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Dear Mariya,

Thank you very much for reading our blog and for your valuable comments as well as the link to the study, which I read with great interest. This blog makes some references to ‘soft’ barriers that women face getting in these male-dominated sectors, albeit briefly. However, this time the main focus of the blog has purposefully been on legal barriers because the country has only recently lifted the legal barriers and we wanted to highlight this great progress in this direction. As you rightly pointed out though, ‘soft’ barriers are often one of the key barriers, if not the most significant, impeding women’s access and retention in these fields of work. As for the importance of lifting the legal barriers to employment, this is the link to an interesting report that describes their impact on individual women who have tried to challenge discriminatory legislation: https://adcmemorial.org/all-jobs4all-women?lang=en
Once again, thanks for your review!