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IUB Reddy joined the World Bank in 1997, as Social Development Specialist and has been involved in the preparation and supervision of land acquisit... Leer más »

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Ian Bannon is currently the Acting Country Director for Sudan at the World Bank. Prior to this, Bannon was Sector Manager of the ... Leer más »

Ian Dalton is a Consultant with the Debt Resolution & Business Exit team, Investment Climate. On completion of his placement in May 2012, Ian will join... Leer más »
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Ian Gillson is a Senior Trade Economist in the World Bank Group Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice. Previously, he worked in the Africa Region of... Leer más »
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Ian Parry is Principal Environmental Fiscal Policy Expert in the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department, specializing in fiscal analysis of climate change,... Leer más »
Ian Radcliffe is Director of Training & Consultancy at WSBI-ESBG, leading technical assistance and training activities vis-à-vis regulatory... Leer más »
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Ian Walker is a Lead Economist in the Latin Aamerica and Caribbean Social Protection team. Trained at Oxford in the UK, he joined the World Bank in 2005... Leer más »
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Ibrahim Dajani, a Palestinian / Jordanian national is a Senior Operations Officer, member of the MNA Transport Sector based in the West Bank and Gaza... Leer más »
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Ibrahim Levent is a senior information officer at the World Bank and leads the Financial Data team of the Development Data Group. He oversees the... Leer más »
Prof. Sirkeci is Professor of Transnational Studies and Marketing at Regent’s College, London and Director of the Regent’s Center for Transnational... Leer más »
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Ibtissam is in charge of communications and civil society outreach in the World Bank country office in Rabat. She has led various communication... Leer más »
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The ICT Team blog account is used by the World Bank ICT Sector Unit and often features unique posts, submissions by temporary staff and interns, and... Leer más »
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Ifelayo Peter Ojo is a Consultant, currently in the Investment Climate Unit of the Financial and Private Sector Development Presidency. Ojo is a medical... Leer más »
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Iffath Sharif is the Program Leader for Social Inclusion for the Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal country work programs. As a Lead Economist with the Social... Leer más »
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Ignacio Apella es Licenciado en Economía de la Universidad de Buenos Aires y Magister en Economía de la misma casa de estudio.
... Leer más »
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Ignacio Mas is a Senior Research Fellow at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He has been Senior Advisor in the Financial S... Leer más »

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Igor Kheyfets is an Economist in the World Bank’s Education Global Practice. Since joining the World Bank in 2008, he has worked in the Africa and... Leer más »
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Mr. Ilari Patrick Lindy is Senior ICT Policy Specialist at the ICT Sector Unit. Before joining the World Bank, he worked as Senior Advisor at the... Leer más »
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Iliana Montauk is the director of Gaza Sky Geeks, the first start-up accelerator in Gaza. It was launched in 2011 by the global humanitarian... Leer más »
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Ilias Skamnelos is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank. He is a Ph.D. macro-financial economist, with a passion for issues of... Leer más »
Ilka Funke is a Specialist for Financial Inclusion at the World Bank Group, with focus on the Latin America Region. Her experience includes analyzing... Leer más »
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Ilkka Lakaniemi is Vice President of Digitalization and Renewal at the Finland Chamber of Commerce. He is the former Director of Global Policy... Leer más »
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Mr. Domashov is the deputy chair of BIOM, an Environmental Movement NGO. Within the team of specialists, he is the curator of biodiversity preservation... Leer más »
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Dr. Bibars is the Regional Director for Ashoka Arab World (AAW) which she launched in 2003. Iman is a Leadership Group Member and Global Diaspora Leader... Leer más »
Inae Riveras is an online communications officer at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Leer más »
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Inci Otker-Robe is the Chief Technical Specialist in Finance for Development in the Financial and Private Sector Development Network (FPD), The World... Leer más »
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Indermit Gill is Director for Development Policy in the World Bank's Office of the Chief Economist. Before this, he was the Chief Economist for Europe... Leer más »
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Indhira Santos is a Senior Economist at the World Bank. Currently, she is part of the World Development Report (“Internet for Development”) team. She is... Leer más »
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Indira Chand is Communications Officer with the Development Prospects Group at The World Bank in Washington D.C. Prior to joining the Bank in 2010, she... Leer más »
Research Analyst at Sub-National Development and Policy Cluster, PREM, Indonesia Leer más »
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Inessa Love is a Senior Economist in the Finance and Private Sector Development Team of the Development Research Group. Since joining the Bank as a... Leer más »

