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David Barth

Director, Office of Education
David Barth is the Director of the Office of Education at USAID. A lawyer by training, David Barth’s interest in international affairs and commitment to public service led him to join the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in 1995. Mr. Barth directed USAID’s Office of Middle East Programs, which provided regional programs and technical assistance to the Middle East and North Africa. Under his leadership, the office focuses on regional initiatives designed to mitigate conflict and combat extremism, focusing particularly on youth, governance and water security. An advocate for investments in education at all levels, Mr. Barth has served as the chair of the G8/BMENA literacy task force and speaks frequently throughout the region on the need for greater investments in learning. He has helped pioneer the deployment of a number of innovative youth education and skills training programs to combat illiteracy, promote tolerance and help develop the skills and values required to excel in a globalized world. Mr. Barth has a deep commitment to the Middle East and North Africa, having spent almost a decade working in the region. He has served as USAID’s Regional Legal Advisor for Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Morocco and Lebanon. During that time, he developed an expertise in large capital projects, as well as governance, economic growth and education. He has also served in Central America, with a particular professional focus on Guatemala, Panama and Nicaragua.