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Pablo Benitez is Senior Climate Change Economist working with the Climate Change Practice of the World Bank Institute. He joined the World Bank fr... Leer más »

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Pablo Peña leads the Economic Studies group at Mexico’s National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV). The group was created in 2009. Its goal is to... Leer más »
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Padam was born in Doti district of far western region of Nepal. He completed my school level education from different school of far western region.... Leer más »
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Paige Donnelly will graduate in Political Science and Arabic at Davidson College this May. She grew up in the Middle East and Africa, and... Leer más »
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Paige Morency-Notario works with the Client Services and Communications (CSC) team of the Development Data Group. She joined the Bank in December 2013... Leer más »
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Pallavi manages the coordination and implementation of IFC’s South Asia Inclusive Business Program that focuses on creating sustainable impact at the... Leer más »
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Paloma coordina la preparación e implementación de operaciones de financiamiento y de trabajos de investigación en las áreas de gestión económica,... Leer más »


became the World Bank’s Vice President for the Latin America and the Caribbean Region on January 1, 2005. She is a development e... Leer más »

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Dr. Paola Agostini is a Senior Economist in the World Bank’s Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice with a focus on Africa and Latin America.... Leer más »
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Paolo Brunori is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Bari. He previously held a position as research assistant at the European Un... Leer más »

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Paolo Mefalopulos is the UNICEF Representative in Uruguay, Montevideo. He previously headed the Communication Program at UNICEF India. Paolo holds ... Leer más »

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Paolo Verme is Senior Poverty Specialist for North-Africa and the Middle-East at the World Bank. A Ph.D. graduate of the London School of Economics, he... Leer más »
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Parabal Partap Singh has been a short-term consultant with the core GFDR team. Parabal attends Stanford University, focusing on Ec... Leer más »

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Param is Program Leader and Lead Water and Sanitation Specialist in the Hanoi office of the World Bank, where he has worked on water supply and... Leer más »
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Parmesh Shah currently leads the rural livelihood and development cluster in South Asia region of the World Bank and is involved in designing and ... Leer más »

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Paromita manages the growing online presence of the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) and shares other duties with the... Leer más »
Parth Shri Tewari's picture

Parth Tewari is the Lead Private Sector Development Specialist and Head of Operations for the Competitive Industries Practice of the World Ban... Leer más »

Parul Agarwala's picture
Parul Agarwala works with the urban team in the Sustainable Development Unit in the South Asia Region at the World Bank. She specializes in spatial... Leer más »
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With a Masters in Communication, and a specialization in film and television, Parvathi transitioned from applying pure media to designing Web-based... Leer más »

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Patricia Bliss-Guest is the Program Manager for the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). The CIF comprises the Clean Technology Fund and the Strategic... Leer más »
Patricia da Camara
Leer más »
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Patricia Fernandes joined the Bank as a Young Professional and has been working since September 2009 as Social Development Specialist in the East Asia... Leer más »
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Patricia Odera is Senior Corporate Communications Officer at the Retirement Benefits Authority in Kenya. Leer más »
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Patricia Palale is a public sector management specialist in the World Bank Office in Zambia. She is the Task Team Leader of the Wor... Leer más »

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Patricio V. Marquez is a World Bank Lead Health Specialist, who is currently serving as Public Health Focal Point (I) at the Health, Nutrition and... Leer más »
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Patrick is a Senior Health Specialist at the New Delhi office in India. Leer más »
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Patrick Nkengne is an education policy analyst at the Pôle de Dakar (UNESCO-IIEP).  He has a statistical background and studied economics... Leer más »
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Patrick L. Osewe is Lead Health Specialist for the Southern Africa region of the World Bank. Based in South Africa, he provides technical assistanc... Leer más »

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Patti Petesch specializes in qualitative field research on poverty, gender, conflict, and participatory development. She is a co-author of On Norms... Leer más »
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Paul Barbour is a Senior Risk Management Officer in the Economics and Policy Group of MIGA, the political risk insurance arm of the World Bank... Leer más »

