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Ulf Narloch works at the World Bank Group’s Climate Change Chief Economist Office, based in Washington DC. His current focus is on... Leer más »
Ulrich Bartsch is the Lead Economist in the World Bank’s Ankara office, where he coordinates macroeconomic analysis and dialogue. He... Leer más »
Ulrich Hörning is the Head of Administrative Reform in Mannheim. Leer más »
Ulrich Zachau, a German national, joined the World Bank Group in 1988. He has since held various staff and management positions at the... Leer más »

Ulrich Zierahn is a Researcher at the ZEW Research Deparment "Labour Markets, Human Resources and Social Policy" in the Reseach Area... Leer más »

Uma Rani is a Senior Economist at the Research Department, International Labour Office (ILO) in Geneva,. Prior to j... Leer más »

Umar Serajuddin is a senior economist in the World Bank’s Development Data Group, where he leads the Sustainable Development Statistics... Leer más »
Unika Shrestha is a Research Analyst in the World Development Report team. She will largely be exploring the role played by... Leer más »
Urmila Chatterjee is an Economist with the Poverty and Equity Global Practice of the World Bank, based in New Delhi, India. Her research... Leer más »

Urmy Shukla is an independent M&E and development professional, whose experience spans impact evaluation, program evaluation, gl... Leer más »

Ursula Casabonne is an Operations Analyst in the World Bank's Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network. She previously worked in... Leer más »

Urvashi Narain is a Senior Environmental Economist for the World Bank. 

Leer más »
Utpal Raj Misra is a Governance Specialist for the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice and co... Leer más »

Utz Pape works as Economist in the Poverty GP with a focus on post-conflict and oil-rich countries. He actively contributes to... Leer más »

Uwe Deichmann is the Co-Director of the World Development Report 2016. Prior to this, he was a Senior Environmental S... Leer más »

Uwi Basaninyenzi is currently a Communications Officer with the World Bank's External Affairs Operational Communication department ... Leer más »