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Dr. Jaana Remes is a senior fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), McKinsey’s business and economics research arm, based in San Francisco. Since... Leer más »
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Jacob Burke is a Lead Irrigation Specialist in the Water Global Practice at the World Bank. He has over 30 years experience in irrigation and water... Leer más »
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Jacob Goldston is an assistant professor at the University of South Carolina and a consultant for the World Bank's Poverty Global Practice. He was a... Leer más »
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Jacob P. Hochard is a PhD student in Department of Economics & Finance, University of Wyoming Leer más »
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Jacob Townsend is an expert in migration and has worked for governments, international organisations and private companies on different aspects of... Leer más »
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Jacomina de Regt worked for the World Bank for over 30 years, last as coordinator for Community Driven Development for the Africa Region.  She... Leer más »

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Jacqueline is the Senior Social Marketing Specialist at the Water and Sanitation Program of the World Bank, providing technical advice in behavior... Leer más »
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Jacques Morisset is the World Bank Lead Economist in Madagascar. After getting his PhD in Economics from the University of Geneva, he has hold various... Leer más »
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Jacques OULD AOUDIA est chercheur en économie politique du développement. Jusqu’en 2011, il a été Économiste à la Direction Générale du Trésor du... Leer más »
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Ms. Jaehyang So is the Director, Trust Funds and Partnerships at the World Bank. A Korean national, Ms. So joined the World Bank in 1992 as a Young... Leer más »

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Dr. Md. Jahirul Islam, Director-General/Project Director, Emergency Cyclone Recovery and Restoration... Leer más »
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Jaime de Melo is a professor at the University of Geneva and a Senior Fellow at FERDI (Fondation pour les études et recherches dans le développement... Leer más »
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A native of Peru, Saavedra-Chanduvi has overseen oper... Leer más »

Jake Fagan is a consultant for a Nordic Trust Fund project, “Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Development.” This project examines sexual... Leer más »
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Jamal Ibrahim Haidar is a PhD candidate at the Paris School of Economics, University of Paris-1 Pantheon Sorbonne, and ENSAE-CREST. Previously, he... Leer más »
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Jamele Rigolini is a Senior Economist in the World Bank’s Office of the Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean. His areas of expertise... Leer más »
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James A. Schmidt is counsel with the international law firm of Hunton & Williams LLP. With more than 25 years of experience, Mr. Schmidt focuses on... Leer más »
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James Cameron is an acclaimed filmmaker and explorer. As director, writer, and producer, he is responsible for some of the most memorable films of the... Leer más »
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James Deane is Director of Policy and Learning of BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development charity.  He has more than 30 years... Leer más »
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(Note: James left the World Bank in February 2010)
James' primary responsibilities on this blog lied in coordinating and producing content... Leer más »

James Liu is currently an intern with the World Bank's ICT and education team. A rising senior at Stanford University studying economics and education,... Leer más »
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James Martone lleva en el mundo del periodismo desde 1984, cuando empezó realizando reportajes en Radio Cairo, Egipto. Trabajó para el Washington Post y... Leer más »
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James Rawlins is an Associate Director at The Carbon Trust, which was set up by the UK Government in 2001 to help the UK business... Leer más »
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I work on financial sector development issues in the East Asia & Pacific region for the World Bank.  I have been working on a variety of... Leer más »

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James Walsh was a member of the research team for the World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior. Before coming to the... Leer más »
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Jamie Lee is a Junior Professional Associate in the Investment Climate Department of the World Bank Group. Prior to the World Bank Group, she received... Leer más »
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Until recently, Jamil Salmi, a Moroccan education economist, served as the coordinator of the World Bank's tertiary education program. Mr... Leer más »

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Jamus Lim is currently a senior economist at the World Bank. He was educated at the University of Calif... Leer más »

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Johannes Martinus Marie Engels, has been trained in genetics, plant breeding and pedagogic and didactics at the Agricultural University of Wageningen... Leer más »

Jan Loeprick is a PSD Specialist who advises clients as a member of the T&C business taxation team. He focuses on tax reg... Leer más »

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Mr. Jan Mattsson became Member of the Inspection Panel in November 2014. A Swedish national, he brings to the Panel over three decades of development... Leer más »
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.Jan Walliser is sector manager for Poverty Reduction and Economic Management in the World Bank’s Africa Region. In his current position, he overse... Leer más »