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Paul Bermingham was appointed Director of Operations Services in the Operations Policy and Country Services vice-presidency of the World Bank in June... Leer más »
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Paul Brenton is the Trade Practice Leader in the Africa Region of the World Bank and is co-editor of the recently released book De-Fragmenting Africa:... Leer más »
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Paul Clare is the Regional Online Communications Officer for the World Bank's Europe and Central Asia region. As online team lead, Paul... Leer más »
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Sir Paul Collier is a Professor of Economics at Oxford University and Director of the Center for the Study of African Economies.
... Leer más »
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Paul Harvey is a Partner with Humanitarian Outcomes, an independent team of professionals providing evidence-based analysis and policy consultations to... Leer más »


Paul Haynes is a Team Leader in INT's Research and Analysis Unit, responsible for developing INT's proac... Leer más »
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Paul Lister is Director of Legal Services and Company Secretary of Associated British Foods.

Leer más »
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Sector Leader, Africa Region, World Bank Leer más »
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Paul Procee is an environmental engineer with about 15 years of experience in urban environmental and infrastructure management. He joined the World... Leer más »
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Paul Zahra is Permanent Secretary (Policy), Malta and President of the CAPAM Board of Directors. Mr. Zahra joined the Malta Public Service in 1984 and... Leer más »
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Prior to joining the World Bank in July 2014 as Senior Director of the Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice, Paula Caballero was the... Leer más »
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Paula Suarez is a Program Officer in the President’s Delivery Unit.  She has ten years of experience in policy implementation and institutional... Leer más »
Paula Tavares's picture
Paula Tavares joined the World Bank Group’s Women, Business and the Law team in 2010 after working on the Investment Climate Department’s Health in... Leer más »
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Paulina Hołda is an economist working with the Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management (MFM) Global Practice at the World Bank, based in... Leer más »
Pauline Buffle has been working on climate change adaptation for over 3 years. In 2010, Pauline joined International Union for Conservation of Nature ... Leer más »
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Paulo Correa is a lead economist in the Financial and Private Sector Department of the Europe and Central Asia Region of the World Bank working in... Leer más »

Paulo de Sa's picture
Paulo de Sa is the Sector Manager of the Sustainable Energy Department, Oil, Gas and Mining Unit at the World Bank, where he coordinates and leads the... Leer más »
Pedro Cerdan-Infantes's picture
Pedro Cerdan-Infantes is an Education Economist in the East Asia and Pacific Region of the World Bank. Currently based in the World... Leer más »
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Pedzi Makumbe is an Energy Specialist at ESMAP, the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program at the World Bank. Prior to joining the World Bank,... Leer más »
Penny Bamber's picture
Penny Bamber is a former consultant for the International Trade Department of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) network of the... Leer más »
Perinaz Bhada-Tata's picture
Perinaz Bhada-Tata is an independent consultant working on issues related to solid waste management, cities, and climate change. She was previously a... Leer más »
Perzen Patel's picture
Perzen is an experienced communications and events professional passionate about meeting people from different cultures, hosting corporate events and... Leer más »
Peter B. McIntyre's picture
Dr. Peter Pete McIntyre is a professor at the University of Madison Wisconsin’s Center for Limnology.  His research team currently works on aquatic... Leer más »
Peter Chapman's picture
Peter Chapman is a consultant with the Justice Reform Group of the World Bank. His work with the Justice for the Poor program focuses on justice reform... Leer más »
Peter Dewees's picture
Peter Dewees is Forests Adviser to the World Bank, where he works in the Agriculture and Environmental Services Department. The team he leads has... Leer más »
Peter Hawkins's picture
Peter Hawkins ha sido jefe del equipo del Programa de Agua y Saneamiento (WSP, por sus siglas en inglés) en Mozambique, con sede en Maputo, desde 2007.... Leer más »
Peter Head's picture
Peter Head is the Director of Arup, a global firm of urban designers, engineers, planners and business consultants. In 2011, he established the... Leer más »
Peter Holland's picture
Peter Holland es especialista sénior en educación del banco Mundial, y el jefe del equipo de Argentina, México y uruguay. Ha trabajado en proyectos... Leer más »
Peter Lanjouw's picture
PETER LANJOUW, a Dutch national, is Research Manager of the Poverty Group in the Development Economics Research Group of the World Bank. He is also an... Leer más »
Peter Materu's picture
Prior to his appointment as Sector Manager Mr. Materu was Program Leader for higher education in the Africa Region, Cluster Leader for 16 countries in... Leer más »
Peter McConaghy's picture
Peter works as a financial sector analyst (JPA) within MENA FPD where he steers the unit's financial inclusion work and provides analytical support for... Leer más »
Peter O’Neill is currently leading transport policy and development for the UN regional office for Asia and Pacific. Focus of the work is PPP, regional... Leer más »
Peter Schierl's picture

