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Tim Steele

Senior Governance Specialist, PRMPS


Tim is a Forensic Accountant by training. He has been involved in corruption and asset recovery work for 20 years. In the early 1990s he was centrally involved in the investigations into the demise of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, this work led directly to successful, large scale international asset recovery . In 2004 the South African Mail and Guardian produced a list of the 10 highest profile corruption cases in the first 10 years of democracy in South Africa. Tim was involved in the investigations of 4 of these cases.

More recently Tim has worked in the policy arena. This policy work includes acting as an embedded adviser to the Zambian and Kenyan Anti-Corruption Commissions, heading the Anti-Corruption Team for the UK Department for International Development and most recently as a Senior Governance Expert in the Joint World Bank/United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative.

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