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Alejandra de Lecea is a communications associate in the Web and Social Media Team of the External and Corporate Relations at the... إقرأ المزيد »
Altan Aldan works as an economist in the human development team in the World Bank Ankara Office. He holds Mphil degree in Economics from... إقرأ المزيد »
Alvaro González is the Principal Economist for the Jobs Group at the World Bank. He has worked in Africa, East and Central Europe, South... إقرأ المزيد »
Antonio Cordella is a Lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where he is responsible for the graduate... إقرأ المزيد »
أنطونيو نوسيفورا هو كبير الخبراء الاقتصاديين بالبنك الدولي لشؤون تونس بمكتب منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا ومقره في تونس. وقد استقر في... إقرأ المزيد »

Aref Adamali works as a regional economist for the World Bank Group, working on trade and competitiveness issues in Sub-Saharan Afri... إقرأ المزيد »

Aristomene Varoudakis is currently Economic Adviser at the Office of the World Bank Chief Economist. He has previously served as a Lead... إقرأ المزيد »
Augusto Lopez-Claros is the director of Global Indicators Group at the World Bank Group. He was chief economist and director of the... إقرأ المزيد »
Aurélien is an economist in the Nairobi office of the World Bank, where he works on Somalia, Burundi and Kenya (leading the Bank's work... إقرأ المزيد »
قبل انضمامه للبنك الدولي في عام 2013، عمل سبتي محرراً للأخبار في موقع ديارنا (موطني سابقا). 
... إقرأ المزيد »
Borko Handjiski is working as Senior Economist in the Africa department. His previous work involved macroeconomic analysis, technical... إقرأ المزيد »

Brian Levy teaches at the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, USA, and the Universi... إقرأ المزيد »

كارولين فرويند هي الرئيسة السابقة للخبراء الاقتصاديين بمكتب منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا بالبنك الدولي. وقد عملت فرويند أيضا بصندوق... إقرأ المزيد »
Caroline Kende-Robb is the Executive Director of the Africa Progress Panel, a foundation Chaired by Kofi Annan. She is currently on... إقرأ المزيد »
Chandan Sapkota is an Economics Officer at Asian Development Bank, Nepal Resident Mission. He previously worked as a... إقرأ المزيد »

Côme Dechery is an Analyst at the Global Center for Conflict, Security and Development - the World Bank's hub for knowledge and oper... إقرأ المزيد »

Danny Quah is a Professor of Economics and... إقرأ المزيد »
David Bulman is a China Public Policy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Ash Center. His research looks at decentralization, governance, and... إقرأ المزيد »

Dorsati Madani is a Senior Country Economist at the World Bank Office in Astana, Kazakhstan.   Her curren... إقرأ المزيد »

Dusko Vasiljevic is Private Sector Development Specialist in the World Bank country office in Serbia. He’s been with the bank for four... إقرأ المزيد »

Ellen Goldstein is the World Bank’s Country Director for إقرأ المزيد »

Emi Suzuki, Ph.D., is a Demographer at the World Bank with over 15 years of experience in the World Bank’s demographic and health st... إقرأ المزيد »

Espen Beer Prydz is an Economist working on issues of poverty, inequality and survey methods in the World Bank’s Development Research... إقرأ المزيد »
تمتد خبرة فروخ إقبال في الأبحاث والإدارة في البنك الدولي على مدى أكثر من ثلاثين عاماً، وتشمل قطاعات ودول عدة. من البلاد التي عمل فيها... إقرأ المزيد »
Gayle Martin is a senior economist and currently leads the Africa-wide Service Delivery Indicators (SDI) program. Since joining the Bank... إقرأ المزيد »

Germano Mwabu is Professor of Economics at the University of Nairobi.

He was co-director of the AERC project on Poverty ... إقرأ المزيد »

Ha Minh Nguyen is an Economist in the Macroeconomics and Growth Team of the Development Research Group. He joined the Bank in July 2009... إقرأ المزيد »
Hania Sahnoun is an Economist - consultant. She joined the team preparing the World Development Report 2016 on Internet for Development.... إقرأ المزيد »
Hari Subhash currently consults for the Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship global practice at The World Bank Group. He is... إقرأ المزيد »
Haroon Bhorat is Professor of Economics and Director of the Development Policy... إقرأ المزيد »
Hassan Zaman is the Senior Adviser in the South Asia Region of the World Bank. Until very recently, he was Chief Economist of Bangladesh... إقرأ المزيد »
Homi Kharas is the Lead Author and Executive Secretary of the Secretariat supporting the High Level... إقرأ المزيد »
Ishac Diwan teaches public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Current research interests include growth strategies, the... إقرأ المزيد »
Ishac Diwan teaches public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Current research interests include growth strategies, the... إقرأ المزيد »
جون بيير شوفور هو أحد كبار الخبراء الاقتصاديين في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا في البنك الدولي وهو مختص في قضايا الإقليمية والتنافسية... إقرأ المزيد »
Jeffrey Gutman is currently a senior fellow in the Global Economy and Development program at the Brookings Institution, focusing on... إقرأ المزيد »
Jeff Hammer is the Charles and Marie Robertson Visiting Professor of Economic Development at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton... إقرأ المزيد »