Jana El-Horr is a social development specialist at the World Bank. She works on social dimensions of conflict and violence, political economy, community... Leer más »
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Jana Kunicová is a Senior Public Sector Specialist at the World Bank, working on improving public sector performance (service delivery; strategic... Leer más »
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Jana Malinska is a Senior Program Officer at infoDev’s Climate Technology Program and leads development and coordination of the global Climate... Leer más »
As leader of the network, Dev engages with government policymakers who shape the business environment for the private and financial sectors. To help... Leer más »
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Jane Ebinger is the manager for the Climate Policy and Finance Team of the World Bank. Previously, she was assigned to the Energy Sector Manag... Leer más »

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Jane Hwang is a Financial Sector Specialist in the Latin America and Caribbean Region. She has worked in the financial sector field for nearly 10 years.... Leer más »
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Jane Kiringai is a Senior Economist based in the Kenya country Office. Jane undertakes economic analytical work in the areas of macroeconomic policy and... Leer más »
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Jane is an independent adviser on service transformation, strategic design and collaborative governance to client governments and companies. She has... Leer más »
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Janmejay Singh is currently a Senior Strategy and Operations Officer working in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. As part of the regional... Leer más »
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Janneke Hartvig Blomberg is a Nutrition Specialist with the World Bank, based in the Tanzania Country Office since October 2009 where she has been... Leer más »
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Janneke Pieters is Assistant Professor in the Development Economics Group at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and Research Fellow at the... Leer más »
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Jared Schott is a Governance and Justice Specialist in the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice, where his work focuses on inclusive governance,... Leer más »
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Jas Singh currently serves as a Senior Energy Efficiency Specialist with the World Bank’s Europe & Central Asia Energy Unit, working on energy... Leer más »
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Jason Gagnon is a Junior Policy Analyst with the Poverty Reduction and Social Development group, focused particularly in the areas of migration, labour... Leer más »
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Jason Lamb is a deputy director on the Financial Services for the Poor team. He works with strategic partners and standard setting bodies to improv... Leer más »

Jason is a Program Assistant with the office of World Development Report at the World Bank. He provides technical and logistical support in the... Leer más »

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Javier Arias is a former Consultant with the Social Protection and Labor Group at the World Bank. Leer más »

Javier Gonzalez has worked in the public sector in public finance and central banking and in the private sector in financial research. He has taugh... Leer más »

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Javier Moreno Barber es director de EL PAÍS desde el 4 de mayo de 2006. Su nombramiento coincidió con el 30º... Leer más »
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Jean Paul Vélez es actualmente miembro de la Global Practice de Transporte y TIC del Banco Mundial, enfocándose en el desarrollo de soluciones de... Leer más »
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Jean Pesme is the manager of the Financial Market Integrity (FMI) service line, within the World Bank Group's Financial and Private Sector Development... Leer más »
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Jean-Charles Hourcade is director of research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). He is acting as director of the CIRED ... Leer más »

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Mr. Jean-Christophe Dumont is Head of the International Migration Division (IMD) of the Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs at the... Leer más »
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Jean-Christophe Maur is a Senior Economist in the Growth and Competitiveness Program at the World Bank Institute. His current responsibilities in WBI... Leer más »

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Jean-François Arvis is a Senior Transport Economist with the World Bank Group Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice, where he is in charge of the... Leer más »
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Jean-Jacques is the Manager of the Research Services unit in the Development Economics Vice Presidency, at the World Bank. He has worked at the World... Leer más »

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Jean-Louis Racine is a senior innovation specialist working in the Europe and Central Asia region and the Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship... Leer más »
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Jean-Michel Happi is the World Bank’s Country Manager for Armenia. He provides leadership on the overall policy reform agenda for the country,... Leer más »
Jean-Noël Guillossou is Program Manager for the Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) Leer más »
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Jean-Paul Faguet is a Reader in the Political Economy of Development of London School of Economics. Leer más »
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Jean-Pierre Chauffour is Lead Country Economist for Morocco and Regional Trade Coordinator in the Middle East and North Africa Region at the World Bank.... Leer más »
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Jeanette is a communications and social media consultant for the World Bank's African Diaspora Program. She studied development economics at the... Leer más »
Jeanette Thomas is the former head of Knowledge, Web and Communications for the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), were she oversaw ... Leer más »

Jeanne M. Hauch is a Senior Investigator with the East Asia Pacific Team of the Integrity Vice Presidency of the World Bank. Before joining the Wor... Leer más »

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Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist Leer más »
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JED FRIEDMAN is a senior economist in the Development Research Group (Poverty and Inequality Team) at the World Bank. His research interests... Leer más »
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Jee Peng TAN is currently Education Advisor in the Human Development Network of the World Bank where she coordinates the Network’s Bank-wide program on... Leer más »
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Jeffrey Gutman is currently a senior fellow in the Global Economy and Development program at the Brookings Institution, focusing on issues of... Leer más »
Jeff Kaplan's picture
Jeff is a strategic management consultant to government agencies and multinational companies on open data, open innovation, technology policies and... Leer más »
Jeff McCoy's picture

