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Submitted by Mariya Aleksynska on

This is an interesting article. However, it does not say anything on how the lifting of the barriers in fact impacted logistics or transport sector. It only says what is an expected impact ... But the legal barriers may indeed be the least problem. The biggest problem is stereotypes about gender roles: to what extent women are chosing these occupations (and other technical / "male"-dominated occupaitons in general) when chosing their field of study? What are the expectations of their parents regarding the career? And what are the drop-outs from a profession that requires long hours and prolonged absence from home? The article mentions some of it, but insists that legal barriers are a bigger problem; though no impact evaluation is provided ..... I think gender stereotypes, rather than legal barriers, is something where you really need to dig out more. You may be interested in the results of a very detailed study in the IT sector in Ukraine, which explains why there are just 16% of women in IT, while there is not a single legal barrier on female employment: https://dou.ua/lenta/articles/women-work/ (only in Russian unfortunately).