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L. Colin Xu's picture

L. Colin Xu is a lead economist in the Research Group of the World Bank. He has worked mainly on the effects and the political economy of business... Leer más »

See L. Colin Xu's biography.

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Laban Maiyo is a GIS Consultant based at the World Bank office in Nairobi and in charge of spatial analytical work in the region. He hold an MSc in... Leer más »
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Lachlan Hoyle is a year 10 work experience student with the Word Bank Group. He lives in Australia, is aged 15 and possesses a keen interest in global... Leer más »
Lahiru Pathmalal's picture
BA in Political Science and Psychology from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Masters in International Relations from University of Queensland.... Leer más »
Lakshmi Iyer's picture
Lakshmi Iyer is an economist in the Business, Government and the International Economy (BGIE) Unit at Harvard Business School. Her primary research... Leer más »
Lalita Moorty's picture
Lalita Moorty is a Program Leader for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. She is based in Kyiv and covers macroeconomic and fiscal management, trade and... Leer más »
Larissa Gray is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank. In the Financial Market Integrity Unit, she helps Bank client countries with... Leer más »
Larke Riemer is Director of Women's Markets for Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia. She is the immediate past Chair of the Global Banking Alliance... Leer más »
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Lars is an education expert currently working in the Bangkok office of the World Bank. Leer más »
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Laura Alfaro is the Warren Alpert Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. She is also a Faculty Research Associate in the... Leer más »
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Laura Bailey started as the World Bank’s country manager for Papua New Guinea in April 2009. Before that, she has worked in Africa and Asia for a... Leer más »

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Laura Bonzanigo is a Research Analyst at the World Bank. She specializes in decision support for the integrated assessment of natu... Leer más »

Laura Gómez-Mera's picture
Laura Gómez-Mera is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Miami and a short-term consultant with the Trade and... Leer más »
Laura Keenan's picture
Laura Keenan works in Communications for Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands and is based in the Sydney office. Prior to joining the... Leer más »
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is currently a Health and Education Public-Private Partnership Specialist at the IFC. Laura joined the IFC from the World Bank's... Leer más »
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Laura Ralston is an Economist in the Social Protection and Labor practice of the World Bank, where she works on social insurance, human development and... Leer más »
Laura Tlaiye's picture

Laura is Sustainability Advisor in the World Bank Treasury. She has worked on environment and climate change issues for the past 20 years in various... Leer más »

Laura Tuck's picture
Laura Tuck was appointed as the World Bank’s Vice President for Europe and Central Asia<... Leer más »
Laura Wallace's picture
Laura Wallace is an independant writer and consultant, and is currently the editor of the Jobs and Development Blog at the World Bank. Prior to the... Leer más »
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Lauren MacDonald is currently working in South Asia External Affairs.

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Laurence Chandy is a fellow in the Global Economy and Development program... Leer más »
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Laurent is a Senior Environmental Specialist in the World Bank’s Climate Policy and Finance Department with over 20 years of experience with technical... Leer más »
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Layali Abdeen is the Investment Officer of the West Bank and Gaza Investment Guarantee Trust Fund administered by MIGA. The fund offers political risk... Leer más »
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Ledda Macera's picture
Ledda Macera holds a Masters in Latin American Studies from the University of California Los Angeles and her research has concentrated on the cross... Leer más »
Leigh Stefanik's picture
Leigh Stefanik is the Senior GBV Program Officer at CARE USA. She supports the integration of GBV... Leer más »
Leila Rafei's picture
Leila Rafei works with the Client Services and Communications (CSC) team of Development Data Group. She joined the World Bank in September 2012 after... Leer más »
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Lelia Croitoru is an environmental economist (consultant) at the World Bank. She has worked extensively on environmental valuation related to forests,... Leer más »
Lena Krylova's picture
Lena Krylova is a freelance consultant specializing in good governance and social accountability issues.  Leer más »
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Leni Wild is an experienced Research Fellow in the Politics and Governance Programme at the  Overseas Development Institute. She currently lea... Leer más »

Leo Bottrill's picture
Leo Bottrill is the Director and Co-Producer of Heart of Iron: Mining in the Congo Basin Rainforest and currently works as a consultant for the... Leer más »
Leonard McCarthy's picture

In June 2008, Leonard McCarthy was appointed vice president of the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency (INT), whose mandate it is to anticipate, d... Leer más »

