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It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

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When we launched Future Development almost a year and a half ago I didn’t anticipate it would take over my life the way it did and right now I feel as if a dear friend was leaving for a different country…. That friend is the Future Development Blog which is changing its host organization from the World Bank Group to Brookings Institution.

It was a difficult decision but as with everything in life change is hard but often for the best; so this is the moment I say goodbye. Since September 16th 2013, the Future Development platform has been the first thing I check and the last every day of the year without exception; and now someone else will be taking over this task.
When we started this project, our firm belief was that countries can only achieve shared prosperity if they develop their policies through evidenced-based conversation with their citizens, so our main purpose with the creation of this blog was to empower all engaged citizens to hold their governments to account more successfully so that they take decisions in poor people’s interest and not their own.

We wanted to inform and stimulate debate on key development issues and further accumulate development knowledge through interaction with all stakeholders, establishing at the same time the world’s premier development blog. Quite ambitious, no?  Today, we are not there yet, but I am confident we are on the right track before we hand off the baton to Brookings.

I feel we delivered on our commitment to present high-quality analysis in an accessible language. Many experts joined us as bloggers - one is a current head of state while a second ran for president in his country recently - and we started to get noticed by those whose opinions matter, many of whom tweeted ideas from our posts. Some of our blogs were republished by national newspapers and prestigious websites. 

As I say goodbye, I would also like to thank the incredible team at the World Bank who provided continuous support to this enterprise during its early inception. Future Development is blessed with an outstanding editorial board who will continue to manage the blog after the move to the new host organization, but all those people who supported us either by believing in what we could achieve, trusting us to do it, providing training, advice and helping promote the content,  will no longer be involved. We would not have accomplished much without their assistance.

Shanta, Homi and Wolfgang:  good luck with the next stage.  I hope you get those million readers we were hoping for and you manage to inspire change in all the countries we work. As many have said we can end poverty within a generation and knowledge is the essence to get us there.  I feel truly fortunate to have accompanied you on part of this journey and look forward to seeing you reach your lofty destination.


Submitted by Fredrick Gacheche on

Am 23 year-old male Kenyan. Am a diploma holder in Journalism and mass communication from Mt. Kenya University. I feel encouraged by the move of this entire group destined to end poverty in Kenya and the world at large. i wish to thank the whole incredible team for such future building intentions. I would feel remorseful if we ended up being at the same state of economy where not everyone can afford whatever is displayed on the counters and mostly the basic needs.
for my case, I come from a humble background and if was not for the scholarship that i was awarded in 2008 when i was joining form 1, i tend to think i would still be a class 8 dropout since my parents could not have raised enough money to educate me.
All i wish for is to become successful in life and uplift some poor people who still lag in poverty in our village and even extend to other parts of the country just like I was helped climb the life's ladder.

Submitted by Peter Quest on

Dear Tina,

Future development has been a true encouragement to me and million other Kenyans especially in business and general development project, Having know Wolfang in person i have always taken keen interest to follow you and i must say am not the same again. Thank you for sharing this very powerful inspiration.

May the good Lord keep you safe.



Submitted by Frans Gaoseb on

My fellow African men and women thank you for your support and input

Submitted by tito victor on

hi, guys am still undergraduate and i need an help from any other person or organization to help me boost my families and myself,,,life through employment.thank you.

Submitted by Patrick on

great idea imagine if all could be happy and could afford to have their basic nedds and take their children to school. woooh what agreat worl we would be enjoying.
I work for NGO that deals in strategies of ending poverty but trust me it is demanding.
Lets put our gifts together and restore the glory God gifted Africa with.


Submitted by shahla on

HI Tina, congratulations to you and the team -and wish everyone much success in its future iterations...

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