Jeff develops and manages products that enable greater access to the Bank’s rich repository of information.   He oversaw the development ... Leer más »

Jeff Swartz's picture
Jeff Swartz is Director of International Policy for the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) Leer más »
Jeff Thindwa's picture
Jeff Thindwa, a Malawi national, is Practice Manager in the World Bank’s Governance and Inclusive Institutions Directorate, where he leads the work... Leer más »
Mr. Cohen is Associate Professor of Anthropology at The Ohio State University. His work focuses on migration, economic development, and food safety... Leer más »
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Jeff Hammer is the Charles and Marie Robertson Visiting Professor of Economic Development at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University. He is... Leer más »
Jeggan Rajendram's picture
He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Economics. After returning to Sri Lanka he ventured into the e-commerce field by co... Leer más »
Jekaterina Navicke's picture
Jekaterina Navicke is on the Department of Sociology at the University of Vilnius and a member of the EUROMOD consortium.  Leer más »
Jemima Sy's picture
Jemima Sy is the global business leader for the Water and Sanitation Program's initiative on domestic private sector participation. The Water and... Leer más »
Jeni Klugman's picture
Jeni Klugman is a senior adviser at the World Bank and a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School's Women and Public Policy Program. She currently... Leer más »
Jennider Chien is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank Group. Leer más »
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Jennifer Chien is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist in the Financial Inclusion team in the Finance & Markets Global Practice. She focuses on... Leer más »
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Jennifer Lentfer is a writer and consultant that champions responsive, small grant-making mechanisms supporting local leaders and organizations in the... Leer más »
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Consultura en temas de género y salud Leer más »
Full profile coming soon. Leer más »
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Jennifer Silberman is the Vice President of Corporate Responsibility for Hilton Worldwide. Leer más »

Jeremy Levin is a senior technical specialist in South Asia Sustainable Development Department, SASDI where he works on energy efficiency, renewable... Leer más »

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Jerome Elie is a consultant and a historian on international migration, collaborating on the KNOMAD Thematic Working Group 6 "'Migration, Secu... Leer más »

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Edmund G. Brown Jr., known as Jerry, was elected to his third term as Governor of California in 2010. He was first elected in 1974 and reelected in... Leer más »

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Jesko Hentschel es el Director del Banco Mundial para Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay, con sede en Buenos Aires. Hentschel es funcionario del Banco... Leer más »
Jessica Gallegos's picture
Jessica Gallegos is a Junior Professional Associate at the Social Development Unit Latin America and the Caribbean. In this capacity she has been... Leer más »
Jessica Lee's picture
Jessica Lee is an Operations Officer in the World Bank Group’s Education Global Practice, where she provides support to education projects and related... Leer más »
Jessica Owens's picture
Jessica Owens is a Consultant at Colombia's Ministry of Labor. Leer más »
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Jessica est responsable de la communication pour le programme Mwananchi. Ce programme a pour but d’aider... Leer más »
Jesus Cervantes is coordinator of the real sector and of the Remittances Forum at CEMLA. Such Forum coordinates the activities that CEMLA carries on... Leer más »
Jesús Crespo Cuaresma's picture
Jesús Crespo Cuaresma is Professor of Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), as well as Director of Economic Analysis at the... Leer más »
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I am Advisor to the Chief Economist in the Economics and Research Department of the Asian 
... Leer más »
Jevgenijs Steinbuks's picture
Jevgenijs Steinbuks is an Economist at the World Bank Development Research Group, Environment and Energy Research Team. His areas of expertise are in... Leer más »
Jewel McFadden's picture
Jewel McFadden is an Acquisitions Editor in ECR’s Publishing and Knowledge Department. She works on the Directions in Development series and on topics... Leer más »
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Jianxiong Peng is the Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of KOE Technology Investment Co, Ltd.  Leer más »
Jie Li's picture
Jie Li is an energy and environmental specialist at the World Bank, working in the Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change unit of the South Asia... Leer más »
Jill Farrington's picture
Jill Farrington is former Coordinator, Noncommunicable Diseases, WHO Regional Office for Europe and has over 20 years public health experience including... Leer más »
Jill Richmond's picture
Jill Richmond joined the Development Marketplace in 2011 and a Senior Consultant –- handling thought leadership campaigns, behavior change and... Leer más »
Jim Adams's picture

