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Pabsy Pabalan

Online Communications Officer
Michelle, or Pabsy, is an Online Communications Officer for the World Bank. With over ten years of video and digital communications experience, she currently hosts, PabsyLive, an online video series which aims to encourage international interest of youth in the World Bank’s commitment to lift people out of extreme poverty. She has spoken to world leaders and experts such as World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim; father of microfinance, Muhammad Yunus; and world-renowned statistician, Hans Rosling. Pabsy is the account manager for the Bank's coporate YouTube channel. She is part of the External Corporate Communications group for Web and Multimedia. Before the World Bank, Pabsy was the Communications and Partnerships Head of the award-winning program, Hapinoy (Happy Filipino), a social enterprise focused on innovative solutions for women micro-entrepreneurs. She was also the Executive Producer of GMA New Media, which offers interactive applications in television, mobile, web and gaming. Pabsy still continues her work on capacity building for young people as a volunteer for Gawad Kalinga, an internationally-recognized non-profit organization based in the Philippines.
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Contribue aux blogs : Jobs & Development, Voices