Leads the World Bank’s global practice on fragile and conflict-affected states as Director of the Center on Conflict, Security and D... إقرأ المزيد »

Jose Luis is an economist in the Macro Fiscal Management department of the World Bank. Previously, he worked in the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs... إقرأ المزيد »

Julie is a Program Analyst in the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa region, where she works on inclusive service delivery, m... إقرأ المزيد »

Katia Herrera-Sosa is a Senior Economist at The World Bank in the Education Global Practice. She works in the Europe and Central Asia... إقرأ المزيد »
Laban Maiyo is a GIS Consultant based at the World Bank office in Nairobi and in charge of spatial analytical work in the region. He... إقرأ المزيد »
Lalita Moorty is a Program Leader for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. She is based in Kyiv and covers macroeconomic and fiscal management,... إقرأ المزيد »
Laura Ralston works in the Social Development practice of the World Bank, where she works on social inclusion, poverty reduction, human... إقرأ المزيد »
Dr. Liesbet Steer is a Fellow at the Center for... إقرأ المزيد »
Louise Fox is a university lecturer and a consultant in development economics, specializing in employment, labor markets, social service... إقرأ المزيد »
Mahjabeen Haji is an Economist with the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) team in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania). Prior to... إقرأ المزيد »
Mamta Murthi is Country Director for Central Europe and the Baltic Countries. She has held various positions in the World Bank, including... إقرأ المزيد »

Mr Bhaskaran is a Partner of the Centennial Group, a strategic advisory firm headquartered in Washington DC and Founding CEO of its ... إقرأ المزيد »

مارك شيفباور هو خبير اقتصادي في وحدة الحد من الفقروإدارةالاقتصادلدى مكتب منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا، حيث يركز عمله أساسا على بلدان... إقرأ المزيد »
Dr. Marcin Piatkowski is a Senior Economist at the World Bank in Warsaw, where his work focuses on financial sector development,... إقرأ المزيد »
Mario Negre is a senior economist in the World Bank Development Research Group seconded by the German Development... إقرأ المزيد »
Mathew Verghis is Lead Economist at the World Bank for Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand, and is based in Bangkok. ... إقرأ المزيد »
Molly Elgin-Cossart is Senior Fellow for Global Development at New York University's Center on International Cooperation, where she... إقرأ المزيد »
Dr. Mthuli Ncube is the Chief Economist and Vice President of the African Development Bank (AfDB). He is responsible for overall... إقرأ المزيد »
Mustapha K. Nabli was Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia from January 2011, just after the revolution, until July 2012. He was at... إقرأ المزيد »
Natasha Kapil is Senior Private Sector Specialist with the Finance, Competitiveness, and Innovation Global Practice and specializes in... إقرأ المزيد »

Nick Manning was Head of the Governance & Public Sector Management (GPSM) group at the World Bank until December 2013. &... إقرأ المزيد »

Oleksii Balabushko is a Senior Public Finance Specialist with the World Bank Group, based in Washington D.C. and covers... إقرأ المزيد »
Olivier Puech was the French Web & Social Networks Editor at the World Bank. Currently, he is the Division Chief of Digital... إقرأ المزيد »
Paul Harvey is a Partner with Humanitarian Outcomes, an independent team of professionals providing evidence-based analysis and policy... إقرأ المزيد »
Rich is a Research Officer at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in London, where he works full-time on the Secure Livelihoods... إقرأ المزيد »
Sahar Hussain joined the World Bank as an Economist in February 2013 in MENA’s Poverty Reduction and Economic Management unit. Prior to... إقرأ المزيد »
Sebastian is a Senior Economist with the World Bank Group, based in Washington D.C. He joined the World Bank office in Jakarta in 2006... إقرأ المزيد »
Servaas van der Berg is South African National Research Chair in the Economics of Social Policy at the University of Stellenbosch. He... إقرأ المزيد »
شانتا ديفاراجان هو رئيس الخبراء الاقتصاديين لمنطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا بالبنك الدولي. وكان منذ التحاقه للعمل في البنك الدولي عام... إقرأ المزيد »
Tina Taheri is part of the founding team of the Future Development blog and is currently based in Hong Kong. Tina first joined the World... إقرأ المزيد »
Tito Cordella is an Adviser in the Office of the Chief Economist at the World Bank. Before joining the World Bank, he worked at the... إقرأ المزيد »

Todd Moss is chief operating officer and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development. Moss also serves as vice president for ... إقرأ المزيد »

Tom Bundervoet joined the World Bank in 2012 as Poverty Economist in Rwanda. Tom is an applied economist whose research mainly focuses on... إقرأ المزيد »
Will Wiseman is the Sector Leader for Human Development in Turkey, based in the World Bank Ankara Office. Prior to this Will worked in... إقرأ المزيد »
Willy McCourt is Senior Public Sector Specialist (East Asia and Pacific) at the World Bank, and a Reader in Development Policy and... إقرأ المزيد »

Wolfgang Fengler is the World Bank’s Lead Economist in Trade and Competitiveness for the Western Balkans. Previously, he served as t... إقرأ المزيد »