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Submitted by Maria C. on

The authors perfectly sum up the different faces of emigration from Romania, its challenges and possible opportunities, with its short-run and long-run effects.
No doubt that the intrinsic complexity of the phenomenon carries more or less noticeable contradictions.
No doubt that Romanian institutions are called upon to tackle precisely these contradictions, without making the mistake to take myopic decisions.
In this story, the tragedy of who goes away and the tragedy of who stays are equally worrying. The risk is not only the bleeding of human capital and brain drain, but also that of leaving behind thousands of children, and entire areas of the country . The so-called white orphans are the shining example of this risk, and these contradictions. Migrants’ children, who grow up without one or both parents, are perhaps less poor because of the remittances of their mother or father, but certainly more frustrated, more marginalized, and socially excluded.
Romania’s future development depends also on the full understanding of these unwanted consequences.