Jim Adams is Vice President of the East Asia and Pacific Region, at the World Bank.  In this capacity, he has overall responsibility for Worl... Leer más »

Jim Anderson's picture
James Anderson (Jim) is currently the World Bank's Country Manager for Mongolia, a country familiar to him from his time there in the mid-1990s. Before... Leer más »
Jim Brumby's picture
Jim Brumby is a sector manager working on Poverty Reduction and Economic Management in East Asia and Pacific region. Leer más »
Jim Leape's picture
Jim Leape is the Director General of WWF International, a position to which he was appointed in December 2005. Leape has worked in conservation for more... Leer más »
Jim Rosenberg's picture
Jim leads the World Bank's global corporate online & social media efforts including content strategy, innovation, rapid response, and campaigns in... Leer más »
Jim Thaller's picture
Jim Thaller is an entrepreneur who believes that the food industry can change the world. He is one of the founders and managing directors of Talier... Leer más »
Jim Yong Kim's picture

Jim Yong Kim se convirtió en el duodécimo presidente del Grupo del Banco Mundial el 1 de julio de 2012.

El Dr. Kim es médico y antropól... Leer más »

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Jing Guo's picture
Jing Guo is a member of the Public Opinion Research Group of the Global Practice Communications Department. Her work currently focuses on conducting... Leer más »
Jingrong He's picture
Jingrong He has been working with the Procurement Team of the World Bank’s Beijing office for 16 years, and she has been a Procurement Specialist since... Leer más »
Jiro Tominaga's picture
Jiro Tominaga is a Senior Evaluation Officer in the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG). He has led several evaluations assessing the development results... Leer más »
Jishnu Das's picture

Jishnu Das, is a Lead Economist in the Development Research Group (Human Development and Public Services Team) at The World Bank and a Visiting Fel... Leer más »

Jo Boyden's picture
Jo Boyden has been an authority on child development and children's rights since the mid-1980s. Over that time, she has worked on various aspects of... Leer más »

Joachim is co-founder and Research Director at Economic Development Initiatives (EDI), a research institution based in Tanzania. The company grew f... Leer más »

Joachim von Amsberg's picture

Joachim von Amsberg became Vice President of Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships (Leer más »

Joana Godinho's picture
Joana Godinho es gerente del sector de salud del Banco Mundial en América Latina y el Caribe, donde coordina la gestión del conocimiento y los... Leer más »
Joana Silva's picture
Joana Silva is a Senior Economist at the World Bank, where she works on labor market reforms and social safety nets. At the World Bank, Joana has... Leer más »
Joanna Watkins's picture
Joanna A. Watkins joined the World Bank in 2009 as a Program Coordinator for the Public Sector Performance Global Expert Team and is... Leer más »
Joao dos Santos's picture
Joao joined the communications team of the World Bank in Timor-Leste in January 2011. His main duties are to handle the World Bank Public Information... Leer más »
Joao Pedro Azevedo's picture
Joao Pedro Azevedo is a senior economist at the World Bank in Washington. He currently works for the European and Central Asia region, focusing on... Leer más »
Joaquín Toro's picture
Joaquín Toro es especialista sénior en gestión de riesgos de desastres en el Banco Mundial. Es responsable por la cartera de proyectos de gestión de... Leer más »
Jobs Group's picture
The Jobs Group consists of World Bank staff who work with the Jobs Cross-Cutting Solutions Area (CCSA) on topics such as Jobs and Development, and... Leer más »
Jochen Kluve's picture
Jochen Kluve is a Professor of Labor Economics at Humboldt University, Berlin. Leer más »
Jodi Nelson's picture
Jodi Nelson, director of Impact Planning & Improvement (IPI), leads a central team that creates the guidelines and standards for strategy and... Leer más »
Jody Zall Kusek's picture
Jody Zall Kusek has published and worked in the area of results based management for much of her career. She currently works for the World Bank where... Leer más »
Joe Leitmann's picture

Joe Leitmann is the World Bank’s environment coordinator for Indonesia, with responsibility for activities related to climate change, natural... Leer más »

Joe Qian's picture

Joe Qian is an Online Communications Associate for the Leer más »

Joe Wales's picture
Joe joined the Politics and Governance team at ODI in August 2012. He is a graduate of Oxford University and has an MPA in International Development... Leer más »
Joel B. Smith's picture
Joel B. Smith was a coordinating lead author for the synthesis chapter on climate change impacts for the Third Assessment Report of the... Leer más »
Joel Hellman's picture

Leads the World Bank’s global practice on fragile and conflict-affected states as Director of the Center on Conflict, Security and Development base... Leer más »

