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Obiageli "Oby" Ezekwesili, a Nigerian national, was appointed Vice President for the World Bank's Africa Region in 2007. She oversees... Leer más »
Odete Duarte Muximpua is a Water Supply & Sanitation Specialist with the World Bank Water Global Practice, based in Maputo,... Leer más »
Odette Maciel joined the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) at the Inter-American Development Bank as Economics Senior... Leer más »
Policy Officer, UN Affairs 
Leer más »
Olansis Mulugeta Wolde is a 23-year-old undergraduate student from Ethiopia studying journalism and communications at Addis Ababa... Leer más »
Olatunbosun Obayomi is a microbiologist and inventor from Lagos, Nigeria. Obayomi's research spans hydrogen biogas reactors, ecological... Leer más »
Olatunde Adekola is a senior education specialist working in the Africa Region at the World Bank and based in the Nigeria.
... Leer más »

Dr. Oleg Kucheryavenko is a public health professional specializing in policy research and analysis, monitoring and evaluation,... Leer más »

Oleg Petrov has been working on digital development and knowledge sharing at the World Bank since 1996. Currently, Oleg coordinates ... Leer más »

Oleksii Balabushko is a Senior Public Finance Specialist with the World Bank Group, based in Washington D.C. and covers... Leer más »
Olfa Hamdi​ is an international ​​project management expert. She was born and raised  in a mining region in Tunisia, surrounded by... Leer más »
Ms. Olga Bielkova is a Member of Parliament (Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine), Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada’s Committee on Fuel and Energy... Leer más »

Olga joined the World Bank in 1983 through the Young Professionals program, as a macroeconomist. She led policy reform operations an... Leer más »

Olga Nottmeyer is Managing Editor for IZA World of Labor. She holds a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and a Diploma in Economics. Mrs.... Leer más »
Olga Tomilova is a member of the Policy Team at the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), contributing principally to the work of... Leer más »
Oliver Knight is a Senior Energy Specialist at ESMAP, the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program in the World Bank. Established in... Leer más »
Oliver Masetti is a Young Professional in the... Leer más »
Olivier Cattaneo is a Senior Economist with the World Bank Group’s Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice, with expertise in trade in... Leer más »
Olivier Frémond is currently advisor in the Public-Private Partnerships Cross-Cutting Solution Area of the World Bank in Washington DC.,... Leer más »
Olivier J. L. Lambert is Manager of the Regional Office for Europe, Middle East and Africa at the Multilateral Investment Guarantee... Leer más »
Olivier Lavinal was previously Special Assistant to the Vice President for the MENA region and Program Manager of the Middle East and... Leer más »
Olivier Mahul is the Global Lead and Program Manager of the World Bank's Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance Program, which is co... Leer más »
Olivier Puech es el editor web del Banco Mundial para su contenido en francés. Antes de unirse al Banco trabajó en el centro de... Leer más »
Oltac Unsal advises governments and various groups at the World Bank on innovation, technology and entrepeneurship. An expert on and a... Leer más »
Professor Olu Ajakaiye is currently Executive Chairman, African Centre for Shared Development Capacity Building (ACSDCB), Ibadan – a... Leer más »

Olusoji Adeyi, MD, MBA, DrPH, is the Director of the Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice at the World Bank Group. He ha... Leer más »

Omar Arias es el Jefe Sectorial de Desarrollo Humano del Banco Mundial para Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Perú y Venezuela desde Enero de 2008... Leer más »
Omer Karasapan is the Middle East and North Africa Region's Knowledge and Learning Coordinator. Previously he was the Knowledge... Leer más »
Omowunmi Ladipo (Mimi) is an Advisor in the World Bank Group’s Governance Global Practice where she provides intellectual leadership and... Leer más »
Ondina Rocca is an Urban Specialist for the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice. She has been working for the past five... Leer más »
Oni Lusk-Stover is an Education Operations Officer in the Human Development Network of the World Bank Group. She is the team leader for... Leer más »

Onnik Krikorian is a freelance journalist and photographer from the United Kingdom now based in Yerevan, Armenia. He is also the Leer más »

Onno Rϋhl is the Country Director, World Bank India. A Dutch national, he was previously the director for operations services and quality... Leer más »
To be updated Leer más »
I am studying Economics as an undergraduate at Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan. In future, I would want to work as an... Leer más »
Oscar A. Ishizawa is a Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist in the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice at the... Leer más »
De origen español, Calvo-González tiene un doctorado y una maestría en economía por la London School of Economics. Con el Banco Mundial... Leer más »
Osman Kaan Inan is a Junior Professional Associate in the Poverty and Equity Global Practice's Europe and Central Asia... Leer más »

Otaviano Canuto is the executive director at the Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for Brazil, Ca... Leer más »

Oumar Diallo is a Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist for the World Bank, based in Dakar, Senegal. Leer más »
Oumar Seydi is a Director of the Eastern and Southern Africa Hub for the International Finance Corporation, the private-sector arm of the... Leer más »
Ousmane Dione brings to Vietnam more than 20 years of experience in leading multi-sectors regional and national water, urban and... Leer más »
Owen Ozier is an economist in the Human Development unit of the Development Research Group. He received his M.Eng. and B.S. degrees in... Leer más »
Owen Smith is a Senior Economist working with the Health, Nutrition & Population Global Practice of the World Bank, currently... Leer más »
Ozong Agborsangaya-Fiteu is Senior Operations Officer of Fragility, Conflict and Violence Cross-Cutting Solutions Group at the World Bank... Leer más »