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Submitted by Ajith Kumar on

Shanta, The role of the middle class, and hence the mainstream media, in addressing sanitation issues (which does not mean just allocating finances, but getting sustainable outcomes; good example being India) needs to be explored. Monies are allocated in national budgets, and interventions focused on, based on the level of interest and pressure that the middle class in a society places on that issue. Till now, so long as they stay in apartments with 'flush and forget' sanitation facilities, the middle class does not feel a need to stress on sustainable sanitation, especially in rural areas. In addition to the example in your blog, the 'big stink' which forced Parliament to clean up the Thames is another instance of the problem having to hit the right levels to find a lasting solution. Not only sanitation, one does not find solutions to malnutrition, quality education and even poverty, unless there is pressure on Governments to do so. And this pressure is possible only from the middle class and its media.