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Has Belarus really succeeded in pursuing gender equality?

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I sometimes wonder — do women in Belarus live a good life? Well, they are better educated than men, live about a decade longer than men, and enjoy generous social guarantees (3 years of child care leave, for example). And they have a high-level of labor force participation and representation in politics.

Even by international standards, Belarusian women seem to live well. In the latest Global Gender Gap Index, Belarus was ranked 26th out of 144 countries — higher than Australia or the Netherlands. The statistics certainly indicate a high-level of gender equality in Belarus.

But what do the numbers really mean in reality?

As Kazakhstan’s economy develops, ensuring no family is left behind

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During a recent trip to a popular tourist enclave in Kazakhstan called Borovoye, I decided to make a stopover in the village of Makinsk, about 150 km north of the capital city Astana. I was keen to learn more about the communities and people living outside the capital and other major cities. Living in a modern, dynamic city like Astana, one does not get a true sense of people’s lives in rural Kazakhstan.
In Makinsk, I met with Kabenke Dosenkhan and Onerkhan Nurbek, the proud parents of eight children; their youngest was born in February this year. They told me about the village and their daily lives, and they introduced their wonderful children. I also heard about how they had struggled in the recent past to make ends meet, surviving on the equivalent of US$50 per month in child benefits, supplemented occasionally with pay for manual labor by the head of the household, Onerkhan.

Romanian migrants can make a difference back home

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Beautiful, newly-erected houses in an otherwise deserted place. There couldn’t be a better image for the effects of Romanian emigration, which the World Bank has analyzed in a recently published report.

If you are wondering who owns the ghost houses, you only have to look at the sheer number of Romanians living and working abroad - between 3 and 5 million according to some estimates or 3.6 million, according to the UN (2017). Of these, 2.7 million are of working age, equivalent to a staggering 20.6 percent of Romania’s working age population!

Razvoj digitalne ekonomije Kosova

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Možda niko nije bolje formulisao važnost pouzdanog, priuštivog širokopojasnog Interneta velike brzine od Met Dana iz online novine Hill, koji je primetio da je širokopojasni Internet životno važna stvar za mesto ili gradić, za izlazak iz geografske izolovanosti, za povezanost sa poslovnim softverom i uslugama, kao i da je to sredstvo za ostvarenje izvoza domaćih ideja i proizvoda.

Zhvillimi i Ekonomisë Digjitale të Kosovës

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Ndoshta askush nuk e ka formuluar më mirë rëndësinë e internetit broadband me shpejtësi të madhe, të besueshëm dhe të përballueshëm se sa Matt Dun nga gazeta online The Hill, i cili ka potencuar se interneti është litari i shpëtimit të një fshati apo qyteti të vogël nga izolimi gjeografik, lidhja e tij me softuerët dhe shërbimet e biznesit dhe përçuesi i tij për eksportimin e ideve dhe produkteve të krijuara brenda vendit.

Water flows from the spring of Kyrgyzstan’s snowy mountains

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Togotoi is a small mountainous village in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic. Last month, some colleagues and I traveled there to participate in a ceremony to mark the opening of a newly-built water supply system. Mr. Askarov, Vice-Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic and Mr. Sarybashov, Governor of Osh Oblast, opened the celebrations, signifying the high importance of this event for the local population.

The new water supply system at Togotoi is the first project to become operational under the Government’s National Rural Drinking Water Supply Program, which was launched last year and was called “Ala-Too Bulagy” – meaning “spring of snowy mountains.”
Togotoi villagers and school children celebrate the opening of their new water system.

In Armenia, a blink of hope spurred by popular demand

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Armenia protests 2018
Photo: Photolure News Agency
Armenia experienced strong annual GDP growth in the period before the fall of the government this year. Throughout April and May, the country’s “velvet revolution” saw the people call for a leader’s resignation, and get a new election – all under the gaze of worldwide attention. But what, you may ask, was the connection between economic growth and mass protests?

Romania needs to continue to reform and perform

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When I visited Iasi, in October 2017, the World Bank had just started preparing its Systematic Country Diagnostic for Romania (SCD) – a comprehensive economic analysis we produce every 4-5 years, designed to give us a better understanding of both the main challenges faced by a country and the pathways towards more sustainable growth.

In Iasi, as in many other Romanian cities, I heard firsthand what I had been experiencing since first coming to the country four months earlier: Romania has a diverse set of challenges and a unique pathway towards development – from better roads, to stronger institutions, and an improved business climate.

România trebuie să continue să reformeze şi să performeze

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Când am vizitat municipiul Iaşi, în octombrie 2017, Banca Mondială tocmai începuse să-şi pregătească Diagnosticul Sistematic de Ţară (DST) – o analiză economică cuprinzătoare pe care o realizăm la fiecare 4-5 ani, care este menită să ne ajute să înţelegem mai bine atât principalele provocări cu care se confruntă o ţară, cât şi calea de urmat spre o creştere mai sustenabilă.