Leonard Wantchekon's picture
Leonard Wantchekon is a professor of politics and an associated member of the economics faculty at Princeton University. Prior to working at Princeton,... Leer más »
Leonardo B. Paat Jr's picture
Leo brings fifteen years of strong professional experience in the field of environmental management for various sectors in the Gulf Region. He led... Leer más »
Leonardo Canon Rubiano's picture
Leonardo Cañón es actualmente miembro de la Global Practice de Transporte y TIC del Banco Mundial, enfocándose en análisis e investigación de programas... Leer más »
Leora Klapper's picture
Leora Klapper is a Lead Economist in the Development Research Group, Finance and Private Sector Research Unit, at the World Bank. Since joining the Bank... Leer más »
Leslie Elder's picture
Leslie Elder is a member of the SecureNutrition core team, and a Senior Nutrition Specialist and Nutrition Cluster Leader in the Health, Nutrition and... Leer más »
Lester R. Brown's picture
The Washington Post called Lester Brown "one of the world's most influential thinkers." The Telegraph of Calcutta... Leer más »
Leszek J. Sibilski's picture
Leszek Jan Sibilski is a consultant to the World Bank’s External and Corporate Relations, Global Engagement Department (ECRGE), as a part of the... Leer más »
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Liana Pistell's picture

Liana manages the World Bank's global corporate social media efforts, including content strategy, social marketing and campaigns. She is passionate... Leer más »

Liana Razafindrazay's picture
Liana Razafindrazay is a Geographer and specialist in risk assessment with deep expertise in Geospatial Information System. She is currently working as... Leer más »
Lida Bteddini's picture
Lida Bteddini joined the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Public Sector Governance Unit in September 2007. As a member of the MENA... Leer más »
Lidia Ceriani's picture
Lidia Ceriani is short term consultant at ECA-PREM, World Bank. A Ph.D graduate in Public Economics from the University of Pavia, she has been lecturer... Leer más »
Lídia Farré's picture
Lídia is a researcher at the Institute for Economic Analysis (IAE-CSIC). Her research focuses on migration and discrimination by gender and race. She... Leer más »
Liesbet Steer's picture
Dr. Liesbet Steer is a Fellow at the Center for Universal Education... Leer más »
Lili Liu is a Lead Economist at the PREM Economic Policy and Dept Department Leer más »
Lili Mottaghi's picture
Lili Mottaghi is an Economist in the Chief Economist Office for the Middle East and North Africa Region of the World Bank. She works on economic growth,... Leer más »
Lilian Pena Pereira Weiss 's picture
Lilian Pena Pereira Weiss es especialista en agua y saneamiento del Banco Mundial. Leer más »
Lillian Frost's picture
Lillian Frost is a Social Safety Nets Consultant in the Middle East and North Africa Region Human Development Department. Prior to joining the World... Leer más »
Lina Tutunji's picture
Lina Tutunji is a Senior Procurement Specialist at the Public Integrity and Openness Department of the Governance Global Practice,... Leer más »
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Linda Brooke Schultz's picture
Linda Schultz is a Public Health Consultant at the World Bank with the Human Development Department in the Africa Region.  Linda works closely with... Leer más »
Linda Kleemann works at the Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network (PEGNet) at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy in Germany. Leer más »
Linda Van Gelder's picture

Linda Van Gelder is Director, Governance and Public Sector, at the World Bank. In her 18 year career at the World Bank, she has held various... Leer más »

Lindsay Clinton's picture
Lindsay Clinton is a sustainable development strategist and researcher at SustainAbility in New York. Her consulting portfolio includes companies within... Leer más »
Line Zouhour's picture
Line Zouhour is a Program Assistant at the Middle East and North Africa department for the National Endowment for Democracy. Born and raised in... Leer más »
Linet Kwamboka's picture
Linet Kwamboka is the Founder and CEO of DataScience LTD, a company that uses data to discover intelligent insights about people,... Leer más »
Liping Jiang's picture
Liping Jiang is a senior irrigation engineer working in the East Asia and the Pacific, Sustainable Development Unit at the World Bank. He has previously... Leer más »
Lire Ersado's picture
Lire Ersado is a Senior Economist with the Human Development Unit of the Middle East and North Africa Region (MNA), the World Bank. Currently he manages... Leer más »
Lisa Bhansali's picture

Lisa Bhansali is the Governance and Anti-corruption Adviser for the Latin America and Caribbean Region of the World Bank. She has been a Senior... Leer más »

Lisa Horner's picture
Lisa Horner is Policy and Research Adviser – Post-2015 at Save the Children. She has previously served as Policy Manager for Voluntary Service Overseas ... Leer más »
Lisandro Martin's picture

Lisandro Martin is a Results Specialist Operations Officer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Lissa Johnson is a Data Systems Architect for YouthSave, and is the Director of Administration for the Center for Social Development at Washington... Leer más »
Livia Barton's picture

Livia has spent the past several years helping companies and organizations increase audience reach and awareness about their products and services... Leer más »