Joel Reyes's picture
Joel Reyes is a senior institutional development specialist, with more than 20 years of experience in the World Bank education sector (in Latin America,... Leer más »
Joel Turkewitz's picture
Joel Turkewitz is currently the Program Coordinator for the Regional Governance Hub, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Joel joined the Bank in 2000 as Senior... Leer más »
Johan Mistiaen's picture
Johan A. Mistiaen, a Belgian national, is a Senior Economist-Statistician at the World Bank in Washington DC. He currently leads the Bank’s socio... Leer más »
Johan Swinnen's picture
Johan Swinnen is Professor and Director of the LICOS-Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance -- a Centre of Excellence -- at the KU Leuven,... Leer más »
Johanna Martinsson's picture

Johanna Martinsson manages this blog.  She has several years of experience in the areas of advocacy, communication, knowledge management ... Leer más »

Johannes Kiess's picture
Johannes Kiess is an Operations Officer at the World Bank Institute Innovation Labs. He is the team leader for the Open Aid Partnership, which brings... Leer más »
Johannes Spinnewijn's picture

Johannes Spinnewijn is a Lecturer at the Department of Economics at the London School of Economics. Prior to joining LSE, he compl... Leer más »

Johannes Zutt's picture
Johannes Zutt, de nacionalidad holandesa, ha participado activamente en el desarrollo desde 1990. Su primera experiencia participan la planificación,... Leer más »
John Anderson's picture
John Anderson is a Private Sector Development Specialist with the World Bank Group. Since 2011, he has managed the Converting and Transferring Currency... Leer más »
John Baffes's picture

John Baffes is a Senior Economist with the Development Prospects Group. His responsibilities include commodity market monitoring and price projecti... Leer más »

John Corbett's picture
John Corbett, Ph.D., is an agricultural climatologist and the co-founder and CEO of aWhere, Inc. After graduating with honors from Dartmouth College,... Leer más »
Mr. Donnelly is the communications advisor for World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. He was vice president and senior editor at Burness Communications and... Leer más »
John Garrison's picture

John Garrison, joined the World Bank in 1996 as a Civil Society Specialist.  He spent the first five years working in the Bank’s office in Bra... Leer más »

John Gibson is Professor in the Department of Economics, University of Waikato and a Senior Research Associate of Motu Economic and Public Policy... Leer más »
John Haltiwanger's picture
John Haltiwanger is a Professor of Economics at University of Maryland. Leer más »
John J. Beardsworth's picture
John J. Beardsworth, Jr., is head of the business practice group of the international law firm Hunton & Williams LLP and a member of the firm’s... Leer más »
John Kamensky's picture
Mr. Kamensky is a senior fellow with the IBM Center for The Business of Government, where he is passionate about helping transform government to be more... Leer más »
John Keyser's picture
John Keyser moved to Lusaka, Zambia in 1995 to work as an independent consultant in agriculture economics and rural development. Since then, John has... Leer más »
John Nash's picture
John Nash es economista líder del Departamento de Desarrollo Sostenible del Banco Mundial en la región de América Latina y el Caribe, donde trabaja en... Leer más »
John Nasir's picture
John Nasir is an American national who joined the World Bank in 1997 as a consultant. Since then he has worked on private sector development issues in... Leer más »
John Paul's picture
John is a consultant for infoDev, a global partnership program within the World Bank Group which works at the intersection of innovation, technology,... Leer más »
John Probyn's picture
John is an Infrastructure Finance Analyst at the Infrastructure Policy Unit of the World Bank. His work focuses on the analysis of renewable energy... Leer más »
John Randa is a senior economist at the Macroeconomic and Fiscal Global Practice, where he focuses on macro fiscal work in Kenya and Somalia country... Leer más »
John Roome's picture

John Roome is Director for Sustainable Development in the East Asia Region of the World Bank. He is responsible for the Bank’s work with the 22... Leer más »

John Speakman is a Lead Private Sector Development Specialist in the Africa Region in the World Bank, and a co-author of the Growth Pole chapter in the... Leer más »
John Stein's picture
John "Jack" Stein is sector director for sustainable development for the South Asia region of the World Bank. During his 30 years at the Bank, he has... Leer más »
John T. Addison's picture
John T. Addison is Professor of Economic Theory at University of South Carolina. Leer más »
John Van Reenan's picture

John Van Reenen is a Professor of Economics and Director Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.

