Her research spans four broad areas:... Leer más »
Ghulam es experto superior en salud y trabaja en la oficina del Banco Mundial en NUeva Delhi, India. Leer más »

Gianfranco Commodaro is the Director in Minas Gerais, AVSI Foundation.... Leer más »

Giang is the project officer for Action for the City (, a Vietnamese... Leer más »
Gianluca Santoni is a trade economist at Centre d’Etudes Prospectives et d’Informations Internationales (CEPII,... Leer más »
Gibson Masumbu is a Research Fellow at the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) where he is heading the Human... Leer más »
Gilles is an economist with the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice at the World Bank. With over six years of international... Leer más »
Gilles Duranton is professor of real estate and holds the Dean’s Chair in Real Estate. He joined Wharton in 2012 after holding academic... Leer más »
Gillette is Professor in the Practice and Director of Teaching in the Global Human Development Master’s Program.  Her current... Leer más »
Gina is an Online Communications producer for the Middle East and North Africa region. She previously worked in a similar capacity with... Leer más »
Giorgia Demarchi is a Social Scientist in the World Bank’s Poverty and Equity Global Practice. She has worked on gender, poverty and... Leer más »
Giorgia Giovannetti is Professor of Economics at the University of Florence and part time Professor at the European University Institute,... Leer más »

Giorgio Valentini es representante del Banco Mundial en Honduras. De nacionalidad italiana, se incorporó al BM en 2004 en el Grupo d... Leer más »

Girma Woldetsadik is a Senior Education Specialist in the World Bank’s Education Global Practice, based in Ethiopia. He joined the World... Leer más »
te1310! Leer más »
Giulia C. Braga is Program Manager of the World Bank Group’s Connect4Climate (C4C) global partnership program and Communications Officer... Leer más »
Giulia Marchesini joined the CMI in March 2014 as Senior Partnership Specialist. She maintains and explores liaison between the Center’s... Leer más »

Giulia Motolese is a Global Public-Private Partnership Consultant with PPIAF, within the World Bank, where she supports the strategy... Leer más »

Giuliana Dunham Irving joined the Bank Group in 2006 as an Institutional Integrity Officer in the Institutional Integrity Department (now... Leer más »
Giulliane has extensive experience in the fields of Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Operations Management. During more than 10... Leer más »

Giuseppe Zampaglione, de nacionalidad italiana, ingresó al Banco Mundial en 1995 como Oficial de Operaciones Adjunt... Leer más »

Ms. Gladys H. Morales is an international consultant currently responsible for the design and development of the Global Povert... Leer más »

Gladys Lopez-Acevedo is a Lead Economist at the World Bank in the Chief Economist’s Office for the Leer más »
Glenn Pearce-Oroz is the Principal Regional Team Leader for Africa for the World Bank’s Water and Sanitation Program ... Leer más »
Dr. Glenn-Marie Lange is a Senior Environmental Economist and Chief Technical Advisory for the World Bank’s program on Natural Capital... Leer más »
The four regional climate change investor groups IIGCC (Europe), INCR (North America), IGCC (Australia & New Zealand) and AIGCC (Asia... Leer más »

The Economic Monitoring Team is responsible for the Prospects Daily and the Prospects Weekly. The Leer más »

Gloria La Cava is currently the Co-coordinator for the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa Region Youth Program. She also served as... Leer más »
Gloria M. Grandolini was Senior Director, Finance and Markets Global Practice of the World Bank Group, since July 1, 2014, and... Leer más »
Godfrey Sama is medical doctor and a public health specialist from Tanzania. Godfrey worked as a member of the International Federation... Leer más »
Goedele Van den Broeck is a post-doctoral researcher at the Division of Bio-Economics at the University of Leuven in Belgium and a... Leer más »
Gokce Uysal is a Researcher at the Betam Bahcesehir University Center for Economic and Social Research, Turkey. Leer más »
Dr. Gonzalo Castro de la Mata joined the Panel on December 16, 2013 and was appointed its Chairman on November 1, 2014.  Gonzalo is... Leer más »
Gonzalo Varela is a trade economist in the World Bank Group Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice. He has more than seven years... Leer más »

Gordon Betcherman is Professor in the School of International Development and Global Studies. He also has a cross-appointment in the... Leer más »


Govinda Timilsina is a Senior Research Economist in the Development Research Group. He has more than 15 years of ... Leer más »

Gozde Isik, a Senior Transport Economist, works on a wide range of issues pertaining to transport, trade, and logis... Leer más »