Livia M. Benavides's picture
Es el punto focal de Gobernabilidad y Anticorrupción para Perú y ha sido gerente del proyecto “Mejorando la prevención, vigilancia y rendición de... Leer más »
Liviane Urquiza's picture
Liviane es editora de Youthink! en francés.
... Leer más »
Liya Budyanskaya's picture
Liya completed her Master studies on journalism and media marketing at the Kazakh Institute of Economic Management (KIMEP). Previously the major focus... Leer más »
Lora Vicariot's picture
After 2 years working in Haïti as an engineer on different housing projects, Lora joined J/P Haitian Relief Organization as a Neighborhood Upgrading... Leer más »
Lotte Nordhus's picture
Lotte Nordhus is Junior Technical Advisor in the Sector Project Migration and Development of the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM... Leer más »
Louie Limkin's picture
Joseph Louie Limkin is a Research Analyst at the Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management Glboal Practice of the World Bank. His work primarily focuses on... Leer más »
Louis Bedoucha's picture

Louis, a French National, is a Senior Business Development Officer for MIGA located in Paris. 
... Leer más »

Louis Kuijs's picture

Louis Kuijs works since September 2004 as Senior Economist in the World Bank’s China office on macroeconomic issues, conducting macroeconomic... Leer más »

Louise Cord's picture
Louise Cord is Sector Manager of the Poverty Reduction and Gender Group in the Latin America and Caribbean Region at the World Bank. Prior to this... Leer más »
Louise Croneborg's picture
Louise Croneborg works in southern Africa as a Water Resources Management Specialist for the World Bank. She believes that leaving the office, talking... Leer más »
Louise Fox's picture
Louise Fox is a university lecturer and a consultant in development economics, specializing in employment, labor markets, social service delivery, and... Leer más »
LTD Editors's picture

Merrell Tuck-Primdahl: Merrell is Senior Communications Officer in the World Ba... Leer más »

Luc Christiaensen's picture

Luc Christiaensen is a Senior Economist in the Development Research Group of the World Bank. He takes a keen interest in issues related to poverty... Leer más »

Lucas Gortazar's picture
Lucas Gortazar is a Junior Professional Associate at the Education Unit with the Europe and Central Asia Region. He has worked on both analytical and... Leer más »
Lucia Grenna's picture
Lucia Grenna is the senior communications officer in the operational communications unit of the World Bank as well as the program manager for the... Leer más »
Lucian Bebchuk's picture

Lucian Bebchuk is the William J. Friedman and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor of Law, Economics, and Finance and Director of the Program on... Leer más »

Lucille L. Sering's picture
Secretary Lucille L. Sering is an environmental education advocate. Prior to her stint in Government, she served as the College Secretary or Associate... Leer más »
Lucio Monari's picture

Lucio Monari has been Sector Manager for Africa Energy group since September 2011. Before joining the Africa Region, Mr. Monari was Sector Manager of... Leer más »

Lucio Vinhas de Souza's picture

Lúcio Vinhas de Souza was until August 2010 the Head of the Russia Desk at the Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG-ECFIN) of... Leer más »

LUCY BENNETT O.'s picture
Periodista de la Universidad de Chile, Coordinadora de Comunicaciones del Ministerio de Hacienda de Chile desde marzo de 2010 a la fecha. Jefa de prensa... Leer más »
Luis Alberto Álvarez Vallejos's picture
Gerente Asesor de Comunicaciones del Banco Central de Chile desde junio de 2006. Periodista de la Universidad de Chile y Magíster en Comunicación... Leer más »
Luis Andres's picture
Luis Andres is Lead Economist in the Sustainable Development Department for the South Asia Region of the World Bank. His work at the World Bank involves... Leer más »
Luis Arroyo's picture
Luis Arroyo ha trabajado en el Palacio de la Moncloa y en otros altos puestos del Gobierno español. Asesora a gobiernos, primeros ministros, y a líderes... Leer más »
Luis Blancas's picture
Luis Blancas is a Transport Specialist with the World Bank Group Transport and ICT Global Practice, primarily dealing with the East Asia... Leer más »
Luis Ernesto Garcia's picture
Senior Hydrology Consultant Leer más »
Luis Felipe Duchicela's picture
Luis Felipe Duchicela serves as the Senior Advisor for Indigenous Peoples for the World Bank based in Washington, D.C. His primary job is to create a... Leer más »
Lead Economist Leer más »
Luis Miguel Castilla's picture
Luis Miguel Castilla is the Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru. Leer más »
Luis Vélez Pretelt's picture
Luis Vélez currently works as a Consultant for the Open Contracting Team in the Governance Global Practice of the World Bank Group. Luis joined the WBG... Leer más »
Luke Jordan's picture
Luke Jordan is a Private Sector Development Specialist with the Competitive Industries Practice, based in New Delhi. He works on manufacturing in India... Leer más »
Lydia Habhab's picture
Lydia Habhab has been a consultant at the World Bank in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Public Sector and Governance Reform Department since... Leer más »
Lynne Sherburne-Benz's picture


Lynne D. Sherburne-Benz is Sector Manager, Social Protection in the World ... Leer más »

Lyudmila Bujoreanu's picture
Lyudmila (Luda) Bujoreanu is a development professional who has worked in more than 15 countries on projects funded by the World Bank, IFC, UNDP, U.S.... Leer más »