Leer más »
John Wilson's picture

John S.Wilson is a Lead Economist in the Development Economics Research Group of the World Bank. Mr. Wilson currently directs research on trade costs... Leer más »

Jon Kher Kaw's picture
Jon Kher Kaw is a Senior Urban Specialist with the South Asia Urban Unit at the World Bank, based in Washington, DC. He brings with him... Leer más »
Jon Strand's picture
Jon Strand , a Norwegian national, is a senior economist in the World Bank Development Research Group's Environment and Energy Team in Washington, D.C.... Leer más »
Jonas Moberg's picture
Jonas Moberg is currently the Head of Secretariat of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).  Before joining the EITI, he... Leer más »
Jonathan Coony's picture
Jonathan Coony is the Program Coordinator of infoDev’s Climate Technology Program to establish a global network of Climate Innovation Centers in... Leer más »
Jonathan Kamkwalala's picture
Jonathan Kamkwalala is Sector Manager in the World Bank Africa Region’s Sustainable Development department. He is in charge of Water Resources and... Leer más »
Jonathan Mellon's picture
Dr. Jonathan Mellon is a research Fellow at Nuffield College, University of Oxford working on the British Election Study. Jonathan is a senior data... Leer más »
Jonathan Walters's picture
Jonathan Walters is the Director for Regional Strategy and Programs in the Middle East and North Africa Region of the World Bank. He joined the World... Leer más »
Jonathan Woetzel's picture

Based in Shanghai since 1996, Jonathan has been instrumental in establishing and growing McKinsey’s presence in China. In addition to his work help... Leer más »

Jordan Holt's picture
Jordan Holt is the Coordinator of the Indicators of the Strength of Public Management Systems (ISPMS) initiative at the World Bank. ISPMS aims to... Leer más »
Jordan Schwartz's picture

Jordan Schwartz is the World Bank's Manager for Infrastructure Policy, based at the Bank's global infrastructure hub in Singapore. He has worked in... Leer más »

Jordan Z. Schwartz's picture
Jordan Z. Schwartz is Head of the Global Infrastructure Facility and the acting director of the World Bank Group's Singapore office. Leer más »
Jorge Arbache's picture
Jorge Saba Arbache is Senior Economist in the World Bank's Office of the Chief Economist, Africa Region, and is the director of the Africa Development... Leer más »
Jorge Coarasa's picture
Jorge Coarasa is a Senior Economist with the World Bank Group Investment Climate Department where he focuses on private participation in health and... Leer más »
Jorge Familiar's picture
Jorge Familiar, a Mexican national, is the Vice President of the World Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean since May 1, 2014. He is the first Latin... Leer más »
Jorge Rebelo's picture
Jorge M. Rebelo, a Canadian and Portuguese national, is a former World Bank (WB) Lead Transport Specialist who works as a mass transit and freight... Leer más »
Jos Verbeek's picture
Jos Verbeek is adviser in the office of the World Bank Group President’s Special Envoy on Post 2015 development issues. Prior to this assignment he was... Leer más »
José Alejandro Quijada's picture
José Alejandro Quijada is part of the Global Monitoring Report team, Development Economics Prospects Group at the World Bank. He works on issues related... Leer más »
Inició su actividad profesional en la Comisión Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas y ha ocupado diversos cargos en la Administración Pública dentro del sector... Leer más »
José Antonio Ocampo's picture
José Antonio Ocampo  is Professor in the School of International and Public Affairs and Member of the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia... Leer más »
José Cuesta's picture

José Cuesta is a development economist with a Ph.D. in economics from Oxford University. He is an affiliated professor at Georgetown University's M... Leer más »

Jose Daniel Reyes's picture
Jose Daniel Reyes is a Trade Economist in the World Bank Group Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice. He has several years of research and... Leer más »
Jose Guilherme Reis is the Lead Trade Economist at the World Bank. Leer más »
José Juan Ruiz Gómez's picture
José Juan Ruiz Gómez, a Spanish citizen, is the Chief Economist and Manager of the Research Department at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).... Leer más »
Jose Luis Diaz Sanchez's picture
Jose Luis Diaz Sanchez is an Economist at the Office of the World Bank Chief Economist. His has also held assignments at the World Bank’s Independent... Leer más »
Jose Luis Irigoyen's picture
Jose Luis Irigoyen is Director of the Transport and Information and Communications Technologies Global Practice of the World Bank. Since its... Leer más »
José Luis Orihuela's picture
Es profesor de la Facultad de Comunicación de la Universidad de Navarra (Pamplona, España), y viaja con frecuencia para impartir cursos y conferencias.... Leer más »
José Luis Polanco's picture

José Luis Polanco de León es el Director de Metas Presidenciales en Ministerio de la Presidencia de la Republica Dominicana.