Grace Muhimpundu is a Social Development Specialist in the Africa Region, where she works on a number of countries, including the DRC,... Leer más »
Dr Graham Floater is Associate Director at LSE Enterprise, London School of Economics, and senior visiting fellow at... Leer más »
Graham Scott was economic adviser in the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Dept. 1977-1980, Asst. Secretary for economic and fiscal policy... Leer más »
Graham Smith is a transport economist. He retired recently from the World Bank but continues to work part time. During his three decades... Leer más »
Grahame Dixie has over 35 year of experience as a practitioner of agricultural development and is currently the World Bank's... Leer más »
Grant Cameron is a Manager at the World Bank in Washington DC. He leads a team supporting developing countries improve their capacity to... Leer más »
Lead Water and Sanitation Specialist in LAC Region. Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Stanford, 1998. Joined Bank in 1998 and has... Leer más »
Greg Toulmin, a UK national, has been working in development since 1978. His early experience, gained with DFID and its predecessors,... Leer más »
Gregor Robertson was first elected Mayor of Vancouver, Canada, in 2008 and was reelected in 2011. Mayor Robertson spearheaded the... Leer más »
Gregor Wolf coordinates sustainable development initiatives in agriculture, environment, natural resource management, forestry, rural and... Leer más »
Gregory Kisunko works for the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Department of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Vice-unit of... Leer más »

Gregory Myers is the Lead Land Administration Specialist for the World Bank, coordinating the World Bank's land work in Africa... Leer más »

Gregory Smith is a Senior Economist in the World Bank’s Global Practice for Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management. His... Leer más »
Greta Bull is the CEO of CGAP and a Director at the World Bank Group. Ms. Bull has more than 15 years’ experience in development finance.... Leer más »
Grzegorz has been with the International Finance Corporation since 2010. He manages the Ukraine Residential Energy Efficiency Project.... Leer más »
Grzegorz Peszko is a Lead Economist in the Climate Change Group of the World Bank where he leads analytical and advisory services on... Leer más »

Professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko (, intellectualist and politician, a key architect... Leer más »

Mr. Chen assumed the role of Senior Director for the Water Global Practice (GP) within the Sustainable Development Vice-Presidency at the... Leer más »
Guenter Heidenhof is the Sector Manager for Public Sector and Governance in the Middle East and North Africa Region of the World Bank. He... Leer más »
Serge Adjognon is an Agricultural Economist in the Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) Team of the World Bank's Development Research... Leer más »
Guillermo Beylis is a Research Economist in the World Bank's Office of the Chief Economist for Latin America and the... Leer más »
Guillermo Cruces (PhD in Economics, LSE) is the deputy director of the Center for Distributive, Labor and Social Studies (Leer más »
Professor Guillermo Donoso holds a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from University of Maryland, College Park. Currently he is... Leer más »
Guillermo Perry is a professor at Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia, a Non Resident Fellow at the Center for Global Development,... Leer más »

Hello, I am a graduate from the University of Monterrey in Mexico where I got a major in international studies. During my college... Leer más »

Guillermo Romero Rodriguez is a Research Assistant at The World Bank office in Lima, Peru.  In his role, he has contributed in a... Leer más »

GUNES BASAT is a community manager, currently supporting five community of practices on different topics, including Urbanscapes... Leer más »

Gunhild Berg works in the World Bank Group’s Finance and Markets Global Practice, where she is responsible for the financial sector work... Leer más »
Dr. Guobao Wu, is a professor of Rural Development Institute and the director of Center for Poverty Studies, Chinese Academy of Social... Leer más »
Gustavo A. Marrero has a PhD in economics from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, and is currently a professor of economics and... Leer más »
Director of Programs, Global Environment Facility Leer más »
Gustavo Mahoque is a communications consultant with over a decade of experience in communications and related fields. He previously... Leer más »
Gustavo Saltiel has more than 30 years of experience in the Water and Sustainable Development Sectors. Among his many responsibilities,... Leer más »
Guy Banim is Expert Adviser to the European Institute of Peace on preventive diplomacy. He has twenty years of experience in peace... Leer más »

Guy Hutton is a development economist. He has previously held positions at the University of London, the University of Basel and the... Leer más »

Guy Pickles is Senior Manager for Global Health in GSK’s Vaccines organisation. He focuses on ensuring that GSK’s approach to sustainably... Leer más »
Gwendolyn Stansbury oversees communications for the Banks’ Living Standard Measurement Study (LSMS) program. She has broad experience... Leer más »