Around 40 percent of the world’s stunted children live in South Asia, yet public policy and financing to address it has been insufficient. SAFANSI held a knowledge-sharing event on stunting where...

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As heatwaves intensify, life for many South Asians will change. While this change may not be fully reversible, with appropriate policy and action, it can be managed to ease its impact.

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We cannot eradicate extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity if what’s being consumed by millions of poor and vulnerable is not safe.

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On ne parviendra pas à éliminer l'extrême pauvreté et à promouvoir une prospérité partagée si des millions d’individus pauvres et vulnérables n’ont pas accès à une nourriture saine.

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Creo que es un día para recordar que cada integrante de la cadena de suministro de alimentos tiene una función que cumplir para garantizar que lo que consumimos sea inocuo.

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الحقيقة أنه ليس بمقدورنا القضاء على الفقر المدقع وتعزيز الرخاء المشترك إذا كان ما يستهلكه ملايين الفقراء والضعفاء غير آمن. فما لم يكن الغذاء آمنًا، فهو فليس بغذاء!

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A man surrounded by vegetables and greens in an Indian Bazaar. Credit: Anton Jankovoy / [[tweetable]]The scale of the undernutrition problem in South Asia is exceptional.[[/...

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