Leer más »
José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs's picture
José-Luis Peydró's picture

José-Luis Peydró is Professor of Economics at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Professor of Banking at Cass Business School, and CEPR... Leer más »

Josefina Posadas's picture
Josefina Posadas is an Economist at the Gender and Development Group of the Poverty Reduction Network in the World Bank. She holds a Ph.D. from Boston... Leer más »
Joseph Mansilla's picture
Joseph Mansilla works with the Public Integrity and Openness Department of the Governance Global Practice. Prior to joining the World Bank, Joseph was a... Leer más »
Joseph Oryokot's picture
I am an agriculturalist by training with graduate degrees in Crop Science. I work in the Uganda Country Office of the World Bank as a Senior Agriculture... Leer más »
Joseph Stiglitz's picture

Joseph Stiglitz is a University Professor at Columbia University and Co-Chair of Columbia University's Committee on Global Thought.

A g... Leer más »

Joshua Gallo's picture
Joshua Gallo, Senior Municipal Finance Specialist at the World Bank since 2000, leads the World Bank’s global City Creditworthiness Initiative and... Leer más »
Joshua Goldstein's picture
Joshua Goldstein is a PhD candidate at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and a consultant in the World Bank Group’s... Leer más »
Joshua Wimpey's picture
Joshua Wimpey joined the Enterprise Analysis team in 2007 after working as a consultant for the World Bank for two years. His prior experience includes... Leer más »
Joulan Abdul Khalek's picture
Joulan Abdul Khalek is an ICT Policy Specialist at the World Bank focusing on technology and job creation. He is a team member of several ICT lending... Leer más »
Joumana Asso's picture
Joumana Asso, Senior Private Sector Development Specialist at the Climate Investment Funds, covers the private sector portfolio of the funds for the... Leer más »
Joumana Cobein's picture
Joumana Cobein is the IFC Head for the Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria), based in Rabat. As country head for Morocco, from 2007 to 2010, she took... Leer más »
Consultant for the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice Leer más »
Juan Baron's picture
Juan Baron is an Economist in the World Bank Group’s Education Global Practice, where he works on analytical and lending activities in Latin American... Leer más »
Juan Buchenau is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist working in the Latin America and the Caribbean region of the World Bank. Has an MSc from the... Leer más »
Juan Chaparro's picture

Juan Chaparro is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Applied E... Leer más »

Juan Costain's picture
Juan Costain is the Principal Regional Team Leader for South Asia for the Water and Sanitation Program at the World Bank. Leer más »
Juan Echenique's picture
Juan A. Echenique is a consultant for the Sustainable Development department of the World Bank. His work on the Wold Bank involves applied research with... Leer más »
Juan Feng's picture
Juan Feng, a Chinese national, is an Economist at the World Bank in Washington DC. She joined the Bank in 2008, and has since focused most of her... Leer más »
Juan Manuel Moreno's picture
Juan Manuel Moreno is Senior Education Specialist at the Department of Middle East and North Africa of the World Bank. Having worked in education... Leer más »
Jude Hanan's picture
Judith (Jude) Hanan joined the World Bank's Web Governance Team as the new social media and emerging tools strategist. Before joining the Bank, Jude... Leer más »
Judith Rodin's picture

Judith Rodin is president of The Rockefeller Foundation, one of the world's leading philanthropic organizations. She was previously president of th... Leer más »

Judy Baker's picture
Judy Baker is a Lead Economist in the Urban Practice Group at the World Bank Institute working on issues of urban poverty, service delivery, and climate... Leer más »
Judy Deng's picture
Judy Deng is currently an intern with the World Bank's South Asia Urban Unit in their fmalgship program on urbanization. She is currently a rising... Leer más »
Juergen Voegele's picture
Juergen Voegele, Ph. D., was appointed Senior Director of the World Bank's Agriculture Global Practice on July 1, 2014. ... Leer más »
Julia Bezgacheva's picture
Julia joined the World Bank in 2011 as a member of the World Bank Finances team. Here she worked on releasing and expanding the World Bank Group... Leer más »
Julia Brethenoux's picture
Julia Brethenoux assists in the implementation of infoDev’s Creating Sustainable Businesses program in collaboration with the government of Finland and... Leer más »
Julia Bucknall's picture
Julia Bucknall is currently the Manager of the Bank's central unit for Water, known as the Water Anchor. She has also worked as a Lead Natural Resources... Leer más »
Julia Mensah's picture
Julia Mensah is an Extended Term Consultant in the World Bank Institute's Health Systems Practice. In this capacity she provides technical support to... Leer más »
Julia Oliver's picture
Julia Oliver is an online communications officer for the World Bank's Trade & Competitiveness and Macroeconomics & Fiscal Management Global... Leer más »
Julia Ross's picture
Julia Ross is an Online Communications Officer at the World Bank, where she works with the health, education and social protection/labor teams. Prior to... Leer más »
Julian Lampietti's picture
Julian Lampietti works on Agriculture and Rural Development in the Middle East and North Africa Region of the World Bank. The focus of his current work... Leer más »
Julian Lee's picture
Julian Lee is an Environment Specialist in the Environment Global Practice, where he primarily works to promote the conservation and sustainable use of... Leer más »
Julianne Baker Gallegos's picture
Julianne Baker Gallegos is a Junior Professional Associate focusing on the relationship between cities and climate change at the World Bank's Urban... Leer más »
Julie Babinard's picture