Peter Schierl is a World Bank Group Knowledge Management Officer, working on climate change communication and learning program development.

... Leer más »
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Peter Siegenthaler es representante del Banco Mundial en Uruguay desde 2010. Economista especializado en finanzas y gestión del gasto público, posee 12... Leer más »
Peter Stephens's picture

Director of External Affairs, World Bank Africa Region

Leer más »
Peter Warutere is a communications officer for the World Bank based in Nairobi, working on Kenya, Eritrea and Somalia. He also works on governance... Leer más »
Petrus Henricus Van Heesewijk's picture
Petrus Henricus Van Heesewijk is Senior Program Officer for the Governance Partnership Facility (GPF). Piet's primary specializations include... Leer más »
Phil Crehan's picture
Phil Crehan is a social and human development consultant and works on a Nordic Trust Fund project, “Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Development... Leer más »
Phil Hay's picture
Phillip Jeremy Hay is the Manager of Communications in The World Bank's Africa Region. Leer más »
Philip Angell's picture
Philip Angell is the Editor-in-Chief of the World Resources Report (WRR). He was also the Editor of the previous WRR, `World Resources 2008: Roots of... Leer más »
Philip E. Karp's picture
Philip Karp is currently Advisor, Office of the regional vice president in East Asia and the Pacific in the World Bank. Previously, he was Regional... Leer más »
Philip Keefer's picture
Philip Keefer is a Lead Research Economist in the Development Research Group of the World Bank. Since receiving his PhD in Economics from Washington... Leer más »
Philip Levy's picture

Philip Levy is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute’s Program in International Economics.

Philip I. Levy's work in A... Leer más »

Philip Schellekens's picture

Philip Schellekens works in the East Asia and Pacific Department of the World Bank. Prior to his appointment to the World Bank, he was with the... Leer más »

Philipp Krause's picture
Philipp Krause specializes in public administration and budgeting, particularly ministries of finance. He is leading the public finance team at Leer más »
Philippa Sigl-Gloeckner's picture
Philippa Sigl-Gloeckner works in the Office of the President where she serves as Analyst in the President’s Delivery Unit, covering data, finance and... Leer más »
Philippe de Meneval's picture
Philippe is a Senior Private Sector Development Specialist in the Middle East & North Africa vice-presidency of the World Bank. He advises governments... Leer más »
Philippe Desfossés's picture
Philippe Desfosses is the CEO of ERAFP, the French Public Service Additional... Leer más »
Phillip Jordan's picture
Phillip Jordan is an Australian consultant who is recognised internationally for his experience and practical knowledge of road safety engineering. He... Leer más »
Phillippe Leite's picture
Phillippe Leite is Economist at the Human Development Network. Before joining the network team, he worked for the Development Research Group on... Leer más »
Phindile Ngwenya is Research Analyst with the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) team in the Pretoria Office in South Africa. Prior to... Leer más »
Phoebe Folger's picture
Phoebe Folger is an Operations Officer in the Health, Nutrition, and Population department in the South Asia region. She was the team leader for the... Leer más »
Pichaya Fitts's picture

Pichaya "Noi" Fitts joined the World Bank in 2007 as communications officer for its Thailand office. Before joining the World Bank, she worked as ... Leer más »