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Ms. Andersen, a Danish national, was the Vice President of the Middle East and North Africa at the World Bank from October 2011 and until December 2014,... Leer más »
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Ingrid Woolard is an Associate Professor at University of Cape Town's School of Economics, and Research Associate with Southern Africa Labour and D... Leer más »

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Ioannis N Kessides is a former Lead Economist in the World Bank's Development Research Group. His areas of specialization are competition,... Leer más »
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Iqbal Kaur is a Senior Social Protection Specialist in the Human Development Department of the MENA region at the World Bank. She has led over 40 cross... Leer más »
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Irene Arias joined IFC in 1999. Prior to being appointed LAC director, Arias was Regional Manager for the Andean Region, overseeing five Andean... Leer más »
Irene Portabales González works in the Transport & ICT Global Practice, where she supports  the urban transport and Public-Private Partnership ... Leer más »
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Isabel Chatterton is Regional Manager for Public-Private Partnerships Advisory Services for the International Finance Corporation. She is based in New... Leer más »
Isabel Guerrero's picture

Isabel Guerrero became the World Bank’s Vice President for the South Asia Region on July 1, 2008. She has held management... Leer más »

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Isabel Hagbrink is the Senior Communications Officer of the World Bank’s Carbon Finance Unit. As such, she is responsible for all communications, b... Leer más »

Isabella Lövin's picture
Isabella Lövin served as an elected Member of the European Parliament between 2009 and 2014, when she became Minister for International Development... Leer más »
Isabelle Huynh's picture
Isabelle Huynh is a Senior Operations Officer who works in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit at the World Bank. Changing the... Leer más »
Isfandyar Zaman Khan's picture
Isfandyar Zaman Khan is a Program Leader for Central/Eastern Europe and the Baltic Countries, based in Brussels, coordinating the Bank's programs in the... Leer más »
Ishac Diwan's picture
Ishac Diwan teaches public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Current research interests include growth strategies, the political... Leer más »
IshacDiwan's picture
Ishac Diwan teaches public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Current research interests include growth strategies, the political... Leer más »
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Isis Gaddis is an Economist with the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) team in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania). Before joining the World Bank in... Leer más »
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Ismail H. Genc is professor of economics at the American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE. He received his PhD in economics from the Texas A&... Leer más »

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Ismail Radwan works for the World Bank's Africa Region Private Sector Development unit. He has worked in the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and Africa... Leer más »
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Israel Osorio Rodarte is currently a consultant at the World Bank's Development Prospects Group. As part of the Infrastructure and Modeling Team, his... Leer más »

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Isura is a social entrepreneur with a passion to create rural social entrepreneurs. He manages Sarvodya... Leer más »
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Itir is a member of the World Bank Finances team, a Finance Complex project that aims to make financial data about the World Bank's activities readily... Leer más »
Iulian Pogor's picture
Iulian is part of Open Data Advisory Team, which works to develop and implement a Bank-wide approach to supporting open government data in Bank client... Leer más »
Ivailo Izvorski's picture

Mr. Ivailo Izvorski is a Practice Manager in the Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management Global Practice of the World Bank. He is one of the coauthors... Leer más »

Iván Ríos's picture
Iván Ríos is part of the Economic Studies group at Mexico’s National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV). His current research focuses on the use... Leer más »
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Mr. Ivan Rossignol is the Chief Technical Specialist, Competitive Industries Practice in the Finance and Private Sector Development (FPD) network of the... Leer más »
Ivana Rossi's picture
Ivana Rossi is a Private Sector Development Specialist at the World Bank. In the Financial Market Integrity Unit, she leads a team that analyses... Leer más »
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Ivor Beazley is a lead public sector specialist at the Word Bank, currently focusing on public finance management issues in Europe and Central Asia. He... Leer más »
Iwan Gunawan's picture
Iwan is the World Bank Indonesia Office’s Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist. He works closely with various teams, advising on emergency... Leer más »