Julie Babinard is a Senior Transport Specialist in the Transport Unit of the Transport, Water and Information and Communication Technolog... Leer más »

Julie Barbet-Gros's picture
Julie Barbet-Gros is a consultant with the World Bank’s Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) group in Washington DC. She is working on... Leer más »
Julie Biau's picture
Julie Biau is a Research Assistant at the Global Economy and Development program, at Brookings, where she studies questions related to poverty... Leer más »
Julie McLaughlin's picture
Julie McLaughlin is the Sector Manager for Health, Nutrition, and Population in the South Asia region. McLaughlin, a public health specialist who has... Leer más »
Julie Ruel-Bergeron's picture
Julie Ruel-Bergeron is a nutrition specialist in the Human Development Network's Health, Nutrition, and Population (HNP) unit. While earning her MPH,... Leer más »
Juliet Pumpuni's picture
Juliet Pumpuni is a Senior Energy Specialist in the World Bank’s Africa Energy Group. She is also the task team leader for the Biomass Energy Initiative... Leer más »
Julio Mantilla es Gerente de Sistemas y Coordinador de Desarrollo Inclusivo de USAID, y presidente del Observatorio Ciudadano para la Vigilancia de la... Leer más »
Julio Revilla's picture
Julio is a senior country economist for Zambia. Before joining the Bank in 2005, he worked at the Institute of International Finance, as an advisor to... Leer más »
Jumana Alaref's picture
Jumana Alaref is a Junior Professional Associate with the Human Development Unit of the Middle East and North Africa Region at the World Bank. She works... Leer más »
Jumana Qamruddin's picture
Jumana Qamruddin is a Health, Nutrition and Population Operational Officer at the Africa Region. She is involved in disease control and health system... Leer más »
Jun Erik Rentschler's picture
Jun Erik Rentschler is a Research Analyst for the WDR 2014, working with the World Bank SDN Chief Economist’s Office and the Global Facility for... Leer más »
Junaid Kamal Ahmad's picture
Junaid Ahmad, a Bangladeshi national, leads the World Bank Group’s Water Global Practice (GP), which supports governments to build a water-secure world... Leer más »
Juned Sonido's picture
Juned (Ernesto), a graduate of the University of the Philippines, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and a Masters degree in Library and... Leer más »
Jung Weil's picture
Jung coordinates strategic communications and social media activities for the Development Data Group.  She has developed and executed strategic... Leer más »
Junko Narimatsu's picture
Ms.Junko Narimatsu is a consultant with the ICT Sector Unit. Her current work focuses on policies related to fostering the IT and IT-enabled services... Leer más »
Jürgen Zattler's picture
Jürgen Zattler is the Deputy Director of European and Multilateral Development Federal Ministry for... Leer más »
Justin Forsyth's picture
Justin started his career with Oxfam as a Policy Adviser on South Africa during the dying days of apartheid, a cause which had been close to his heart... Leer más »
Justin Locke's picture
Justin Locke is a Disaster Risk Management for the Latin America and Caribbean Disaster Risk Management and Urban Unit of the World Bank. Justin leads... Leer más »
Justin Yifu Lin's picture

Justin Yifu Lin is the former World Bank Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, Development Economics. In his capacity, Mr. Lin guided the Bank... Leer más »

Justine Espina-Letargo's picture
Justine Espina-Letargo is the online communications officer for the World Bank's Philippines and Vietnam hub. She has done research on communications... Leer más »
Justine White is an Operations Officer in Innovation policy unit of the Growth and Competitiveness Program at the World Bank Institute. Her current... Leer más »
Jyoti Shukla's picture
Jyoti Shukla is the energy sector manager for the World Bank's South Asia region. Leer más »