Pierce Brosnan's picture
Pierce Brosnan was at the the World Bank on the eve of the IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings for a special preview screening of “Great... Leer más »
Pierre Guislain's picture
Pierre Guislain, a Belgian national, is the Senior Director for the Transport and Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Global Practice at... Leer más »
Pierre Strauss's picture
Pierre Strauss has worked as an economist with the World Bank Africa Region's Poverty Reduction and Economic Management team since 2009. Before joining... Leer más »
Pierre-Richard Agénor's picture
Pierre-Richard Agénor is the Hallsworth Professor of International Macroeconomics and Development Economics at the University of Manchester. Leer más »
Pilar Sánchez-Bella, a Spanish national, joined the Subnational Doing Business team in January 2010. She holds a Law degree with a Business diploma from... Leer más »
Piotr Lewandowski's picture

Piotr Lewandowski is one of the founders and current President of the Management Board of the Institute for Structural Research (IBS), an independe... Leer más »

Dr. Pirkko Pitkänen is Professor of Educational Policy and Multicultural Education at the University of Tampere (School of Education), Finland. The... Leer más »
Po Yin Wong's picture
Po Yin joined the Enterprise Analysis team as a consultant in October 2013. She is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Agricultural and Resource... Leer más »
Poonam Gupta's picture

Poonam Gupta is a Senior Economist in the Development Economics Vice Presidency of the World Bank. Prior to joining the Bank she held the Reserve B... Leer más »

Prabu Deepan's picture
Prabu Deepan is a youth activist and an advocate for youth‐led development in Sri Lanka. He contributes to the youth work of many local and... Leer más »
Pradeep Mitra's picture
Pradeep Mitra is a former Chief Economist and a former Sector Director of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit in the World Bank's Europe... Leer más »
Pradeep Valsangkar is a consultant for the World Bank Group's Transport and ICT Global Practice.  Leer más »
Prakash Loungani's picture

Prakash Loungani is an an advisor at the IMF's Research Department. Learn more about Prakash on his personal blog: Leer más »

Prasanna Lal Das's picture
Prasanna Lal Das leads the open financial data program ( at the World Bank. He’s... Leer más »
Praveen Kumar's picture

Praveen Kumar is the World Bank's Lead Economist for Zimbabwe. Before taking this position, he worked as Lead Economist for Kenya. He holds a Ph.D... Leer más »

Preet Rustagi's picture
Preet Rustagi is a professor at the Institute for Human Development (IHD) in New Delhi,... Leer más »
Preeti Arora's picture
Preeti Arora is a Senior Country Economist in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit of the World Bank’s Southern Africa Region. Her work... Leer más »
Prema-chandra Athukorala's picture
Prema-chandra Athukorala is Professor of Economics at the Australian National University, fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, and... Leer más »
Priscilla M. Phelps's picture
Priscilla M. Phelps is a post-disaster recovery specialist who has worked for GFDRR and is one of the authors with Abhas Jha of "Safer Homes... Leer más »
Priti Kumar's picture
Priti Kumar, a Canadian national, is currently Senior Environmental Specialist in the South Asia Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Unit, a... Leer más »
Priya Chopra's picture
Priya Chopra is a communications assistant in the World Bank's New Delhi office. She has a master's of business administration in marketing and... Leer más »
Priya Pillai's picture
Priya Pillai is the Lead, Research Uptake and Corporate Partnerships in Karnataka Health Promotion Trust for STRIVE projects. She designs and implements... Leer más »
Priyali Sur's picture
A longtime correspondent with CNN IBN Delhi, Priyali Sur is currently a Fulbright Humphrey Fellow at the University of Maryland and a communications... Leer más »
Priyam Saraf's picture

Priyam Saraf is a Trade and Competitiveness Consultant focused on Competitive Sectors at the World Bank, based in New Delhi. She works on manu... Leer más »

Pui Shen Yoong's picture

Pui Shen Yoong (Shen) is a Research Analyst based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since May 2014. Previously, Shen worked with entrepreneurship developme... Leer más »

Punam Chuhan-Pole's picture
Punam Chuhan-Pole is Lead Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist of the Africa Region at the World Bank. She has led a study documenting and... Leer más »